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Midwood/Flatbush-area take out

Hello 'Hounds,

We are new to this part of Brooklyn and looking for good take out/delivery. Is there Asian (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese (sp)), that we should be seeking out?

The Kensington Thai places don't seem to deliver to us. We are super close to Brooklyn College if that helps.


Oct 06, 2008
Brooklyn11218 in Outer Boroughs

Calling all juicer's..

besides the PS Food Co-op, where to find wheat grass juice in the Park Slope area (thanks)?

Jun 08, 2007
Brooklyn11218 in Outer Boroughs

birthday celebration with a few under 5s

Hi All,
I am looking for an early dinner spot for a birthday dinner for 13 people. Three of our thirteen are under 5 (with two 2 year olds).

I had hoped to book us at Blue Smoke, but they won't do a table bigger than 10.

Any thoughts on a fun (but not crazy loud) mid-range (not crazy expensive) place with good to better than just good food?

No real limitations on cuisine type.


May 12, 2007
Brooklyn11218 in Manhattan