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What is the Melting Pot all about?

i have never been, and i wanted to know about the restaurant before i went. what kind of cuisine is served? how is the atmosphere? and what about those private rooms?

Jul 24, 2007
don theodore in Chains

Morton's Steakhouse vs Ruth's Chris (moved from DC)

I'm trying to decide which of the these two places is really worth the money? i.e. food, wines, service.

Jul 24, 2007
don theodore in Chains

Cafe Atlantico, what do you think??

in february i went to the minibar, after about a month of waiting. if you do go you'll probably have to make your reservations a month in advance, this place fills up very quick, seeing as though they only have seating for 6, that's right 6. they bill it as a restaurant inside a restaurant. minibar and cafe Atlántico are nothing alike, the dining experience at mini bar is something you are unlikely to experience any where around here (if so let me know). you will be entertained with 32 courses, small portions but 32 courses none-the-less. the chefs were great, a lot of variations and interpretations of everyday meals. if you go, just keep an open mind and palette.