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7 days in Malaga

Muchos gracias! I'm so excited to be back in Spain, I love it for it's laid-back atmosphere and honest food.

Nov 17, 2008
mevrouwcupcake in Spain/Portugal

7 days in Malaga

Will be in Malaga for 7 days from this Thursday and I'm always open to hear suggestions from others who have been there before me. I'm well traveled in Spain, and have been to Andalusia before (Seville and Granada), but never to Malaga. I'd love to hear not only restaurant suggestions, but good shops for foodstuffs, wines, and kitchen gear. Thanks!

Nov 17, 2008
mevrouwcupcake in Spain/Portugal

Basic Pancakes

I just made these this morning and halved the recipe, but found them FAR TOO SALTY! Two teaspoons of salt is way too much for this recipe, halved or not.

Sep 02, 2008
mevrouwcupcake in Recipes

30 hours in Antwerp

I'm heading to Antwerp for a bit of shopping this weekend and would like to know what delicatessens and traiteurs I need to visit, what regional food specialties I should sample and/or take back to Amsterdam with me, and most importantly the best place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want a good pastry laden breakfast with strong coffee, two good lunches that need not be fancy but tasty and special (i.e. neighborhood, ethnicity of cuisine, famous for a certain dish, etc.), and one dinner in a brasserie-style restaurant patronized by locals that serves AUTHENTIC Flemish cuisine. Please share your any and all of mouthwatering experiences with me!

Amsterdam - need help narrowing down!

Balthazar's Keuken is a shoe-in, good consistent quality and lovely dining experience, but be aware that they are only open Weds-Fri, and you'll need to make a reservation.
Skip Envy, it's too expensive and hipper-than-thou to be worth the small portions of food.
Trade Mamouche in for Zina.
Drop Pompadour for lunch and go to Puccini (as greenolivetree suggested).
Try the Japanese Pancakes, but do make a reservation.
Don't miss the Bakkerswinkel.

Best of Amsterdam

I've eaten at some amazing food recently and the following restaurants and cafés:

Quattro Gatti
De Kas

check out my blog for a post on one of my favorite shopping trails:

plus my reply to another such post in May:

also check for my upcoming guest spot on, where I'll be doing a gastronomic snapshot of Amsterdam.

eet smaakelijk!

Sunday Night/Monday in Amsterdam??

Glad you had a good time! So glad that you found Portare Via, yum-yum! Come back soon!

First time in Paris!

I have one word for you...Juan et Juanita in the 11th Arrondissement, I had an excellent 31st b-day meal here (two years ago), that we still talk about and dream about. It was cute, kitsch, the food was divine (best foie gras that ever passed my lips), the service friendly, it was my dream Parisian meal and not outlandishly expensive. Go there!

May 10, 2007
mevrouwcupcake in France

Sunday Night/Monday in Amsterdam??

Dangerous? Haha! No worries, been living here for 9 years and I've never felt that my life was really in danger. It's a small, metropolitan city with all the trapping of any city anywhere, good and bad. The only danger you'll probably run into is the tourist trap hell that is the Rembrandtsplein, the square near your hotel. Luckily, it is central and near a some great food/shopping streets, including one of my favorite, the Utrechtsestraat.

A good spot to start in the search for good restaurants are:

De Bakkerswinkel --- good breakfast, lunch & high tea
Warmoesstraat 69
Tel 020-489 8000 --- a bit out of the city centre, but worth it.

Da Portare Via --- the best pizza EVER
Leliegracht 34

Proeflokaal de Zotte --- Belgian beer café, fantastic steak and too many beers to mention
Raamstraat 29
Telefoon (020) 626 86 94

Bern, Café --- best cheese fondue in town
Nieuwmarkt 9
(020) 622 00 34

well, that should do you...your timing is a bit unfortunate, as restaurants do tend to be closed on Sundays or Mondays, or a combo of both, but there are loads of restaurants about and you're sure to find something.

Have fun and eet smaakelijk! --- Mari