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Charlie Trotter's To Go Carrot Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the recipe for this carrot cake?

I've looked through the Trotter cookbooks, but the one recipe for carrot cake didn't match the recipe used in his To Go shop, which made the world's best carrot cake, and the world's best cream cheese frosting. This cake was so delicious that we would make layovers in Chicago just to pick it up. We're still mourning the loss a year later.

Aug 16, 2013
fromagefraulein in Home Cooking

In Culver City for 2 nights, how about Mozza2Go and Umami Burger?

Yikes on the cab, thanks for letting me know! Coming from Seattle, 13 miles seemed reasonable, but it sounds like that might not be the case in LA, especially with traffic.
I'll also follow up on delivery services, thanks for the good idea.

We'll be staying at the Doubletree Hilton in Culver City, if anyone has more recommendations for around that area (am going to run the recs for Father's Office and the others by my friend right now).

In Culver City for 2 nights, how about Mozza2Go and Umami Burger?

Greetings, LA Chowhounders!

My best friend is flying out from upstate NY to be on Jeopardy (a life long dream of hers!) and I'm flying down from Seattle to meet her. She'll be there from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning.

Would Mozza2Go and Umami burger be delicious and fairly low-key food options? They are both app. 13 miles from the hotel. My friend will be tired after the long coast-to-coast flight, and then the day of taping, but we would like to eat great food without adding too much to the stress of travel.

Is taking a cab sensible? I don't want to bother with renting a car unless I have to. The only errands I'll be running are food related: getting to food, picking up food, buying champagne to consume back at the hotel.

My plan is to call ahead and get takeout from Mozza2Go on Tuesday late afternoon, then cab there and bring the food back to the hotel, where my friend will be arriving. Wednesday night we could cab to Umami and eat there. Can anyone tell me if we should expect long lines, big crowds or a super loud environment?

Feedback on food choices would be appreciated, too! Am I missing something that I shouldn't be?

Thank you!

Mission Bay SD for 1 night

Thanks, I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express and will have a rental car. I don't necessarily need fish tacos but thought it might be part of the quintessential San Diego experience. I'm open to adventure, provided I can fit it into 1 dinner :) My only real criteria is great food, nothing fancy (I'm traveling in a pair of jeans...)

Jun 23, 2008
fromagefraulein in California

Mission Bay SD for 1 night

I'm flying in from Seattle to SD for business, only there for 1 night and dining solo. I'm looking for something delicious and casual and searches on this board led me to wonder if these would be good choices:

World Famous or Taco Motion for fish tacos
Belgian Fries for

Yay? Nay? Feedback and suggestions please!

Jun 21, 2008
fromagefraulein in California


Absolutely! Besalu supplanted Macrina for me when I moved back to town a few months ago and is my weekend destination spot (I'm an east-sider these days...) I think their pastries are the best in town, and although it's sometimes tiresome to wait in the long lines, their counter people are gracious and efficient, and obviously doing their best to move us pastry-junkies through quickly.


Unfortunately, I've got to agree. For the last several visits to the 1st St location, the counter people have been sooooooo sloooooow and sullen, making even short lines unbearable because of how long they take. I'm taking a little Macrina hiatus: maybe if I go less often I won't mind waiting and dealing with their unpleasant counter people so much.

Seattle: Great Mint Julep?

Murry at Il Bistro used to make a phenomenal mint julep: perfectly muddled mint/sugar, perfect ice, bourbon, refreshing as hell. Where is the best mint julep nowadays?

SEA: Anyone been to Impromptu recently?

The Chocolate and Zucchini book signing this Monday piqued my interest, but before I go I'd love some feedback. The few posts are very mixed and I'm wondering if I should apply my going-out-to-eat budget (which is not huge) to a place with better food.

Best Place to buy Strawberries?

I'm looking for truly scrumptious, not the sturdy fellows that seem to be in all the supermarkets, from QFC to WholeFoods, and the markets, from Pike Place to the Yakima Fruitmarket. Is it too early in the season to get anything fabulous in the area? Eastside locales would be ideal, but I'm willing to drive for spectacular berries. Thanks!