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B-Day Bar near 5th & Union Park Slope

ooh. that's good information. thanks for the tip. so much for keeping it in the neighborhood...

May 18, 2007
rezelscheft in Outer Boroughs

B-Day Bar near 5th & Union Park Slope

I'm having a b-day get together in Park Slope this Sunday afternoon (I know, I know, should have planned earlier), with maybe 30 people coming. I'd like something close to home (near 5th and Union). I am not a bar person, so I have no idea what area bars are like on Sunday afternoons. Ideal features would include: a little elbow room, decent seating, good jukebox, maybe a small food menu, and in my dream of dreams -- natural light (luminescence, not the beer). I know some people hate places like Loki and Union Hall, but are they maybe tolerable on a Sunday from 3pm-6pm? Or not so much?

May 17, 2007
rezelscheft in Outer Boroughs


i really can't understand the love for bonnie's. when i escaped from Boston and moved to the slope last year i was thrilled to be so close to such a famously excellent burger joint. but i found it to be like almost every other burger i've had here in NYC -- a too big patty of low quality meat on an inadequate bun, lacking both in deliciousness and structural integrity.

i found dumont's a rare exception to my bad nyc burger luck. the meat was good, but the patty was oddly spherical, making it hard to eat without making a mess.

i'm still searching for a top notch burger in NYC, which i define as being anything like the gift from the heavens that is a burger from Burger Joint in SF (thin 1.4 lb. patty of niman ranch beef on a well-toasted sesame bun). i'm venturing out to stone park this minute, wishing for the best...

May 14, 2007
rezelscheft in Outer Boroughs