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Perky Cups Espresso at 2222 & 620

Unfortunate name, though. So where is it, exactly? Same shopping center as Rice Thai restaurant, or is it a trailer?

Nov 04, 2010
yorkshirepud in Austin

Pour House Pub?

Has anyone been here yet? Hard to tell if they are even open yet, but I'm wondering....

Oct 31, 2009
yorkshirepud in Austin

El Chile Northwest

Is this the place that took over from the Mesa Hills Cafe (I think that's what it was called) on Greystone?

Sep 24, 2009
yorkshirepud in Austin

Labor Day weekend in Austin

Trattoria Lisina is okay, but if you're from Boston, as Gini is, it surely will NOT cut it as far as good Italian food. To me, it's one away from Macaroni Grille.
Yes, definitely go out to the Oasis. The food is so-so, but it's like nothing you'll find in Beantown.

Sep 03, 2009
yorkshirepud in Austin

Good Outdoor, Al Fresco, and/or Patio Dining Experiences?

Lunch out back on the patio at Triumph Cafe (on Spicewood Springs Road between Mesa and Mopac) is always an absolute delight on a lovely Austin Spring day...

Apr 01, 2009
yorkshirepud in Austin

Friar Tucks Pantry in RR

Thanks! Looks intriguing - here's the website in case anyone wants to check them out (very odd placement of the photo on the welcome page, covering up the address), but I plan to visit soon. Says they carry "British Groceries!"

Feb 09, 2009
yorkshirepud in Austin

Sugar-free dessert for Thursday?

These are ALL great suggestions - thank you all! I might go with the prosciutto and melon... I just didn't want to feel relegated to a batch of Royal brand sugar-free chocolate pudding...8-)

Nov 24, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

Sugar-free dessert for Thursday?

One of our dinner guests on Thanksgiving day is diabetic. Where can I get something nice for dessert that he can have, while the rest of us bliss out on pecan and pumpkin pie?

Nov 23, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

Cover 2,3? whatever

Yes, it's the old Flores location. And called "Cover 3."

Nov 14, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

Baby Shower Cake

I've been really pleased with the cakes for baby showers that I've gotten at Dream Bakery. They are north, on Anderson Mill Road, just east of 183.

Oct 07, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

Kerbey Lane Cafe North - moving?

Nope Saccone's hasn't reopened yet. I too anxiously wait. And I completely agree about the level of (un)cleanliness at Kerbey Lane. Hoping a new location will give them a fresh start!

Aug 15, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

Kerbey Lane Cafe North - moving?

Drove past the Kerbey Lane Cafe North (on 183) and saw the banner. They are apparently moving to the center at 620 and Anderson Mill Road. That will put KLC and Saccone's within shouting distance of each other...

Aug 15, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

Which restaurant offers BBQ Family Style?

You're talking about The County Line. There are two - County Line on the Lake is on 2222, near its intersection w/ 360. County Line on the Hill is on Bee Caves Road, off 360 also.

Jun 21, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

German Chocolate Cake?

They're a bit expensive, but the cakes at Dream Bakery (183 and Anderson Mill Rd) are always excellent. And they make a GC cake..

Jun 05, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

What Austin-y gift would you send someone?

I second amykragan's vote of Tito's Handmade Vodka. I would also include one of Paula's made-in-Austin spirits....

May 27, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin


I haven't been to any of their catered dinners in quite some time, but in the past, I know these folks have done a great job. Worth checking into...

Jan 15, 2008
yorkshirepud in Austin

What happened to Curra's?

Is it gone? Drove past last night, and it sure looked closed up. Does anyone know why/when this happened?

Dec 13, 2007
yorkshirepud in Austin

Ordering a Pre-cooked Turkey

Based on your recommendation, I ordered a Greenberg's smoked turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious, and everyone raved about it. My first nibble made me fear it was overly salty, but once heated up, the saltiness disappeared. The service and delivery were prompt also. I'll go with them next year for sure. Thanks to all!

Nov 27, 2007
yorkshirepud in Austin

Blue Bell Ice Cream

I think Blue Bell makes a good ice cream, but they'd be better off sticking with the basics. Why on earth do we need an IC flavor called "Wedding Cake?"

Aug 13, 2007
yorkshirepud in Austin

Need Anniversary Dinner Suggestions

How about Zoot? Lovely place, lovely food, and it's homegrown. Not sure if they are open on Sundays, but then, you can always have the celebration on another evening...

509 Hearn St, Austin, TX 78703

Jul 31, 2007
yorkshirepud in Austin

Stuffed Grape Leaves in Austin

And I'll mention the stuffed grape leaves at Tino's Greek Cafe. Anderson Mill Road and 183, although I think they have a south location as well.

Jul 13, 2007
yorkshirepud in Austin


Try Dream Bakery on Anderson Mill Road (just east of 183) - fabulous cakes. A bit pricey but well worth it.

May 14, 2007
yorkshirepud in Austin