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where to find Persian food in Auckland..??

Recently moved to Auckland (from LA) and we're craving good Persian Food. Can any of you fellow Aucklanders recommend a Persian restaurant anywhere around here?

Quite a few places advertise "kababs" and the sort, but they're the common Turkish-style Doner Kabab. Shaved donar in a pita is a nifty lunch treat, but nothing compares to an authentic Persian-style Chelow Kabob dinner feast...!!

...a few Koobidehs with saffroned Basmati rice, some cruncy Tahdig, maybe Gheimeh Bademjan on the side, etc.. Mmmm. (or maybe Zereshk Polo....) ok, now I'm hungry

Any suggestions are welcome...

JAFA cheers to all,

P.S. Any suggestions for a really good tasty burger? (BurgerFuel is OK, but lacks a certain something to warrant a PulpFiction-esqe exclamation.)