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Need Wickford Recs please...

I can't give you one in wickford or NK. Go to Jamestown, it's close. Harborside is truly awful.

sushi grade fish in providence?

I've never heard of "sushi grade" salmon. What makes it that?

best Providence-area butcher

Antonelli's for poultry. The smell may put you back on the wagon though.

Sushi in Rhode Island

We ate lunch at Sakura on Wickeden today. I has the sashimi lunch and my wife had the sushi lunch. We also had a couple of rolls and shumai. I didn't find the quality to be demonstrably different than Haruki. The service was much better than the Cranston Haruki. The ambience is better at haruki east but sakura is byob and has a fireplace.

Best Restaurant by URI

We're going to try Crave. We'll let you know what we thought. Thanks for the reply.

Best Restaurant by URI

Going to the Boston Pops and want a nice place to eat beforehand. If its BYOB even better. Preferably closer and nicer than Spain or Crazy burger. I've heard the restaurant in the Holiday Inn is good, and I guess I could go to Shogun. I know nothing west of rt 1 by 138 and nothing in kingston.

Sushi in Rhode Island

Well, we did finally eat at Sea Shai while we were shopping in Newport. It was certainly passable, but not any better than the alternatives. So if you're in the area it's a reasonable choice,but that's all.

Crazy Burger in Narragansett

My family just ate breakfast there this morning. Has something changed? It was decent, but the menu seemed slightly changed. My carrot-ginger was chunky/fibrous, and the omelette and brioche were smaller. Also the waitstaff has changed a lot and the service was not as good. And there wasn't a line out the door at 9.30 on a beach Saturday.

Sushi in Rhode Island

I didn't mean to say it was hip in any sort of absolute sense, I was just contrasting the two Haruki's. It's certainly no Nobu.

Sushi in Rhode Island

I think the best place in MA is Oishii, remember your Benjamins. But I really was asking about RI.

Sushi in Rhode Island

I've been to both Haruki's, both Shogun's, and Seven Moons. Haruki is the best of these, with providence having a hipper atmosphere, and maybe slightly better quality in Cranston. I like the Shogun in Narragansett more than the Cranston one, mainly becuase it looks and feels nicer. Seven Moons has been a little disappointing, mainly because of the variability of the sushi. My opinion so far.
I have not been to Sakura, 10, Sea Shai in Middletown. What do people think of these places, and are there other places worth pursuing? I realize that we are not talking about high-end New York or Boston sushi. I wish there was a place in East Greenwich.

Two Weeks in RI South County

Crazy Burger has great breakfasts.
Spain has good paella and veal and sangria.
I like Charlie Os aka Simons and Mews for standard fared and beers.
Champlains for fried seafood and very casual.
I've heard good things about crave but haven't been.
Shogun in south county commons does a good benihana.

Cranston, RI one night only recs?

I went to Harborside during one of East Greenwich's main street strolls with my family this summer. It was terrible, really bad, across the board. I actually thought about asking for my money back, I've never thought that before. Seems like a place to drink. 20 water and table 28 are far more passable.