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Will the real French Bistro please stand up.

Hi Sharonm
As I said in my original post Any one can learn how to replicate (cook) foods from other cultures.
And going to a prestigious culinary institute is a great way to begin a career.
What restaurants have you worked in and where did you go to culinary school?
Foods prepared from ALL of the different cultures from all over the world are shaped by it's people their history and the land .
Traditions are handed down from generation to generation "a legacy"
I believe that if you identify you restaurant as any particular cuisine type you should have some truth in the claim.
To many desperate restaurateurs will use a false identity because it is a popular one.
Part of the blame also falls on the people who accept what they are experiencing as good enough.
What got me started was an experience dinning in a restaurant that had identified itself as French and not one person in the entire restaurant was French, not one.

Sharonm I hope you have the opportunity to work in good restaurants that have integrity.
Also I would like to reiterate from my second post in this string that I am very interested in authentic cuisine from any culture. So any suggestions?

May 27, 2007
spanacopita in Outer Boroughs

Will the real French Bistro please stand up.

Hi guys
thanks for the feed back especially Fleur and RacerX.
My initial interest was more in keeping with an archaeological dig.
With the whole Fusion confusion restaurant brain drain going on finding the genuine article is worth the effort.
I would like to expand my search beyond French Food. A friend of mine told me of a restaurant in Woodside called Sripaphai ? he gave me the spelling.
It is supposed to be the real thing for Thai food. I'm planning on hailing a tuk tuk and heading over next week.

May 21, 2007
spanacopita in Outer Boroughs

Greek Dish for Father's Day

roast leg of Lamb would be fine for a family party of ten or so .
Lamb chops are great but on the pricier side, perfect for a quick meal and a smaller group.
Go with a whole roasted spring lamb and invite all your Dads friends over for a party.
Orzo is cooked just like a pasta from there you can add what ever you like.

May 21, 2007
spanacopita in Home Cooking

Will the real French Bistro please stand up.

The Genuine Article?
After my first venture in to the blog-ing arena .
( my wife prevented me from trying the on line dating thing)
I found my self in an exchange with some very diehard foodies?
Our exchange over “the New Bliss” revolved around authentic cuisine.
Now I am on the hunt for The Genuine Article, Real cuisine produced largely by its native peoples.
Sure anyone can learn to replicate foods from other cultures.
A great many restaurants with good intent have succumb to bastardizing their cultural heritage trying to please everyone.
For example salmon is not indigenous to certain cuisines an yet you will find it on the menu.
A great many people want to claim they like the food from that country but will not try anything they are not familiar with.
Or even worst many restaurateurs will, with out shame pretend to be something they are not.
This is the culinary equivalent to buying a fake PRADA handbag just to fit in.
Department store mannequins are looking more realistic everyday just don’t ask one what her favorite restaurant is and why.
I am looking for a restaurant that is not all about making a fast buck and false pretence.

So I am asking for suggestions on restaurants with character and integrity.
No fast food places.
Not in Manhattan.
Must be owned (or operated by 60% natives) of that cuisine.

May 18, 2007
spanacopita in Outer Boroughs

the new bliss

Hi JH Jill
that was a completely unintended interpretation .
I don't think that it's fair to label your self as French without even one French native on the payroll.
Imagine your next visit to a Mexican ,Peruvian or Japanese restaurant only to find no Mexican or Peruvian or Japanese employees, Not even one!
I found Bliss to have been mediocre at best and the "New' Bliss has all the same old faces,decor and food.
They just applied a "French" band aid .
You can always tell how good a restaurant is by how many natives you find eating there.
I will wait to see what the french think of this subversion of a cultural legacy.
If you are ever in the mood for Greek food may I recommend Milos .
A Greek diner is not representative the our cuisine .

May 16, 2007
spanacopita in Outer Boroughs

anyone know about Vivir?

Didn't Little bistro move to a new location?

May 16, 2007
spanacopita in Outer Boroughs

the new bliss

I have been in the new Bliss this week and I have to report that the menu is in French with English subtext.
Proudly featured is… yes you guessed it "Duck A Lorange" along with that and a few gestures in pseudo French-ies this new menu has some of the same old things I remember having from its previous leadership.
After quizzing a member of the wait staff from the previous regime about the similarities, they claimed that items were the new owners recipes.
New dog same old bone!!
And after a trip to the restroom I stuck my head in to the kitchen to get a glimpse of the “New Chef”??
Apparently the entire kitchen staff all of which hail from just south of the border are from the pervious Bliss as well. (Good luck on getting better food this time around.)
A proposed “FRENCH” restaurant with nary a Frenchmen in sight is this truth in menu? And I wonder if this new owner has even stepped foot in France?
Well the patio area looks great and they must have some real French wines?

May 13, 2007
spanacopita in Outer Boroughs