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Visiting downtown Chicago

Thanks. Confirms my original thoughts.

Apr 21, 2010
dsunderl in Chicago Area

Visiting downtown Chicago

Well we are off to Chitown tomorrow. Reservations at India House...I would have preferred Mt. Everest as I have never had Nepalese, but got outvoted.

Just got an email from Dave (Sao Paulo) asking about Bubba Gump Shrimp (they loved the movie)...my first reaction was very negative due to the heavy duty commercial nature...not to mention the somewhat negative reviews (interspersed wit 5Stars) Still, when someone says "cooked in old oil" I take note.
I would be interested in your comments, and other seafood recommendations (yes, I know its the Midwest) if Bubba is what I think.

Thanks, Dave (dsunderl)

Apr 21, 2010
dsunderl in Chicago Area

Visiting downtown Chicago

Thank you so much for the speedy and comprehensive response. Just talked to my friend in Sao Paulo...the first words out of his mouth were "Do you know any good Indian restaurants?"

Any information would be helpful. I would hate to have to depend on CitySearch...


Apr 10, 2010
dsunderl in Chicago Area

Visiting downtown Chicago

My wife and I are meeting a friend and his wife who are flying in from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I consider myself to be a real "chow-hound" but Dave puts me to shame. We will be there in 2 weeks.

Hopefully you fellow hounds out there can make some recommendations. Just a few parameters, though. No steaks. I've been down there, and ours can't hold a candle to the Brazilian and Argentinian grilled foods. Also, he is not into Polish food, although I am.

I'm hoping for something ethnic; perhaps Indian. Or Thai. Mexican, good Mexican would be excellent. Spanish and Italian, too. But mostly interesting and high quality.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Regards, Dave

Apr 10, 2010
dsunderl in Chicago Area

Cincinnati Lunch Help

Fellow Chow Hounds...
We are traveling to Cincy on a Monday and need a really good lunch place.
There is a City BBQ in Columbus that serves a really fine smoked brisket sandwich, but that is too far away. Something like that would be perfect.

Checked out Andouille, (sp?) and they sounded very interesting, but they are closed Mondays.

At any rate, anything interesting? And if it is ethnic, even better! Cajun, Greek, etc..

Also...high end burgers would be good, as well as Philly cheesesteaks. Yes, I know Geno's is in Philly..

Thanks, Dave

Oct 21, 2009
dsunderl in Great Lakes

Columbus Eateries Rec?

Just got back from a quick browse. Looks like a real in-depth kind of site; not your usual 4 star white-wash. Thanks for the hint.

Aug 13, 2007
dsunderl in General Midwest Archive

Portsmouth NH Lobster

My wife and I are flying in to Pease in two weeks to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Actually it is our 33 1/2, as we were married before. I want to have a memorable dinner...and lobster is her favorite. I know we will be in the right part of the country (they are not called Maine Lobsters for nothing) but the last time I was here was 1989. Any suggestions? We are basically very informal people. Thanks! Dsunderl

May 12, 2007
dsunderl in All New England Archive