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Atlanta Sandwiches

my current faves are toscano & son's panini on marietta st - i love the "viola" (mortadella, speck, salami, provolone, tapenade), highland bakery for their curried chicken salad on toasted cranberry walnut bread (highland ave, near glen iris), and best is the DLT (Duck Prosciutto, Roasted Tomatoes, Avocado, Roquette, Lemon Aioli, Truffled Fries) from the Shed at Glenwood.
old standbys are Alon's - love the lamb (had a similar sand wich at sawicki's in decatur this spring - very good but pricey), the Vortex for a reuben, or candler park market for a great every day sandwich with zapp's chips and a soda.

Atlanta - Best Burgers

funny - this is where i love to take my staff & the uninitiated for meals too! the first time i went i ordered the ghetto without seeing one first. ate 1/2 of it in one sitting & then it took me 3 more takes to eat the leftovers - HUGE! now i get the 'single' size chili cheese slaw burger and still take 1/2 home for later. amazing - definitely hands down best burger in the ATL. try 11am midweek for best chance at immediate seating. ann can be intimidating - bring your best manners. . .

GRAVY? For buscuits and gravy?

being gravyhound, i have a pressing need to weigh in on this one - even though the key points have been made. i use 1/2 hot and 1/2 mild flavored sausage (jimmy dean is good as suggested - here in the South we have so many to choose from). slice sausage into patties (or form into patties if bulk) and cook until crispy brown on outside in a well-seasoned iron skillet. for the roux, make certain that you brown the flour and use in the suggested (alanbarnes') proportion of grease/flour/liquid or even a little less flour. there's nothing worse than the white pasty flour paste that so many "home cooking" joints try to pass off as gravy. did i mention pasty? i add milk (white milk/sweet milk if you're old enough to remember calling it that - i'm not!) and then crumble/chop 1/2 of the cooked sausage back into the gravy just as it begins to thicken. keep stirring. salt and fresh ground black pepper! to taste but leave the green onions in the fridge for some other dish. serve over hot homemade biscuits with sides of farm fresh eggs and sliced homegrown tomatoes for color.

Oct 11, 2007
gravyhound in Home Cooking

pawleys island, murrells inlet sc - where to eat?

thanks, lala - anyone else?

Sep 24, 2007
gravyhound in Southeast

pawleys island, murrells inlet sc - where to eat?

thanks, tee.

Sep 22, 2007
gravyhound in Southeast

pawleys island, murrells inlet sc - where to eat?

we're making our annual trek to the pawleys this week and would love recommendations for the following: 1. good lunch restaurants for rainy days and/or best fried seafood
2. place to buy local fresh seafood on the inexpensive side - fish, shrimp!, etc. a store? a guy with a truck full of catch of the day? found delicious shrimp in georgetown for 2.99/lb a couple years ago (but can't remember where the place was). we want to cook and eat while we're beached and fill a cooler to take home.
3. good dinner for 8 (we've had some real duds on this one over the years) we're all southern and good cooks. we trade the kitchen all around - everyone cooks at least one evening meal (even the non cook, who is currently threatening us with cans of Ensure all around for her meal!) on one evening we wear costumes, and we do one dinner out at some point. *
no chains (unless local) and no holes in the middle of the table - just excellent food and drink. seafood is a plus. we can travel up to 30 minutes from pawleys for this meal. . .
4. how about a divey bar? juke box, pool tables, juicy burgers, wings, good beer selection, etc.

thanks in advance!


*'costume night' and 'out to dinner night' do not coincide.

Sep 22, 2007
gravyhound in Southeast

Best food in Charleston, SC?

peninsula is excellent. magnolia is pretty good. but old village post house in historic mt pleasant is my personal fave. though not charleston proper, it's just a short trip over the bridge - make reservation, or the bar has a cozy dining area that is often available for walk-ins.

Varsity Chili Dogs in Atlanta

the onion rings are the real treasure of the varsity for me, but my family members who live out of state put chili and slaw dogs atop their must do list whenever they're in town. i've never heard any discussion of the actual dog - only the need to eat them and how many to get. . .

Biscuits and Gravy (GA)

I second Bobby & June's - 14th st atlanta.
skip the flying biscuit for authentic fare - their biscuits sink. . .
bob evans sausage will make a good gravy.

May 14, 2007
gravyhound in Chains