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Italian Subs (Do not count Subway!)

My favorite is at Frankies Pizza in Wayzata. Perfect combo, and perfect ratios for my palate. Haven't tried the other Frankies.

Mar 26, 2014
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Lobster bisque

A dash of Old Bay on top of the serving.

Mar 08, 2014
stymie in Home Cooking

crockpot insert used in oven?

I have a heavy, ceramic insert for my crockpot (with a clear glass lid). Can it be used in the oven?

Mar 06, 2014
stymie in Cookware

The Perfect Margarita?

recently in Mx several places used a varying amount of Squirt. I enjoy a jittle fiz and these were perfect. I'm also shopping for the simple device that squeezes the juice out of a lime.

Feb 15, 2014
stymie in Spirits

need a MSP Pho update

#509 on the menu at Quang is a delicious alternative to traditional pho. A mix of meat and seafood and a crispy shrimp fritter served with side of basil and sprouts. A second broth served on the side but I just pour it in the bowl. Add a griiled sausage spring roll and you're set.

Feb 02, 2014
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

New Sri Lankan Restaurant - House of Curry in Rosemount

I had a great meal there last night. Papadam was serrved with a delightfully tangy mint sauce. Among other wine and beer options they offer 2 beers from Sri Lanka. The Lion Lager was one of the best beers I've ever had and was perfect with the entire meal. Rasam soup was delicious, an herb broth with cumin and celantro. My main was the devilled chicken. served with a great bowl of rice. The dish was spiced perfectly, perfectly cooked stir fry with tomatoes, onion, green and red pepper. It was not overly firey hot but the waiter assured me that they could do as hot as I wanted. Can't wait to return.

Jan 17, 2014
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul


Any local Mexican places serve a dish I found near Guadalajara, Chamorro (sp?) braised pork shank?

Dec 24, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

fruit flies

I just brought home some produce, put in fridge, 2 hrs later I opened fridge and there were many fruit flies in fridge, mostly all dead. ????????

Nov 13, 2013
stymie in General Topics

cream of mushroom soup

Have lost a favorite soup recipe and hope someone can help me find one similar. The cr of mushroom soup had Harveys Bristol Cream as one of the ingredients.

Oct 24, 2013
stymie in Home Cooking

Sunday gravy help please

I use a very cheap cut of pork (like a pork steak with bones, brown, deglaze w red wine. Add to sauce and cook a long time (5 hrs or more). The pork ends up being melt in your mouth tender. If I'm having meatball &/or sausage I add them at the end. Season in steps as it simmer, taking care not to burn the bottom of the pan. Wish I owned a LeCreuset type of cooking pot.

Oct 06, 2013
stymie in Home Cooking

Uses for Maggi Seasoning

My sister learned from an older woman in France how to make a salad: oil, vinegar, sea salt, and the secret ingredient a dash of Maggi.

Oct 02, 2013
stymie in Home Cooking

Jersey transplants, you won't believe what i just found and where

Byerlies (Ridgedale) carries it in their deli.

Sep 19, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Big Daddy's BBQ MSP-still available?

web site is not running

Aug 09, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Dive Bars

Vegas Lounge 3 (2 for 1) happy hours each day. Major Karoke in evening. Central Ave NE Mpls

Aug 08, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

A Quest for Burger Greatness

my favorite is Northeast Yacht Club, no cheese, very dark fried onion. May have to go tonight!

Jul 24, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Late night downtown minneapolis bar eats & drinks

Eli's, Smack Shack and Bar LaGrassa are 3 that I have been to. All very good.

Jul 20, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Joey Nova's in Minnetonka

Plymouth store has been closed for a while. Booo hoooo!

Jul 19, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hot and sour soup

I go to Pho 83 regularly. Many Asian diners. I really like Quangs, Pho Tau Bay and Que Nha also. Pho 83 make a lemongrass chicken that I love. Grilled pork Bahn Mi is on a par with Quang and Pho Tau Bay. Just tried and loved their Peking Shrimp (they add a little broccoli at my request) (there are Chinese items on the menu. Their roast duck was also very good. A Vietnamese buddy says their grilled beef is excellent. Their Pho is very solid. I am trying to "force" myself to try other things they offer.

Jun 27, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hot and sour soup

I just had a very delightful bowl so seafood hot and sour soup at Pho 83 in Shakopee.

Jun 18, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

baking soda in water as meat tenderizer

tried an Am. Test Kitchen recipe that used Baking Soda in water as a meat tenderizer (rinse off meat and pat dry). Stir fry strips of boneless country ribs. Worked great. Can I use this technique for beef kabobs?

Jun 15, 2013
stymie in Home Cooking

Best cannoli?

can get some shells at many of the grocery stores, fill them just before serving. They lose their magic so quickly.


Jun 13, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Filipino? Any love

there is a great pix of a roasted pig on their facebook page. Is this served at the restaurant, or just a catering option?

Jun 10, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Italian in the Twin Cities

As I said earler, many love it. I didn't care for the food I had. Maybe it was an off day for them. This is the del not the sit down place across the street.

Jun 05, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Italian in the Twin Cities

I didn't care for Broders, but I know many love it.

Jun 04, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Italian in the Twin Cities

been going to Cosettas for years. tried Broders once and never went back. Haven't been to Cosettas new sit down side.

Jun 04, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pho 83

I've posted before about Pho 83. Anytime I'm in the area I make a point to stop there. Until recently I've never been able to bring myself to order anything except my fav, Lemongrass Chicken. I found myself there on 3 subsequent days so I ventured. I now have 3 faves: Peking Shrimp had batter fried to perfection and sauced even bette, I asked them to add a little broccoli and that was greatr: had a rice platter with the same grilled pork that is in their bon mi. I guess now I'll just have to go on a 3 dish rotation and hope for the opportunity to force me to find another gem on the menu. Business seems to be picking up there and the patrons are still mostly Asian. Many families with kids, so it's not just folks headed to the casino.

Jun 01, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Maggie's Great Comfort food

haven't been there in a while but it's the kind of place that doesn't change. great breakfast (go hash brown and not American fries) Have a cinnamon roll while you are waiting for your order. I'd go more often if their coffee wasn't so forgettable. Avoid Sunday brunch, can't get in the door.

Jun 01, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Weekday breakfast between Bloomington and Hutchinson

A few miles north of hwy 7 is Peg's Countryside Café in Medina. It's worth the effort.

May 18, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Peking Duck recommedations:

Looking for recommendations for the best Peking Duck in the Twin Cities.

May 06, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month May 2013 -- Tacos.

So convenient for the western burbs. Besides a nice variety of great tacos, they sell (not made in house) my favorite cheese cake. Same little strip mall as TeaHouse near Willowcreek movie theater.

May 04, 2013
stymie in Minneapolis-St. Paul