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looking for CHEAP kitchen tools in Vancouver

thanks so much fmed. you've been a great help! i also posted about moving here and looking for a neighbourhood a couple months ago and you were by far the best help then too. I appreciate it!

if i'm heading to chinatown can you point me in any specific direction? intersection(s)?

looking for CHEAP kitchen tools in Vancouver

Hi - New to Vancouver and need to cheap kitchen tools to get me by. I don't need brand names and gadgety peelers.

I'm looking for wooden spoons, sharp and sturdy but cheap knife to debone, thongs, a rasp etc.

I figured Chinatown might be a good place to look. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!

Anyone been to Batifole lately?

I went on Friday night. And, as usual, had a wonderful time. The menu doesn't change very often from what I've seen but they do what they do well. We probably go to eat four or five times a year. The food is always tasty. The service is very personal (they always remember what we drank the last time we were in). The wine list is approachable but extensive. And we always walk out of there satisfied, happy, and without doing too much damage to our wallets.

Torontonians moving to VanCity and need some help!

I have been before but not for a significant period of time. I have heard such thoughts before and am hoping that the fresh seafood, better ramen, and larger variety of produce will outweigh the downsides to the smaller food scene!

Torontonians moving to VanCity and need some help!

I will keep in mind that vancity is a term to use only amongst close friends...

Torontonians moving to VanCity and need some help!

Thanks for your detailed response! It sounds like you live in a great area! We'll probably be carless. Do you think that would hinder some of your suggestions?

I have heard that there is some interesting openings in "gastown". i have also heard it's pretty touristy or trendy without substance?

Post Bar/Late Night Eats

The black hoof is the obvious, and in my opinion, best option. they are out of town until wednesday though. the harbord room is another option. i havn't been but have heard good things. of course chinatown is always a good option if thats the type of food you're looking for. overall though, i would say that toronto's decent-good late night food scene is dismal at best.

Torontonians moving to VanCity and need some help!

Me and my partner are moving to Vancouver this summer and need some help!

We want to live in a neighbourhood that has as many as the following as possible and are hoping some of you might have some suggestions!

Is there an equivalent neighbourhood to something like Queen West West/Parkdale/Trinity Bellwoods? Meaning we are looking for a neighbourhood that has:

Young but talented Chefs that are opening or running great restaurants
late night food
delicious espresso bars?

A farmers market. Either all year round or at least seasonal.

An organic or naturally raised butcher shop. Ideally they would bring in whole animal so second cuts are easy to get a hold of.

Independent grocers/cheese boutiques/fish mongers. Again, whose focus is sustainable/artisinal harvesting/producing.

At least one comfortable bar.

Food is incredible important in our lives. I cook for a living. Neither one of us are very familiar with the city and need your help in finding the right 'hood to start our search.

Thanks so much in advance!

Trish Donnelly/Brunch?

I've heard that Trish Donnelly ex of mildred pierce is cooking sunday brunch somewhere in the west end. Does anyone know where??

Harvest - Prince Edward County

Well...we couldn't go! We called (obviously last minute) only to find out that Chef was in Toronto for some sort of event. We were pretty upset about it all but look forward to when we can make it out there in the future!

Harvest - Prince Edward County

We are thinking about heading out to Michael Potter's restaurant tonight and am wondering if anyone has been lately and has suggestions? I believe he only does tasting menus in the off season (which is just perfect)...

Rose Water - where can I find some?

great suggestions with lots of convenient options! thanks all.

Rose Water - where can I find some?

I am going to attempt to make Turkish Delight and need rose water. Any thoughts on where I can locate some? I live in the east end but am willing to venture out of the neighbourhood to find it!

Thanks in advance!

Pic Nic at Queen and Broadview

I saw it today as well...but don't have any info. Anyone else?

Where to take my mom for about $150-175 for the two of us?

Hi Chowhounders,

My mom wants to buy me dinner and knows how much I love food and so wants me to pick the place. My two initial thoughts are: JK Wine Bar or Cowbell. I have been to JKs many times and love it. I know she would too, esp. because she is big on sharing dishes! However, I have yet to try Cowbell and would really love to check it out. She's pretty adventerous and so we are up for any type of cuisine. As I type a third option has popped into my head. Amaya has now been added as a possibility. However, I would love for any additional suggestions you might have. I would also appreciate your thoughts on Cowbell and Amaya!

Thank you again in advance!

ISO certified organic pork pieces

Well I know The Healthy Butcher has whole pigs and am sure you could even walk in and have them prepare certian portions of of pork for you...or you could call ahead and save yourself some time!

Chef Pants?

I am wondering where I might be able to buy Chef pants. I did visit Nikalous on Queen west and they have them there fore about $65. Is there a fair price? Is there somewhere else I should be looking? Thanks in advance!

Winter Farmer's Markets

Perfect! Great to know! Thanks.

Winter Farmer's Markets

So I know I am a little early...but am thinking ahead to our Christmas festivities. I'd really like to prepare all things local but know that as we get deeper into the winter months it will become increasingly difficult to hunter gather from farmers. I know the SLM has the northside open all year but am wondering if there are any other of our markets that will be open that late in the year? If not, where else should I be looking? I've heard good things about Fiesta Farms recently....

Thanks in advance!

Best source for smoked trout in Toronto?

Has anyone tried the smoked trout at Kristopsans on Queen East?

Pizza Slices at Yonge & St. Clair - Bayview and Eglinton??

Hi Chowhounders,

I have a craving for a great pizza slice for a late lunch with a girlfriend today. We are restricted to the Yonge & St. Clair through Bayview and Eglinton area and as much as I would love to pop into Terroni's I don't think we'll have enough time and are looking for a couple slices rather than a whole pizza...

Any tasty options??

Chef Autobios and Bios, Other...

While not an autobiography I am just finishing The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten and am loving it. I would highly recomend it and will be returning it to the library today!

New butcher in Leslieville?

from Chatto's blog today:
"Leslieville has a new butcher in Lady & Son Butchery (1175 Queen St. E., 416-913-2598). The lady in question is owner Voula Mantis and her son is Bobby Kliori, age 17, a young man who loves to cook. Voula’s lamb is organically raised and comes from Dan the Man; her beef is half naturally raised, half certified organic and comes from a farm in western Ontario, as does the naturally raised pork in the store. Her own line of prepared dishes has drawn rave reviews in the two or three days since the place opened, especially her roast beef. Baker Simon Silander supplies organic breads, pastries are sourced from Célestin and patés and terrines are from Marc Thuet. Voula’s enthusiasm and passion for quality are shiningly obvious within about 10 seconds of conversation. I hope the business is a huge success."


Creme Fraiche

I bought some at the other Alex Farm (on the west side of the market) lasst week.


We watched a documentry on Susur Lee this evening and was trying to explain to my partner that there is this love-hate thing for Susur in Toronto. I have never been to Susur (or Lee for that matter) and could therefore not explain why some love, and others are not as fond of the man, or his chefmanship.

For those who have been, could you please explain what you love or loathe?

Where to find frozen tempeh

The Tofu guy in the SLM (bottom floor south end) has great Tempeh! It's made from local soy (GMO free) beans!

Butchers selling breakfast sausage?


Butchers selling breakfast sausage?

Rowe farms do a kick-ass maple breakfast sausage. I know it's sold on Saturday's north market at SLM. I thought they were also sold at the Carrot Common and would be shocked if they contained added MSG.

Where would you go Leslievillians??

I would also consider Gio's. It's not very expensive and since there are lots of little plates you could control costs that way. Plus on a Sunday chances are it wont be empty which might add to the atmosphere of your night out.

New butcher in Leslieville?

Wow! Sounds great! Where at Queen & Jones??