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To cab1024 suggestion re: searching with ""

Thanks! Ironically, I just started using that feature of google a couple of weeks ago, but didn't think to use it for this. Ahh, when multiple minds come together in the ether...

May 15, 2007
cab1024 in Site Talk

Why does Search not recognize " "??

Why doesn't the search engine respect quotes? I'm trying to search for a restaurant called You See Sushi and I get every just about every post about sushi -- quite a few contain the words "You" or "See" .

I'm new to Chowhound and this issue makes usability of the site quite lacking!

May 15, 2007
cab1024 in Site Talk

Good Asian Market near FiDi??

I'll have to hit up the Clay/Stockton area and the Farmer's Markets. And today is Tuesday!
Thanks everyone.

Good Pho or Vietnamese in the financial district?

It would appear so. I wonder if they bought out of the chain like when my favorite sushi joint changed from a We Be Sushi to You See Sushi (6th & Judah). BTW, it's still delicious and still cheap.

Good Asian Market near FiDi??

No particular ingredients, just looking for a place to go if I need to pick up an ingredient I don't have before heading home from work. Also, would like a place to browse during my lunch break -- to give me ideas, or just be overwhelmed.

Good Asian Market near FiDi??

Hi, I'm new!

I love the May Wah Market at Clement and 8th in the Richmond. I'm sure there is nothing as big near FiDi, but is there anything good enough to make a trip to on a lunch hour either in Chinatown or closer to 2nd & Market?

I'm looking for Vietnamese ingredients for the most part.


Good Pho or Vietnamese in the financial district?

And yet, I've heard from many sources that the Pho Hoa on Jones @ O'Farrell is hands down the best pho in the City -- chain or not, I'd say. I'm biased as well as it was the first place I had it: Pho Tai w/ beef on the side.

I don't speak for any other Pho Hoa though.

Peanut Sauce

Shouldn't you heat it?

May 14, 2007
cab1024 in Recipes