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Places that sell caviar in either Burlington or Stowe?

Thanks for the reply. I was already thinking of them, and also Mountain Cheese and Wine...

Places that sell caviar in either Burlington or Stowe?

Yes, yes - I'm sure I was just judged a million times over from that post title, but I'm just a Chowhounder taking his wife up to Vermont for a weekend escape since she gave birth to our awesome 7-month old, and I was hoping to really take things up a notch with something decadent like caviar. Does anyone know of any specialty shops in either of those areas that carry it? Thanks so much for your help!

Semi-Vegetarian recs near One International Place?

Hey everyone,

I am taking a vendor of mine out to lunch tomorrow, and lunch needs to take place near One International Place downtown. I need to find a good restaurant that has some decent vegetarian options, but not a strict vegetarian-only place. Not too worried about the budget. Any Chowhounders that can help me out? TIA!

Biltmore to close???

Yes, this DOES stink!

My last update was based upon an email sent directly to my SO from Rebecca over the weekend, not from rumor. We were actually interested in renting the Biltmore out for our rehearsal dinner, but my SO was informed we'd have to get in touch with the new GM (the accountant?!?!). Arrgh. This is so maddening. We are unbelievably loyal to the places we frequent (all downtown, for better or worse), and we so badly wanted to add the Biltmore to the list.

So frustrated right now....


Biltmore to close???


Horrible news!

The accountant is now the GM! WTF?

Rebecca, Sean (bartender), and Seth (chef) left this weekend. What does this mean? Aside from the fact that some kick-ass people have left the establishment. This is SO disheartening. S***, I wish there was something I/we could do.

Suggestions/news, anyone???


Biltmore to close???

My SO and myself were sitting at the bar of the Biltmore (in Newton Upper Falls) on Valentine's Day, enjoying a fantastic dinner - "crazy delicious" pub fries, amazing mussels, a perfectly rare steak special, and a haddock special.

Unfortunately, we were privy to a conversation between Rebecca, the co-owner, and a couple of regulars who were seated reight next to us. The conversation revolved around the notion that the "silent partner" of the Biltmore wanted out, and unless there was a way to buy this person out, the Biltmore was destined to close.

I am not a rumor-starter by nature, and I must say that this was my very first visit to the Biltmore. The reason why I even started this thread is because of the amazing evening we had there, with both my SO and myself declaring that this was destined to become our new favorite neighborhood hangout (and we live a few miles away in Auburndale). I just feel like - assuming the hearsay we heard is true - that everyone who has eaten and/or drank at the Biltmore needs to show their support and not let the so-called "silent partner" shut down such a great neighborhood establishment.

Reading back, I realize that this post is something of a rant, and I do apologize for that. I just really needed to express how I felt. I hope what we overheard is not true, and I hope that this latest incarnation of the Biltmore will be around for many years to come.


what to eat at Laurel's

I personally enjoy their veal meatloaf with sweet potato fries...