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Where to go in Brampton Ontario

They make an excellent, if I remember correctly, spinach filled ravioli in a cognac sauce. Their pasta pescatore, seafood pasta, was very good as well.

Where to go in Brampton Ontario

Also, to add to the list, there is Antica Osteria which opened within the last year at Hurontario and Mayfield. Italian place, good fresh food.

Fresh Chestnuts in time for Thanksgiving 2008?

I had some from Fortinos (Hurontario and Bovaird) last week. They were really good.

Italian Wine Glasses?

Personally I would go with either of these. I think that the second ones are more old world traditional.

Sep 29, 2008
rindinella_k in Wine

What do you do with your used wine bottles?

I bring them to the beer store for the refund, usually once a month.

Saying that, i also have one I kept for everyday olive oil, a few clear ones I use for water, and the smaller 200-375 ice wine bottles or half bottles get kept to infuse olive oils in. Simple fill bottle with say rosemary, fill with olive oil, put a cork back in it then forget about it for a while.

Labels, I usually take off the ones I like and put them in a book to keep them flat (not glued into a book but just placed in between some pages.)

Sep 13, 2008
rindinella_k in Wine


Seeing as grappa doesn't have a D.O.P. attached to it, I was wondering are there any grappa producers outside of Italy?

What I am ultimately wondering is, are there any grappa producers in the Niagara region in Ontario?

Seeing as grappa is usually just made from left overs, I figured there would be a producer or two, but couldn't find anything.

Aug 08, 2008
rindinella_k in Spirits

small black olives from Terroni

I would assume that they sell them there at Terroni.

NOTL "Hi-Five" for Stone Road Grill

Thanks for the review! I am heading to do some wine tastings/tours on Monday, do you think lunch reservations will be necessary?


I got this as well and can't wait to go one night.

Taste of Lawrence - worth going?

What about Corso Italia, is this worth going to?

INO Whole Prosciutto

I believe I saw somewhere advertising on TV a few weeks ago whole San Daniele Prosciutto for $68.99 but I may be wrong. It was a grocery store in Woodbridge I believe.

Romantic VEGAN restaurant - HELP

I was once vegan and took my dad to JKWB. But, about 3-4 weeks before I went I made reservations and requested if it was possible for a vegan option. I wasn't sure what I would get, but I figured soemwhere like JK would make an amazing meal with the fresh produce and such. I wrote a review of it here:

They were very accommodating, and even went as far to ask me if I ate refined sugar and honey for my desert.

Hopefully it all works out for you.

Fathers Day Orlando/Daytona Area

Hello, I am a Canadian and will be visiting my father on fathers day in Fl. He lives in the Daytona area and was looking for some recommendations for a restaurant to take him to for dinner. We are Italian so I am really looking for a good Italian restaurant with a good, red, wine list as well. I am looking for somehting in the $200 for two people area. In terms of area, anything within an hour, hour and a half of Daytona is good. But, closer is always nicer. Thanks again.

May 27, 2008
rindinella_k in Florida

Pairings for tonights light dinner

Tonight my father, family and I are just having an assortment of cheeses and meats for dinner with some breads. I was wondering what I could bring that could be ok with the entire meal. I have often heard Prosecco is good with antipasto plates like this. So would bringing a prosecco be good, or is there a, preferably red, wine that would go well with our assortment. I know that nothing will go with all of our wide assortment but I am looking for something to cover most if not just make the meal a little nicer.

Our assortment includes :

Grana Padano
Mozarella di buffola

Prosciutto crudo
salami calabrese
salami cacciatore

any help is appreciated. Thanks

May 15, 2008
rindinella_k in Wine

Pasta cooked 'al dente', am I the only one who doesn't like it that way?

I eat Barilla pasta and usually find I cook mine about two minutes less then what the package claims.

Also, i don't order pasta in restaurants because I find that it is always served to me too cooked.

Mar 13, 2008
rindinella_k in General Topics

Cell phones and food

I think when at a restaurant, and you are eating, it is not ok to talk or answer your cell phone. heck, I hate hearing someones phone ring when I am in a restaurant.

But, I often go to coffee shops if I have a phone interview to do, I am a journalism student, and I am not at home. I go sit near the back, alone, get a coffee, my pen and pad and talk on my phone there.

If with company, I never think it is alright to speak on your phone for an extended period of time. If it rings, sure answer it, see who it is, say your busy and hang up. If it is urgent, excuse yourself from the table, and head outdoors for a second, but please, please, don't be gone for more then 5min.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

Feb 07, 2008
rindinella_k in Not About Food

CookBook board

Is there any ideas or thoughts about adding a board where cook books can be discussed. I think it will help all members who are looking for something new to their collection, and also help people who are stuck between a few new books.

Jan 19, 2008
rindinella_k in Site Talk

Good chow near Brampton Civic Hospital?

Right around the hospital, there is a few Indian places, at the strip plaza at Bovaird and Dixie (west of the hospital.) Also there is one east of the hospital in another little plaza.

I work, right next to a place on Bovaird called Toninos. Good Italian family place. They have seats, they serve, pastas (all with homemade sauces,) pizza, sandwiches, and such. good pricing, and a nice little spot. It is located at Bovaird and McLaughlin rd. west of the hospital, about a 5-10 min. drive along Bovaird.

Hope this helped a little. There aren't really any outstanding, or ever half decent places that I have found in this area, unless you are looking for something upscale, there is Bassano's, but I don't think it is what you are looking for.

Winterlicious menus are up

This will be my first winterlicious, and I already have a list of the spots I want to make sure I get to. I was wondering, how far in advance are reservations needed for, if they are even allowed?

Bottling homemade liqueur? How & With what?

I used these to store my limoncello i made a few months back.

Dec 02, 2007
rindinella_k in Spirits

Dinner Tonight: Can you pick a wine from this list?

I don't have much to add on which bottle to suggest specifically, but, what i would suggest is talk to the sommelier. You have questions here posted, like is an '01 ready to drink?, and is this not exactly why restaurants have sommeliers?

I would talk to the sommelier, tell them what you like, willing to spend, ball park, and ask the questions you have posted here. I would assume any sommelier would be ready to help you, someone who seems to have an idea of what they want, over a "so, whats good on these 15 pages?" type of customer.

Nov 09, 2007
rindinella_k in Wine

What is a "fun" restaurant?

I think the two words fit together. If I go out with some friends or family, we get good service, aren't rushed through out our evening, the servers can/do talk to us laugh, crack jokes, then in my books that becomes a "fun" restaurant. Although it might sound like it was just a "fun" night, I think that a fun night makes a restaurant fun.

Nov 08, 2007
rindinella_k in Not About Food

Infused Olive Oil

I grew up in Italy, and always remember ordering a Diavolo Pizza and my father and I would always put a hot, or spicy olive oil on top of it, drizzling it on. I wanted to recreate the olive oil, but was wondering: If I put Jamaican hot peppers into a bottle of olive oil, is there anything I should worry about? i.e, bacteria forming like when garlic is left in olive oil over say a week or two?

Nov 03, 2007
rindinella_k in Home Cooking

Tell me about Futures

I don't have much insight to offer on your wine choices. I just wanted to say this is an excellent idea. In fact, my father bought a magnum of Barollo, i believe, from each of me and my siblings birth years (1986,1991,1994) and, have the labels hand painted. I see mine maybe once a year but we have not thought of a good enough reason to open it yet. For the record, I am the '86, 21 now.

Oct 20, 2007
rindinella_k in Wine

Charged for things you thought were comp?

This whole thread makes me think about being charged for things that I have always assumed were standards. I grew up in Italy, bread and grissini and water were always there, and never charged for them. So, when I go out somewhere around here in Canada, I ask for bread when we sit down if we are at a resturant that is of a higher standard. i have yet to be charged for it, but right now am wondering when it will start.

I have one memory that i remember from about three months ago. Sitting at an Italian resto on King St. in Toronto before going to the theater. we ordered pasta, no apps, i asked for some bread and a glass of wine each. My gf and I are sitting talking, having a little bread and oil when a served just dropped a small plate with four pieces of square pizza on the table, and said they were compliments of the chef. I was very surprised, esp. since they were vegetarian, and we hadn't said anything about being vegetarians. But then I realized he dropped them off at about 5 other tables along with ours. It was very nice, and def. makes me return to a place like that, even if I never receive another "compliments of the chef" dish, and it wasn't an amazing resturant.

Oct 12, 2007
rindinella_k in Not About Food


Do they take reservations at Terroni on Victoria, or is it a show up and wait for a table? Also, what could I expect from their wine list? I understand it is completely Italian wines but is it all barolos and Amarone, or does it have a good balance and price range?

Home made Limoncello

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I need to let mine steep longer, and use a better liquor.

cali2ia, the freezing is so that it can be enjoyed clod. The way i prefer it.

Oct 10, 2007
rindinella_k in Spirits

Small portions?

If you don't mind all the food being vegan, i suggest Fressen, but it is out of your area. It is pretty much just a vegan tapas bar. every plate is $9.

Home made Limoncello

I use something called "Alcool." i was advised to just go in and ask for a grain alcohol, and they gave me a bottle of alcool.

Oct 05, 2007
rindinella_k in Spirits

Home made Limoncello

I know that there are threads already talking about home made limoncello and I have read them. My problem is that when I made my first batch, it froze when it went in the freezer. I am looking for any ideas on maybe why it would of frozen? I used what the recipe said, 2 cups of Alchool and let it sit for 10 days with lemons then 2 cups water, and 2.5 cups sugar.

Would the Alchool burn off if when i poured the simple syrup mixture into the alchool the syrup was still warm? Should I be using maybe vodka or gin instead of alchool? and only mix the syrup and alchool/gin/vodka at room temperature?

Oct 05, 2007
rindinella_k in Spirits