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Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

The Clover mini chain just started to make their own, its really good. I am not sure if they are selling it to the public though.

Aug 24, 2015
verka in Greater Boston Area

salmon roe at bazaar?

I am not sure the brands are that different, I think they are almost interchangeable. One thing I would recommend in shopping in a Russian grocery store for salmon roe (or red caviar, as we call it), or for anything else is to always check the expiration dates. Try one in a small container and see what you think. My family buys it often and the only time we've been unhappy is when we accidentally get an expired/old batch.

Feb 24, 2015
verka in Greater Boston Area

Best restaurants under $30 for App and Entree?

How about JM Curley, Deep Ellum, Tip Tap Room? Too gastro-pubby?

Dec 23, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

what is a good restaurant near Mass General hospital

Also Tip Tap Room on Cambridge St. or Grotto?

Dec 11, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Razor Clams

Anyone seen razor clams recently on any local menus? Maybe as a special? A friend is having a craving and I've never had them before, so would like to try. Any help greatly appreciated.

Oct 11, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Meal Delivery for New Mom

I love these guys, pricey but really great food !

Jul 24, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

How do restaurants here source? Organic/Healthy in Boston restaurants

My first thought besides the higher end restaurants is Clover (food trucks and various outlets). They seem to be very open about communicating where their food comes from.
See their website:

Jul 18, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Lunch between Central and Kendall

Welcome to the neighborhood ! Our regular lunch rotation includes:

Cafe Luna
H Mart food court
Area Four
Mary Chungs

And looking forward to Clover coming soon !

Jul 02, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Suckling pig

We ordered one from McKinnon's meats in Davis sq. a few years ago. It was a bit on a larger side, maybe 15 to 20 pounds. But was extremely yummy, I would call them.

Jun 09, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Skate Wing

Had a fabulous one a few weeks ago at Rendezvous in Central sq. Looks like its still on their menu.

May 14, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Wedding venue

Went to a wedding there in November (~100 people), a really lovely setting. The food was pretty mediocre though, not sure if it was an onsite caterer or someone they brought in.

Apr 23, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Meal-Kit Services. Tell me your High praise and Horror stories?

I really love my Blue Apron, I don't end up getting it every week. I usually pick and choose based on my schedule and the menu for the week.

Apr 23, 2014
verka in General Topics

General Tso's Chicken??

For those brave enough to tackle this one...

I, for one will continue trying it at the restaurants mentioned below!

Apr 14, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Here's what's slated for food court of Central Sq H-Mart

Just walked by and saw that the H Mart sign is up on the building ! I hope that's a good sign and the opening is getting closer.

Mar 12, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Bondir Concord Just Okay

Not sure if anyone else has seen this unorthodox response to the Globe review.

Would love to hear other hound's opinions... I found it rather odd.

Best steak in Boston area?

What about Boston Chops? Its slightly cheaper than Grill 23 but a very good value.

Jan 06, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Chowhound new year resolutions

No lines tonight, the place was pretty much empty at 8! And the ramen is just as tasty.

Jan 02, 2014
verka in Greater Boston Area

Prepared meal delivery service in Somerville?

I am a huge fan of cuisine en local, their food is fantastic !

JJ Gonson - Cuisine Enlocale
Telephone: 617-285-0167

Oct 28, 2013
verka in Greater Boston Area

Goat Meat and Mutton?

You should try Frizzell Hill Farm in Westerm Mass. I know they supply goat to some restaurants in the area.

Mar 14, 2013
verka in Greater Boston Area

If you could have any chocolate for Val Day from a chain store or chocolatier what would you want?

Blood Orange Fleur de Lis Truffles from the Beacon HIll Chocolates. These are the best in town !

Feb 11, 2013
verka in Greater Boston Area

Best seafood in Chinatown ?

What's the current consensus on where I can get the best and freshest seafood meal in Chinatown these days? I see lots of differing opinions on Peach Farm, Jumbo, east ocean, etc. What's the best place to get salt fried shrimp, calmari and ginger lobster ? Also, extra bonus points if they might have the fresh Maine shrimp !

Feb 10, 2013
verka in Greater Boston Area

First Soft Shell Crabs Sighting

Just wanted to bump this back up.
Anyone have any more recent experiences with sof shell crab around town? Would love some recomendations...

Apr 17, 2012
verka in Greater Boston Area

Does anyone know of a homemade meal delivery service?

This place is amazing !
I've only tried their food at a dinner party, but their Shared Food program sounds like what you might be looking for?

Feb 10, 2012
verka in Greater Boston Area

Best Kaiseki option?

Thank you so very much for everyone's awesome input and recs. I've made a reservation for Friday at Kyo Ya for the 10 course dinner :) Will report back !

Kyo Ya
94 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

Oct 10, 2011
verka in Manhattan

Best Kaiseki option?

I am looking for the best, most authentic Kaiseki option in Manhattan. Right now I am looking at:
Sugiyama, Rosanjin or EN Japanese. Can anyone comment on the best option of the 3? Or recomend anything else I am overlooking? I'd like to spend 200 to 300 for 2 people (not including any sake pairings) and would also like a place with a really nice, special setting. I prefer Lower Manhattan.

Thanks !

Oct 06, 2011
verka in Manhattan

Help me find an excellent prix fixe option

Sorry...I really meant a tasting menu *brain fart*

Sep 26, 2011
verka in Manhattan

Help me find an excellent prix fixe option

I am looking to take my little sister out to a nice prix fixe dinner in New York in October for her birthday. I would like to spend ~300 for 2 people, including drinks, tax and tips, wine pairings not necessary to be included in this total. We're not particular on the type of food, but something in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn would work best. Also something where I can get a reservation for a Friday nite 3 weeks from now.

Thanks hounds !

Sep 26, 2011
verka in Manhattan

CSA Rating

Red Fire Farm - this is our second year. We love it ! The variety has been great, although a bit too much lettuce and not enough corn this year. But that might be our personal taste. I would give it 5 stars.

Aug 26, 2011
verka in Greater Boston Area

ISO currants (red or black)

Has anyone seen any fresh red or black currants on sale? I would prefer areas north of Boston, but if they are available, I would be willing to go anywhere....

Jun 27, 2011
verka in Greater Boston Area

croissants there anyone in the Boston/Cambridge area, making wonderful croissants?

Second the Iggy's croissant! Especially plain ones early in the morning at their Fresh Pond store/bakery.

Dec 04, 2010
verka in Greater Boston Area