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Birthday Party Location for a 2 year old...some kids, but mostly adults in Lower Westchester--Any Ideas?

Just as a follow up to this...we ended up having our party at Valhalla Crossing and it turned out really well! We had about 40 people, including about 10 kids. The room was not very large, no room for much moving around. We had lunch, had cake, hung out for a bit and were on our way. You can't see the trains passing from the private room, which was a major negative. Other than that, the food was good and the staff was wonderful as well.

Valhalla Crossing
2 Cleveland St, Valhalla, NY 10595

Family friendly along 78

My family and I are headed west to Phillipsburg,NJ to the train station there. We are meeting another family along the way for lunch. Any suggestions for non-chain family friendly (kids under 5) restaurants west of the jct of 287 and 78?

Thanks in advance!

May 27, 2010
ronacann in New Jersey

Birthday Party Location for a 2 year old...some kids, but mostly adults in Lower Westchester--Any Ideas?

Where did you end up going? I'm looking for EXACTLY the same thing....birthday lunch for my 2 yr old, and it will be mostly adults.

Best hot dogs in Westchester

They serve Sabrett hot dogs with no casings (not a fan!). I can't really recall how they're prepared...maybe in water. They're not the greatest dogs, but I do love the spicy kraut. Nothing like hot dogs in NJ, but it's a decent craving fix.

Vietnamese in Westchester?

Anyone been to The Vietnam Restaurant in Spring Valley (Rockland)?

lunch place halfway between Staten Island & Princeton

what kind of place are you looking for....and how far north on rt 1 are you willing to go? if you go down route 1through edison, you're opening up a lot more non-chain food choices.

Apr 22, 2009
ronacann in New Jersey

Vietnamese in Westchester?

Are there any good Vietnamese restaurants in Westchester? Been looking for some good pho...

Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown sort of open!!!

Meh. The food was nothing spectacular. I had the pork hot dog with sweet potato fries and the husband had the burger with regular fries -- options of fries, salad...and I want to say there was a 3rd option but I don't remember what it was. Only the sweet potato fries really stood out. Fries were pretty generic, was hoping for more from "house cut fries". Unless they have 2 different versions of fries and the house cut fries must be ordered separately. Overall I found my meal to be lacking.

With their lunch menu being mostly salads, burgers, sandwiches, and a burrito, I didn't get the feel that they're not welcoming to children/families. Interesting though that you mention a children's menu, because I wasn't offered one.

Still upset about them not having coffee though. There's a coffee shop across the street (a damn good one too), why couldn't they just get a few lbs of grounds to tide them over before their coffee shipment came in?

your favorite dog friendlyplaces to eat-in 914

I've seen dogs at the outdoor tables at Horsefeathers in Tarrytown. They even brought out a bowl of water for the little guy. It was a small dog, so I'm not sure really what their policy is for larger dogs.

Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown sort of open!!!

I actually do have a toddler, and it's good to hear that they're family friendly, especially for dinner on a Saturday. Maybe they'll add a kids' menus since so many families are coming in.

I overheard that they encountered a lot of structural problems to the building when renovating, so it delayed the quite some time. I do agree, that it didn't feel entirely cozy and inviting.

Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown sort of open!!!

Stopped by this weekend for lunch. Definitely a lot of opening weekend kinks to iron out (no coffee?????? pretty major "kink" IMO). The only thing I kept hearing from the servers was "We just opened a couple days ago so...fill in excuse here". Overall, wasn't the pleasant dining experience I had hoped for, but will give it another try in a few weeks hoping that they've got themselves sorted out.