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Feast Or Famine in Warren RI

This is good to know - we gave up on them too because it had gotten so dreadful. Now that I hear this maybe it's time for another try.

Blue Elephant on Wickenden in Providence

That's why I said I had mixed feelings. I probably will give them another try once they've been open a while longer because I just loved the whole look and feel of the place (you are so right about the cozy little dining rooms) and the sandwiches did taste great - just on the slim side from the price.

Blue Elephant on Wickenden in Providence

We just went there for lunch today and I had mixed feelings. I got the Philly Twister which is a pastrami sandwich with sauteed mushrooms, onions, swiss cheese and dijon mustard. It tasted delicious, but I have to say it was very thin for a $7.50 sandwich that only came with a tiny scoop of cole slaw and a sad looking pickle spear (we're talking a Vlassic straight out of the jar) - plus they were out of rye bread (?!) so I had to get it on wheat.

Hubby had the bare knuckle sandwich which is Roast beef and ham, cheddar cheese, spinach leaf, fresh green apple slice and honey-mayo. They forgot the cheese and again, he felt it was on the scrawny side for the price though he agreed that it tasted very good. He chose potato salad with his, I tasted it and it was very...cooler tasting if that makes sense. He said it had too much "other stuff" (apple, celery, dill) and that overwhelmed the potato-ness.

Maybe I'm spoiled by Red Stripe, where I can barely get my mouth around the sandwich for like $1.00 more (plus bushels of frittes) but when the sandwiches came out it almost looked like two slices of toast stacked on each other - that's how skimpy the inside was.

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

Growing up in Danbury we always swore by Tobin's First Prize dogs. I don't even know if they make them any more.

Jun 28, 2007
anadandy in Southern New England

Overrated? Underrated?

JK's Danbury CT - totally not overrated. My family moved to RI from Danbury 20 years ago - and I still must make the 4+ hour round trip at least twice a year to get my wiener fix. They're even good 2 hours old after being in the car on the way home. Note: they're not open on Sundays.

I never actually got food at Guida's, only their softserve - which sadly they stopped making several years back.

Best coffee cabinets and meatball grinders?

The best meatball grinder I ever had in RI was at Giros Restaurant in South Kingstown.