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PDX--a great mother's day breakfast spot?

while i regard myself as a fairly savvy pdx foodie, i've been given a task that is too daunting for just one person--i am to be the one to find a breakfast spot for the family to celebrate mother's day. given the rest of the day's activities, i'm looking for a spot downtown, but am more than willing venture beyond as long as we remain close-in. mom's not a real adventurous person when it comes to food and, well, most things. the only hint i've given is that she would enjoy a place that serves--and i quote--"crepes, blintzes, and fancy waffles." so if you know a place with such a menu, and has a relaxed atmosphere, please let me know. any leads would be muchly appreciated! thank you for reading.

May 12, 2007
_nrm in Pacific Northwest