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Best tuna fish salad in nyc?

Petak's on Madison Avenue and 89th had a really good tuna salad.

Jul 18, 2007
moobutown in Manhattan

Silent H for Horrible

Had dinner at the new Vietnamese place in Williamsburg where Oznot's used to be. I was so excited to have something other than Thai in the neighborhood. WHAT A BUMMER!! If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, skip it. The appetizers were like deep fried cardboard and the fish skate that I had was drenched in an ugly looking black pepper sauce that was so OVER peppered it made me choke.

Jun 25, 2007
moobutown in Outer Boroughs

Beware of LOUNGE 47 in LIC

The space is nice, the menu looks good but Lounge 47 on Vernon Blvd in LIC is not worth your money. The codfish po' boy would make anyone south of the Mason Dixon cry with shame. The fish was over cooked, the bread was hard and crusty and they was NO sauce!! I repeat: NO SAUCE! The service made me feel like I was in youth hostel.

May 21, 2007
moobutown in Outer Boroughs

New Yorker having Bday in Seattle

I'm looking for a great restaurant. Nothing too formal. I don't want anyone to scoff at me while I down of bottle of bubbly myself. I generally like seasonal, organic and LOVE seafood. Any suggestions?

May 14, 2007
moobutown in Pacific Northwest