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Cibo - yyc

Checked this place out on Saturday and went again yesterday for a quick bite.

Loved the space. There are many different areas with a more intimate parlour feel in the front near the bar, an action bar right by the open kitchen as well as a warm upstairs that wraps around with a view downstairs.

We went for 3 share plates, with the flavored olives, a mint/melon/shrimp/fennel salad and their bruschetta with crostini. Everything was well flavored and refreshing.

Next we shared the mushroom/taleggio/fontina pizza with thyme. To die for. Crusts were perfectly moist and crunchy.

They carry Mill Street on tap at a reasonable 4.75 per pint and are open late!

Definitely loved the freshness and quality of ingredients with reasonable prices and casual atmosphere. I'll be back again and again...

Jun 12, 2012
indiazi in Prairie Provinces

best pizza in calgary?

If you're looking for a new place to check out, Cibo just opened on 17th Ave between 9 & 10th streets.

The crusts are amazing and though I've only tried two of their pizza's, I am absolutely going to be back for more. They are sisters with Bonterra Trattoria so you're in for authentic Italian.

Jun 12, 2012
indiazi in Prairie Provinces

Smoked Meat

Just found a new place serving my favorite dish by the office. I'm not sure anything can top Schwartz' in Montreal, but since we're in Calgary and this was quite memorable, I figured I'd pipe in.

It's right by Mcleod and 11th Ave and is called Gruman's...anyone else been!?!

Any other recommendations for Calgary while we're at it?

Mar 09, 2012
indiazi in Prairie Provinces

Desperately Seeking Next Girl's Night Out Restaurant (YYC)

Go to Saint Germain, they've got this great private area in the back, great food and close to Bamboo to go dancing after.

Dec 22, 2009
indiazi in Prairie Provinces

Calgary: local specialties, must-try dishes?

Yep...I fully endorse the above.

Jimmy's A&A is possibly the best donair you could eat across Canada, bar none. And everything else they sell, hummus, baba ghanoush, et al.

Boogie's Burgers is so top notch, creative takes on burgers but not departing from the ravenous need to stretch your mouth around some good beef. The Pizza Burger is a real treat.

On the casual food tip, a local fav is Tubby Dog, where you can get a gourmet hot dog. One has PB&J with Captain Crunch, another with wasabi mayo, ginger etc... It's fun, although a stand in Vancouver pioneered this twist thing more than our town.

Sunny's Vietnamese in Chinatown. Than Long on 17th Avenue, or Nha Trang in the south. Calgary's vietnamese is truly much better than Toronto could try to be, so if you're into Pho, do it up.

Glory of India and Nawab for east indian.

And I also agree sushi can be quite excellent here, my vote is for Hana Sushi & Towa sushi.

Nov 16, 2009
indiazi in Prairie Provinces

Lucien - Anyone?

I was really disappointed with Lucien.
We did the 4 course tasting menu, which ended up meaning smaller portions of everything on the menu.

The foie gras pate served as an amuse bouche had flecks of something crunchy that I at first thought were peppercorns. Velvet textured duck with gravel chunks. Yum? No.

Hadn't yet finished my martini so I didn't get a pairing with that.
The kimchee soup was nice except for the chunk of braised beef rib that was so chewy for the size of the morsel and dry that it was unenjoyable. The quail egg was worth mentioning.

The sunchoke flan was inspired though. Beautiful texture and delicate selection of mushrooms made for a savory complement to the sweet and smooth flan.

I can't even remember the intermezzo except that it was awkward to eat. Was I supposed to lick it off the ice? Something about a campari foam, which was interesting to my ear but not to my tongue.

Thankfully out came the venison. Again, some pieces were chewy but overall it was phenomenal. This dish saved the meal. There were foams and dressings over celeriac and what appeared to me to be lettuce. A rich and dark cherry-like sauce with the venison was heavenly. The pinot noir paired with this was the only successful wine match. Everything else was a white chardonnay, or flat pear juice like white.

A small pot of spiced chocolate was served with the same breadsticks that preceded our first course and no, the salty/sweet thing was not appealing.

Waited forever for the tiramisu ice cream. It was pretty standard...I would have rather had a classic tiramisu.

Service wasn't anything special. Explanations were rushed. Wait times between courses were long and overdue.

If the tasting menu doesn't depart from the main menu, why bother?

Was going to go to Zee's Grill instead and really wish I had.