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french quarter fest

I've seen the list of AMAZING food.
Does anyone have any favorites from the list?

Mar 17, 2014
Kfren09 in New Orleans

french quarter fest

Heading to New Orleans for French Quarter Fest! My husband and I are frequent visitors, but never during any sort of festival.

What are some of the must eat's? I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed with all the choices! Good problem to have :)

What are the details on the largest jazz brunch? I saw something mentioned, but I don't know what it entails.


Mar 17, 2014
Kfren09 in New Orleans

Visiting from the Midwest

Oh sounds fun!
Any clue's?

Sep 26, 2007
Kfren09 in Manhattan

Visiting from the Midwest

Thanks for all of the advice! We're going to look elsewhere for Italian/our pre-theatre meal!

We were thinking Grimaldi's for an early dinner, then walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

I think Flatts will fufill what we're looking for... a great atmosphere, margaritas and some chow!

Thanks again!

Sep 26, 2007
Kfren09 in Manhattan

Visiting from the Midwest

1849 sounds great. I love some good greasy bar food!

As for lunch... we're planning on more "on the go" food. We're more interested in spending $ on dinner.

We plan on grabbing a slice, then walking over the Brooklyn Bridge... seems like the thing to do!

We have been to Magnolia's Bakery, and we were just looking to try something else... Amy's and the Little Pie co sound great!

What is a good suggestion for a pre-theatre dinner?

Sep 25, 2007
Kfren09 in Manhattan

Visiting from the Midwest

This will be my 2nd time in NYC... visiting with a friend
Staying in Chelsea... looking for some good eats.

Right now on the food agenda we have...
For Breakfast
Murray's Bagles

For Lunch/snacks
The Burger Joint
Crumbs Bakeshop

For Dinner
Tortilla Flats
The Striphouse
Carmine’s (pre-theatre)

For lunch/breakfast we're looking to just grab something on the go... not too fancy.
We both like casual places... enjoy Tex-mex, Mexican, Steak, Italian and some good old bar food.

Any places we should add to the list? Places we should take off?

Sep 24, 2007
Kfren09 in Manhattan

St. Peter and Northfield, MN recs?

I'm a big fan of Patrick's in St. Peter. They have some pretty good bar food. Burgers, wraps...etc. Otherwise... depending on where you're from, if you haven't had Godfather's pizza, there is one in St. Peter.

Fogo de Chao in MSP [Moved from Midwest]

Well... overall I think it was just OK...
We had a reservation at 8:00, didn't get seated until 8:40... it was very very busy.
Loved the cheese biscuits type things and the plantains.
The meat was decent... I enjoyed the bacon wrapped filet and the specialty ribeye. We ordered a caipirinha.... never got it.... had to ask a few people before we recieved a the drink! Looked like they were still trying to get their act together...
If I were to go back, i'd just get the salad bar..
Overall for the cost....... I agree with foureyes...would rather have a steak from Manny's anyday!

Jun 17, 2007
Kfren09 in Chains

Fogo de Chao in MSP [Moved from Midwest]

Hey All,
I'm taking my boyfriend out to Fogo de Chao this Friday for his birthday. What should we expect for prices, meat variety, quality of food, drinks, etc. Thanks!

Jun 12, 2007
Kfren09 in Chains

Twin cities day trips-road food

I really enjoy Kings Tap in Miesville, MN (just south of Hastings) It's a little bar/grill... But I have had the BEST Burgers there... they are outstanding. Tons of different options to choose from... they even have ones w/ peanut butter, hot dogs, sour cream... tons of choices!

May 23, 2007
Kfren09 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Visiting Manhattan-- how do these places sound?

Hey all,

I'm visiting Manhattan next week w/ a girlfriend

We've already made reservation at ...
Tao, Striphouse and City Lobster and Crab Company.

Does anyone have reviews/opinions on those places? Should we reconsider and go somewhere else? Let me know! Thanks a ton!

May 14, 2007
Kfren09 in Manhattan