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Rum Buns

A search for " rum bun recipe" on the web brought this up immediately:

Found this "Flagship Rum Bun Recipe" on the web. As always, beware of internet recipes.

W Domku Bar & Cafe?

Here's the link. Poor marketing on their part. Difficult to find and they still haven't updated their Washington Post listing to indicate the website...

W Domku Bar & Cafe?

Here is a review I posted on another site on December 6, 2007:

Finally tried W Domku last night with my wife and her sister/brother in law. My wife and sister have Polish heritage and we have been to Poland 4 times in the past year.

This is one of those places I really wanted to like.

I knew this place was casual, but middle school plastic chairs at a cheap table by a drafty door? Our other option was a worn couch with two chairs that looked like they were bought at a fraternity auction. Nicely stained fabric. Not all of the chairs and tables were that bad, and the area by the bathrooms with the pool table is nice for drinking with a small group of friends.

The food.

Aps: The chicken mousse liver with toast was good. The Potato Latkes with gravlax not so good. Thin, dry and too dark (a few seconds from burnt) - Like they were made 6 hours early and microwaved.

Beer: Zywiec for $7 a bottle (that I was buying until recently at total beverage for $11 a six pack! The selection of three drafts: Jever, Hennepin, and Dead Rogue Guy (sp) was not impressive, but we went with the drafts for the same $7.

Main: My Hungarian Chicken Goulash over mashed potatoes was great. Meat fell off the bones.
My wife got the potato onion bacon pierogies. I tasted them. We both deemed them "ok."
Brother/sister in law both got the fresh kielbasa over kraut. It was edible, but nobody liked it. Had a funky flavor. We couldn't figure out if it was gamey or had a strange spice. Waitress couldn't tell us when we asked, but said it comes special from Baltimore. My wife said it was way too coarse and even grissly. Never had a sausage like that before and hope it was the last. This is from somebody who eats blutwurst an hasn't met too many sausages he didn't like.

This is a good neighborhood bar, but a mediocre/inconsistent cafe at best.

Sorry, Cakelove Haters.

Without judging CL...
A cupcake at $____ (fill in ridiculous price here) should be exceptional in every aspect -- not just the flavor and mouthfeel of the frosting. Not just the texture of the cake. I can buy a six pack of Entenmann's cupcakes for the price of one designer cupcake. Occasionally, major supermarket chains pound out a decent cupcake too. A $3.00 cupcake should be the moistest G_d_D_ _n cupcake you've ever eaten in your life-- and taste that way CONSISTENTLY. That's what professionals get paid to do.

Charlie Chiang's on Pickett Street- Szechuan menu

ONe more note on Chiangs: They are not the most consistent. We've had better luck later in the week than on say a Monday/Tuesday. Definely have a few different people with slightly different styles working the woks etc...

Charlie Chiang's on Pickett Street- Szechuan menu

My wife and I love this place. Formosa Cafe was our favorite before it changed name to Sichuan village and moved west. Temptasian is also a favorite(yes even after "Mr. Famous Chef" jerked people around and jumped to another retaurant for a few weeks and then dissappeared). We find that both Temptasian and Chiang's are good for certain dishes. You really need to try 10 or 20 over a period of time to find out what they do well and what your taste is. We love the Pan Fried Salty Pork (not what you expect--lots of green onion and thin slices of pork in a brown incredibly tasty sauce) and the Dry Fried Chicken from the Chinese menu. The "Hot" Shredded Chicken from the appetizer page of the chinese menu is also good (its actually cold, but very spicy). Had the Beef with vegetables a few weeks ago-- Floating in red pepper flakes and spicy oil. Again, very good, but way spicy. Beware with these dishes. The dried fried chicken is the same thing called "Sichuan chili chiciken at Temptasian. Me thinks it's better at temptasian though. They always warn us about how spicy it is. We had Chinese people comment on the spicyness of it from other tables. It will numb you for sure. It is salty at temtasian. Back to Chiang's. We order one thing from the American menu : the tangy/spicy dumplings with peanut sauce. Chiangs is cheap and well worth investigating in depth.
At Temptasian, we love the DanDan noodles and the Spicy Beef Roll.