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Utz Red Hot chips

Not in Quincy...but they are always in stock at Shaws near BU/Packards Corner. Over by the deli.

New Restaurant Falmouth MA (Old Roo Bar location)

Anyone got the details on this new spot? Drove by Saturday and it appeared it might be finally open....couldn't catch name though and can't find any intel online. Thanks!

Hazuki Kitchen in New Bedford

Soooo funny! I just posted about this place as well. Looks like we both copied our reports from that other site. Man I hope this place makes it. They've done ZERO as far as marketing goes.

Fanthoms in Fairhaven, MA

Place is legit. The outside deck in the summer for lunch is a great value!

Hazuki Kitchen, New Bedford

We were hesitant to head here after reviews on Yelp. Thank god we did. Wow!! Take out spot, w a few small tables. Clean and neat. We called to ask how long for take out. We timed it perfectly...came in waited 5 mins and order was ready. It was accurate. Drove 3 mins to our home.

We had 5 rolls. 2 spicy tuna; 1 spicy yellowtail ; 1 salmon/advacado and the Chorishi Fire roll. All were fresh, large and tasty! The Chorishi was maybe the best sushi roll I've had since Kagawa in Quincy. Price point was spot on. Regular rolls were $5.99 and special roll was a steal at $9.99. $34 all in and we were stuffed. As a point of reference we are Turks fans and this place (food only) is right next to it and maybe a bit ahead. We were blown away! Get here it's worth it.

Breakfast in New Bedford- Help Me Choose

Brick is fantastic. Downtown in general will be fun Sunday. Race gets good crowd. Weather looks solid as well.

All spots mentioned here are near each other downtown. Just ask anyone and they'll help. Slainte is right near YMCA / number pickup. RA about a min walk away right on rt 18.

Breakfast in New Bedford- Help Me Choose

I'm also running the NB Half. Have you run it before?? Awesome run. Post race is a GREAT time in NB!!! Rose Alley will be going off and so will Slainte. (race headquarters)

RA has solid food, wings are amazing. The beer selection is top of the charts. Slainte is right next door. Food is ok/good. Pub style. I'd rec heading to RA post race and refuel. Then head to Slaite for entertainment and a few more brews!

Breakfast in New Bedford- Help Me Choose

No BS....the Rose Alley breakfast on Saturday's is probably one of the best breakfast meals i've had period. It's that good and served in a unique setting.

Dillons as an aside is also very good. But RA absolutely is a must. You won't regret it.


No comment on Wahlburgers...haven't been. 100% disagree with take on 5 Guys, in particular their fries. I find them to be fantastic and of all the places mentioned in this thread (that I've been to) best in class by a long shot.

Best Day Drinking

Peoples Republic in Cambridge was always my #1 daytime drinking spot. Great people, cheap brews, darts and good vibe.

Hazuki Kitchen, New Bedford

Anyone got any intel on this new spot opening up on Route 6 in New Bedford?? (Near Dominos Pizza, across from Sunoco)

Location has been doomed for years....but hoping/praying for some good sushi in NB.


Sunday Brunch in the New Bedford Area

I'd highly recommend Elizabeths (next to Margarets) for lunch. The special menu is insanely good and very inexpensive. Cobblestones is nice for breakfast...I wouldn't put it up on my places to have lunch/brunch.

Brand new spot just opened up called Seafire Grillhouse and Bar. Place looks amazing and early reviews are great.

7/6/13 No Problemo: Good Mexican Tacos in New Bedford

CCG... check out Urban Grille. We've had 2 dynamite experiences there. (will admit our last time they were off..hoping just an off day) Across the street from UG, next to No Problemo is a super funky new wine shop called Crush. Looks like it belongs in Brooklyn. Exposed brick walls, etc.

I like Antonios but would agree it's not the best of the best. We like Cotali Mar, the steak on the hot stone is out of this world. A bit more upscale, but very nice. Near the now closed Cafe Funchal is the Maderia Grill. Funky bar-ish spot. Had an excellent Rabbit dish there.

Lastly downtown has a new-ish spot called Destination Soup. They recently merged w/ On a Roll. Very good pressed sangi's for lunch.

As an aside...we still haven't been to Brick. Heard same reviews. Also if contemplating Airport Grille I'd recomend the Tuesday Fish and Chips special. $7.95 per person. Portion was excellent and the quality was about as good as it gets for british style F&C. Enjoy!

7/6/13 No Problemo: Good Mexican Tacos in New Bedford

OC... NB Local here. I disagree and feel the NB dining scene is very good. Some places to think about: Urban Grille is excellent and BYOB; Elizabeths just over the bridge in Fairhaven is dynamite, especially for lunch. The Airport Grill off of Rt 140 is a beautiful room with very good food in a unique setting. Downtown you could also try Freestons. Local landmark. Not my favorite, but still a nice option. Also downtown is Spicy Lime. Excellent Thai Food.

If you wanted a few pints/drinks be sure to check out Rose Alley or the Pour Farm Tavern. Great craft beer spots.

Got a few other spots as well but that's a start. For quality and value I've found the Southcoast can't be beat.

Pub/Bar with solid Food in Wareham area

Looking to meet some friends at a halfway point between new bedford and falmouth. Thought Wareham made most sense but am open to ideas.

Anyway, looking for a place that has solid food but is mostly of the pub vibe. 4 people looking to get together for drinks and have some solid food. Any help would be appreciated.


Dartmouth, MA/Cuttyhunk

HUGE +1 for Elizabeth's...esp for lunch. Order off special menu and be amazed. Another +1 for Antonios. If you advernturous the Rabbit is amazing.

I'd also throw in the Airport Grill in NB for somewhat upscale excellent American food. Downtown New Bedford has a few good spots for drinks: Rose Alley, Pour Farm and Cork (which doubles as a Tapas rest) Both Rose Alley and Cork are directly across route 18 from where I assume you'll take the boat to Cuttyhunk. (unless your going via private boat)

Celts game tonight w/ Dad. Will travel...

Love it!! Never heard of this place....heard of Trinas...This seems like a perfect spot. Easy parking in Inman as well. Thanks!

Celts game tonight w/ Dad. Will travel...

Looking for something different for the C's game tonight with my Dad. He'll be coming in on the Red Line and I'll be picking him up. Thinking something outside the box so Kendall, Central, Charles, etc. off the Red Line are all in play. Good beer, TV's a plus and excellent bar food would be criteria. Suggestions??

falmouth rumor mill

All I know is DJ's Wings is going into the hearth and kettle location.

Best New England Clam Chowder on Martha's Vineyard

It might be cliche', but to me you should head to Menimsha and hit up Laursen's Fish Market. Grad some chowder and a lobster roll....both are good...and then walk a couple hundred yards down the road to the beach. BYOB so bring some beers or wine. It was one of the cooler things I've done this summer.

Cape Cod FINALLY gets a good supermarket...better wake up Stop & Shop

The MB is New Bedford where I reside is amazing. They have already put one S and S out of business and the Shaws near Buttonwood park looks like its not far behind. While I never want to see folks lose their jobs....the trush is MB's product/service/price point are unrivaled.

Martha's Vineyard

The only thing locals go to Shuckers for are the drinks. Specifically the fresh squeezed OJ drinks. In my opinion the worst restaurant in FAL by a long shot. A thought shared by a great number of my FAL friends.

Yacht Club - drinks and apps

I'd add the Waterfront Grill in New Bedford. Eat right on the water with the huge fishing boats right next to you. Very solid food as well including better than average sushi.

Flying Bridge, Falmouth

Local review: Flying Bridge is a bit overrated. The fish and chips are solid and the apps are good. I would def keep it on the list as a place to sit outside have drinks and an app.

Main Street Fal has blown up in recent years, which is quite surprising. Anejo is very good and certainly fun. La Cucina is also quite good and loved by my parents. Haven't been to the Glass Onion but have been told it's nice. Casin Wharf is a very good option for lunch. Views are amazing and prices are quite resonable. (for lunch)

Enjoy. Between a revived Main Street and tremendous water driving/access you'll have fun.

Rehearsal dinner in new Bedford

We had our reherdal dinner at the Waterfront Grill, we used the upstairs room. Numbers seem similar to yours. It was an awesome spot. Private room with a balcony, they let us decorate the place how we wanted. Reasonable prices as well. Just my 2 cents.

Worst of the Cape?

There are plenty of excellent/good spots to eat on the Cape. However, combing through this thread I don't think I saw mention of a place to avoid. SHUCKERS in Falmouth is the #1 all time bad restaurant for its price point. Historically comical. Go there for the drinks outside, do not eat a thing there. Instead go next door to the Kidd (disagree with others strongly) and order off the "special board." Place is legit.

Indy for SuperBowl Bar/Rest info needed

Trip was a blast! For eats we tried two places. First was the Steer In Diner courtesy of Diner Drive Ins and Dives. However you feel about Guy...I love him....he usually has great recs. This place was no exception. Had breakfast here and possibly had the best hash of my life. Folks were beyond friendly as well.

Second place we hit was Flatwater in Broadripple area. The 5 of us sat in a table in the bar area. The Calimari (in indy??) was exceptional, so lightly fried. We also had the nachos w/ pork which was unique and flavorful. 3 folks had the prime rib and all seemed to enjoy it. One had the pork w/ garlic mashed and thinks it was one of the better meals he's had in awhile. I had the Walleye w/ garlic mashed and thought it was dynamite. Again, so lightly battered and friend, the taste was fantastic. Good beers on draft made the place even better.

Indy really came through.

Feb 09, 2012
CapecodKid in Great Lakes

Indy for SuperBowl Bar/Rest info needed

Hey a group of us is driving out to Indy. Be there Friday and leaving Monday post superbowl. A few questions:

a) Most important, any places doing any all inclusives or something similar for the game? We are looking for a spot to watch the game where we don't have to post up at 11am and hold down the bar all day. We've looked everywhere on line and haven't found a thing. Hoping some fellow hounds can help me/us out!?!?

b) WIth 4 guys and will have wheels. Any can't miss spots? Preferbaby with good beers on tap?

c) How about downtown, any can't miss places for food/drink? Pretty adventourous eater(s) so all types of food are in play here.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!!

Jan 30, 2012
CapecodKid in Great Lakes

Sushi Rec...New Bedford Area

Hey I'm looking to take my wife out tonight for her B-day to a sushi restuarant. We live in NB but will travel maybe 20 mins. So far the best sushi we've found in town are at Market Basket and the Waterfront Grill. MB is takeout, so they are out and to be honest Waterfront Grill is only decent.

Any help would be appreciated!

Fried clams in Falmouth?

So typcial.....Boat House does the same thing w/ the lobster special. They either run in mid week or duringthe shoulder seasons.

CCG, if you have a LARGE group head to the italian restaurant directly across from Dairy Queen in the hotel. Name is escaping me. It used to be on main street but moved down the road a bit. Ambiance is sorely lacking in the new spot. However the food is spot on and the prices fair for what you get.

Ps. I'm pretty sure Pauls is also closed maybe Mondays or Tues. (that could be just winter rules)