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Thai market in SF?

Tuk Tuk in Berkeley usually has Golden Boy.

As for lime trees, it usually takes a few years for a tree to get comfortable with it's surroundings to start producing fruit. As for the leaves, it is best to cut branches, rather than just picking a leaves here and there when harvesting.

Best restaurant for Thanksgiving?

In the city or down towards the Peninsula?

Betel Leaf for Miang Kam

Does anyone know where I can get fresh Betel Leaf for Miang Kam? I have seen it periodically at the Berekely Bowl, but not on a regular basis. Thanks for your help.


Pig Roast

Thanks. I'll check with them. I'd be interested to hear about the pig roast you goto and find out where they got the equipment and the pig itself. Thanks.

Pig Roast

I am looking to have a pig roast and have a couple questions:

1. Does anyone know of where I can rent the equipment necessary for a pig roast?

2. Where is the best place to get a full sized pig, suitable for 90-100 people?



Crystal Springs Fish & Poultry - San Mateo

I was sent the following in response to a similar query on Yelp!

The small family business of Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry is closed until October 15, 2008, when it will reopen under new management.

Today I stopped by the shop to buy something and I was surprised to see the doors closed and a sign posted. I called the phone number on the sign on the door and spoke with the contact given. I was very sad to learn that the wife of the long-time owner Greg is very ill, which is why the shop is temporarily closed and changing management. My thoughts and prayers are with their family.

Sorry it's not better news.

Crystal Springs Fish & Poultry - San Mateo

I stopped by Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry today and it was locked up.... Looked like it had been closed for a while as there was nothing in any of its cases.... I asked at the bakery next door, and they didn't know if they were on vacation or had closed up shop. Anyone know whats going on here?

Need source for Burmese tea leaves (laphet, lephet)

Which leaf did you order? The regular, spicy, or sour? Any suggestions here?

Jul 10, 2008
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Where to buy Goat Meat

I went to Aladdin today and they had plenty of goat meat. In the butcher case they had goat stew meat, which the butcher told me was a combination of leg, neck, sholder, and rib meat all on the bone. In the hanging cooler they had goat leg meat. I bough one leg (about 3.3 lbs), he trimmed and cut it for me on the band saw.

Will be making Goat Tacos tomorrow -- hope they taste good!

Where to buy Goat Meat

I just called Aladdin (nearest my house) and they said that they stock it. I'll stop in and check it out and report back.

Where to buy Goat Meat

Does anyone know where to buy Goat Meat on the Peninsula?


Where to buy a Tandoor

I found this place:
Called them and they are selling their Tandoors for $11,000+.... unreal!

Where to buy a Tandoor

I was talking to a distributor of Tandoors in NJ, and they suggested I try Vik Distributors in Berkeley. They are closed today. I will check with them on Monday and report back.

The following place in NJ seems to be knowledgable and what nice products, but the shipping will be approximately $325 to the bay area, making it fairly expensive.


Where to buy a Tandoor

Thanks, I'll give these a try... any ideas about any of the local Indian shops that might have one in stock?

Where to buy a Tandoor

I am looking to potentially purchase an Indian Tandoor Oven for use outside for BBQs, etc. I have found a few places on the Web (East Coast) that sell these, but would like to buy from a local merchant to avoid shipping and have better customer service. Please let me know.

Sushi Monster Devours Peninsula: The Big List v. 3.0

how about tokyo star in redwood shores?

Viognier -- San Mateo -- Poor Reservations Management

Hard to rate the restaurant on food or service as I was not given the opportunity to dine. I made a reservation several weeks ago for 12 people. Three days before the reservation the manager called to tell me that they had over booked the restaurant. They told me that I could still come, either an hour earlier or an hour later and would also have to split the table into two. This is not the type of service or attention to detail that I would expect from a restaurant with reviews such as this. Very upsetting!

Where to buy Toro

Where is the best source to buy a high grade Toro in the SF Bay Area. In San Mateo Suruki market usually has it, but it is of suspect quality. I am looking to top end, grade A Toro.... Please advise.