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Recommendations for Jackson Heights, please.

Any other suggestions? My company will arrive on Thursday.

Oct 07, 2014
annulla in Outer Boroughs

Recommendations for Jackson Heights, please.

I'm planning to take a couple of non-New Yorkers who are foodies (and experienced travelers) to Jackson Heights in mid-October.

Neither person has been to the neighborhood previously. One is focused on South/Central American food (particularly Peruvian), the other is more interested in Indian and other South Asian cuisines.

They want to sample various foods and also purchase ingredients to take home with them. I think they'd also enjoy buying a few items in sari stores.

I'd appreciate your recommendations for eating & shopping in Jackson Heights. Thanks in advance!

Sep 22, 2014
annulla in Outer Boroughs

Discontinued at Trader Joe's - July thru December 2012

Not seasonal. The tuna in curry, both red & green, is discontinued.

Dec 15, 2012
annulla in Chains

Pin Your Favorite CHOW Recipes, Win a Dream BBQ!

Chow has so many great ideas for a BBQ, it was hard to choose which to pin. These are my selections:

Jul 05, 2012
annulla in Features

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

Freeze dried mangosteens. They were light, sweet and crunchy, a wonderful snack. Miss 'em!

Nov 08, 2010
annulla in Chains

Eating In & Around the Toronto Film Festival

Thanks for the welcome, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed during my short stay. I'm coming for the films (and of course, the lovely people of Toronto), not the taco trucks. :D

Eating In & Around the Toronto Film Festival

I'm visiting from NYC, and street eats here include everything from simple snacks and coffee to full restaurant-stye meals and freshly-baked desserts. Every major (and many minor) type of cuisine is sold on the streets here; some of the most popular food carts offer Mexican, Jamaican, Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian, Peruvian, German, Bangladeshi, Columbian, Chinese and Belgian. Eaters seeking kosher, halal, and vegetarian choices can easily find their foodie bliss, too.

Street food is generally as good as (if not better than) that sold in many restaurants, and usually quite a bit cheaper. In fact, some established restaurants have expanded their offerings by setting up street cart "annexes," where they sell their most popular dishes for a bit less.

In NYC, street food is very highly regarded, many carts are festooned with restaurant reviews and Zagat ratings, and "Vendy" awards are given to the city's best food vendors. Tourists and newcomers who turn up their noses and make wisecracks about 'dirty water dogs,' are missing out on some of the best and most affordable food in the city.

Since my time and budget are limited, I was hoping that Toronto had a similar street food scene.

Pink Burger. Huh??

In other words, nobody.

Eating In & Around the Toronto Film Festival

Next month I will be in Toronto for a few days to attend part of the Toronto International Film Festival. I'm planning to see as many films as I can in three days.

This will be my first time at TIFF and I don't yet know which movies I'll be attending (the schedule hasn't yet been made public), but know that I'll have to find some decent grub.

I am on a pretty tight budget and, unfortunately, won't have time to travel around the city for even the best 'wonderful but out of the way' restaurants.

Any suggestions for tasty and relatively inexpensive food in and around the downtown Festival Village? What about street food?


Eating in Yankee Stadium / Bronx County Courthouse Area

Thanks. I did search and yes, i found dozens of prior threads, but all of them were *at least* two years old.

Jul 02, 2010
annulla in Outer Boroughs

Eating in Yankee Stadium / Bronx County Courthouse Area

Any recommendations for food in the area around Yankee Stadium and the Bronx County Courthouse at Grand Concourse & 161st Street?

Eat in, take out or street carts are OK.

Yankee Stadium
1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

Jun 30, 2010
annulla in Outer Boroughs

parchment paper vs. waxed paper ?

Just looked up Smart & Final and their closest store is 2,129 miles away, so I won't be able to stop in and take a look at the Quilon paper.

Any other suggestions on brands of parchment paper? Or are they pretty much all the same?

Feb 17, 2010
annulla in Home Cooking

Best inexpensive Indian food in Manhattan?

Thiru's dosa cart in Washington Square Park South near the intersection of West 4th & Sullivan Sts. He's there at lunchtime on weekdays. Not gourmet by any means, but cheap, yummy and reliable.

May 10, 2008
annulla in Manhattan

"Corner 28" - New Flushing Chinatown Restaurant

Perhaps things have changed since this place first opened, because the Peking Duck sandwiches I bought yesterday contained so much meat (yes, freshly sliced off the bird) that the buns wouldn't even close. Lots of nice, thick, juicy chunks of duck.

PS: I missed the upstairs, too. I'll look for it next time.

Oct 08, 2007
annulla in Outer Boroughs

Uptown Latin Update, From the Dominican to Ecuador

I just had two amazing restaurant experiences in Washington Heights: one outstandingly good, the other nightmarish.

First the truly awful:
El Guanaco Restaurant
4195 Broadway (near Washington Bridge bus station)

Then the very good:
Bermar Cafe
4235 Broadway (bet 179th & 180th)

Oct 08, 2007
annulla in Features

Red Hook Ballfields -- what is terrific this year?

I haven't had anything that wasn't good, but as for my favorite, I have to recommend Carmen's amazing cerviche mixto as well as her seafood with rice platter (such a bland name for a truly wonderous, aromatic dish bursting with clams, mussels, shrimp and more). You couldn't find finer seafood, prepared with more skill and care, anywhere in the city.

Aug 22, 2007
annulla in Outer Boroughs

City Island recommendations?

It had a big write up in the Times last weekend.

May 23, 2007
annulla in Outer Boroughs

City Island recommendations?

Does anyone have any other thoughts on City Island eateries?

May 18, 2007
annulla in Outer Boroughs

City Island recommendations?

Any recommendations for favorite places or dishes on City Island?

May 14, 2007
annulla in Outer Boroughs