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Bachelor party

I'll throw my 2 cents in:

For BBQ, you could hit Stiles Switch on North Lamar. It's not quite as good as LA BBQ or Franklins but there's a good chance you could get some at dinner time. Just a block north or so is Black Star Co-op with a very good beer selection. And a block south is The Yellow Rose if your party is so inclined.

Another good area would be Rainey Street. You can hit The Blackheart for whiskey, Half Step for Cocktails, and Craft Pride for a great local beer selection. There's several food trailers and restaurants in the area depending on your mood.

Apr 12, 2015
ssouth in Austin

Austin Food Memories

I think the little interior Mex place was called Ay Chiwawa. We used to go there all the time for the Wawa burrito at lunch.

Speaking of that area, Castle Hill was our go to place for a nice night out. I always ordered what ever variant of the pork tenderloin dish was on the menu and had the peanut butter pie for dessert.

May 04, 2014
ssouth in Austin

Please help me tighten up my eatin' itinerary!

Just a few notes:

On Monday: You might want to look at South First in addition to South Congress for food trailers. I thought most of the South Congress ones have moved away due to construction. I haven't been by recently but you may want to check. Since your already down south, I'd check out how to get over to Barley Swine on south Lamar. It's pricey but to me is putting out some of the best food in the city.

On Tuesday: Cuvee has a coffee shop in the same building with Salt and Time on 7th that is pretty close to your location. As far as getting to Stiles Switch and Blackstar, make sure you check out the Capital Metro Light Rail routes. You should be able to hop on with your bike pretty close to your location and hop off right next to Blackstar. Finally, check out Craft Pride on Rainey street for the nightly beer drinking in addition to Bangers.

Jul 08, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Corto California Olive Oil at Far West HEB

Have you been to Con Olio for a tasting? Might be interesting to try and compare to Corto and Kirkland.

Jun 17, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Sunday breakfast on Mother's Day, but not a MD Brunch?

For breakfast, maybe Sazon on South Lamar or Habanero Cafe on Oltorf might work.

I think you would be happy with Uchi. Distance wise, neither one is a very far drive. You might call Uchiko to see if there are any reservations that have opened up.

Finding good BBQ at dinner time will be a little tough. I think Stiles Switch would be your best option.

Austin is not generally known for seafood but Perlas on South Congress is decent. It's great for people watching and you can stroll down by all the shops near by before or after dinner.

For other dinner ideas, check out the top 55 list below.

May 08, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Steaks, not downtown: Austin Land and Cattle vs Bartlett's vs Eddie V's (arboretum) vs. ???

There's Roaring Fork at Stonelake. However, it's seems very noisy to me when it's crowded. If it's a nice day, the patio next to the lake can be a little quieter.

Also, not quite what you asked for but there's Estancia Churrascaria in the Arboretum.

I'm not sure I'd pick either over Bartletts but I thought I'd throw them out there.

May 03, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Saturday Brunch

Have you tried Roaring Fork - Stonelake? I can't tell if their brunch is available on Saturday from the website.

Apr 11, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Lunch Today 183/Lamar

Also, Tam Deli as well. All very good.

Apr 05, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Meat and 3 in ATX

There aren't many. Southern Hospitality may be the closest. If you search on here for the soul food threads you'll see most of the other options.

One of the best meat and 3's was Dot's when it was in its prime before the fire.

Further out, there's Monument Cafe in Georgetown and Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill.

Feb 02, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Chitown Foodies need a little help please!

Latest weather report I saw looks very good for you guys.

You might want to call F&D as I think the brunch is a fairly new thing and the website may not be up to date.

Barley Swine has always had chalk board specials the previous times I've been. If your wallet can take it, the 3 of you should be able to order the entire menu and share. I'm usually surprised by which item ends up being my favorite of the night.

Jan 23, 2013
ssouth in Austin

Best Pizza in Austin?

Very nice report. Would like to hear your reviews of House Pizzeria and Backspace as well.

I agree on Saccones. It's my go to mainly due to the proximity to my house. It's so close to being great but the crust just doesn't hold up.

Dec 20, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Where to order Pies for Thanksgiving?

I realize it's not what you asked for, but my family has made it a tradition to get pumpkin pie from Costco each year. They're pretty good and might be a 'backup' plan if you don't find anything else. I'm pretty sure they have pecan as well.

Nov 14, 2012
ssouth in Austin


There was a paella festival yesterday, 11/3. I didn't read about it until after the fact but sounds like something to look for next year.

Nov 04, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Detroit style pizza in Austin?

The Jet's website says a Brodie Lane location is coming soon as well.

Oct 21, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Lobster Roll In Austin

Perlas has them as well.

Oct 02, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Steakhouse opinions?

Are the Brazilian steakhouses an option? Fogo de Chao or Estancia are both a good time but may not match the atmosphere you are looking for.

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, Eddie V's and Austin Land and Cattle are others that I can think of but I haven't tried many of them so I can't provide any real comparison.

The now defunct El Arbol was my favorite steak in town and haven't really tried anything new lately.

Sep 24, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Austin's best tamales

I quite enjoy pork tamales as well and I've tried quite a few in town including Curra's and Oaxacan Tamaleo (at the Sunset Valley farmers market a couple of years ago). My issue is that I've had a hard time discerning the really good ones from the average ones. What is the key to a great tamale? Is it the just the masa?

One of the things that really intrigues me about tamales is that everyone has a story of getting awesome ones from some obscure person that only sells them out of their trunk on the 5th Thursday of months that end in 'r'. A co-worker tells a story about people waiting in the parking lot of the McCoy Lawn Equipment on 183(near Ohlen) for the tamale guy to show up. The closest I've come is buying some from the guy that stops by C Hunt's. They're always good but I'm usually a few beers in so it's hard to judge their quality.

Sep 17, 2012
ssouth in Austin

NY/NJ Hounder coming Labor Day Wknd- BBQ questions and other food Recs.

The Sabor website has a map that shows the approximate locations of the HEB's and CM's that carry it.

Sep 13, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Two California women 30-40 somethings looking for cool Austin ambiance, second to fine food, next week!

Good point. I've only been on Saturday so I'm used to the 5pm opening. I would think only a few minutes before 6 would be good.

Sep 11, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Two California women 30-40 somethings looking for cool Austin ambiance, second to fine food, next week!

I'm sure you'll get a ton of replies but here's my 2 cents:

Barley Swine and Uchi/ko are the standouts right now. I would try to make the reservation for Uchi/ko now and Barley Swine is first come/first served(I recommend getting there before 5PM).

Almost all of these place will require the bus or a cab from downtown or SoCo (and Black's is a good 30/45 minutes south of town so I think I'd cross it off the list unless you want to rent a car).

I think Foreign and Domestic lines up well with your descriptions above and I'd add Lenior to your list. Swifts Attic is new place downtown that you could walk to and it sounds good but I haven't had the chance to try it yet. For a fun lunch, check out the flagship Whole Foods and 6th and Lamar. It has plenty of 'places' to eat and it's great for people watching.

If you want bbq in town, hit up J Mueller for lunch (food trailer but reasonable lines). I personally think it's a bit better than Stiles Switch and on par with Franklins.

Perla's is probably the best seafood place in town (not saying a lot though) and is on South Congress so it will be very convenient for you.

Lastly, everything in Austin is very casual and I think you'd be comfortable going anywhere.

Sep 11, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Any good Italian Places around here?

I agree with the basic answer of "no". Here's the list of places that I usually go(or plan to try) when I want Italian:

1) Reales - a mom and pop kind of place. Usually get pizza but have sampled a few of the other dishes. I wouldn't drive a long way for it, but if you live close it's worth checking out.
2) Enoteca - think others have covered this one
3) Olive and June- haven't been yet but looks interesting
4) North - I know its a chain and in the domain, but I really love the braised short rib dish. The people watching can be quite entertaining as well.

Aug 01, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Hard Hat X

Brio Tuscan Grill coming to the old TGIF location in the Arboretum. Building is just a shell right now so it will probably be a few months. Looks to be a chain from a quick web search.

Jul 28, 2012
ssouth in Austin

One lunch.

Per the facebook page, J. Mueller is open on Tuesday now. I'd add it back to the list.

Jul 28, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Seeking restaurant in Westlake general area to suit a family with diverse needs

Jack Allen's? It meets everything except for #8 I think. I guess #7 could be debatable as well but they do have a few healthy options, they just tend to be seasoned fairly well.

Jul 18, 2012
ssouth in Austin


I always enjoy the migas with chorizo at Enchiladas y Mas. I don't usually add the cheese so I don't know how much you get. Might be worth a shot if you are in the neighborhood.

Jul 13, 2012
ssouth in Austin

cow tipping creamery on 620

Verily is correct. It's just south of the golf driving range on the same side and almost across the street from Apple Sport Imports.

Jun 28, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Ice Cream / Gelato in downtown Austin?

I would recommend Lick. It's on South Lamar so it's a little ways from downtown but easy if you have a car.

For gelato, I would look at Teo's, Dolce Vita or the Whole Foods Flagship store downtown.

Jun 15, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Greek Desserts

FYI El Greco is no longer in business.

Jun 07, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Pork BBQ in Austin

Good cornbread is hard to find. Wonder if Curleys ever makes cracklin cornbread?

Jun 05, 2012
ssouth in Austin

Foiled by Fonda San Miguel again.

imho, i would only take my parents to the Oasis if I didn't want to see them again....

Jun 03, 2012
ssouth in Austin