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Kenkoy's -- Filipino food in Hayward

unfortunately, my meeting took much longer than I expected, and I lost the opportunity for a CH adventure. Hopefully next time!

Love chicken adobo and I've started having my mail carrier teach me some Tagalog.

Kenkoy's -- Filipino food in Hayward

Has anyone been here recently? I'm gonna be in Hayward tomorrow and am looking for a lunch spot.

Hatch Green Chiles 2014

You are so right! What a lost opportunity. On Southwest it coulda been up to a 50# bag! And I coulda sold 'em, and with the profit earned, at least have the price of lunch somewhere nice...

Hatch Green Chiles 2014

I just came back from Denver with a container of roasted hatch chiles... yum.

Boulder, CO suggestions

Stopped in to The Kitchen for lunch after visiting the Farmer's Market on Saturday and enjoyed a fabulous meal: food + service were excellent. From the housemade bread, to the impeccable lamb burger (charred edges, medium rare, slightly gamey flavor...yum), to the extra-fried fries (not a tad greasy), to the housemade ice cream (lemon verbena!), we all were wowed by the flavors. One of our group had the polenta w/ wild mushrooms -- it was really extraordinary. Even the iced tea was nicely made.

All 3 of us were especially impressed by the professional service -- attentive, warm but not cloying. And water glasses promptly filled without asking is always appreciated...

Aug 18, 2014
escargot3 in Mountain States

Sichuan Peppercorns & Chili Bean Paste in East Bay? SF?

I love getting both spices and herbal teas at Lhasa Karnak. They are always quite fresh. And actually, parking during the day is easy thanks to meters.

Okonomiyaki: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2014

I don't recall sweet potato in the dish at NG. Like ThomasNash, this is where I was introduced to the concept, so I have no basis of comparison except to say I've had it several times, with different dining partners,and each time was thoroughly enjoyed. My impression is that it's a medley that always has oysters, sprouts, bonita flakes. After that, it depends on what's in the kitchen.

Do you like or dislike the new format ?

The new design elements make it difficult for me to read, and visually less appealing. Kinda dumbed-down.

best cioppinno?

Surprisingly good at Spenger's in Berkeley.

Zuni Cafe, 2014 [San Francisco]

sounds fabulous. i haven't been in a while and this is a great reminder to add Zuni to the rotation. Glad to hear such a glowing report after the loss of its visionary founder.

Croissants - SF Dish of the Month February 2014

This morning I finally got to try the croissant at Pizzaiolo in oakland. They are only available Fri- Sun (I believe). But sad to say, I was sorely disappointed. They looked perfect. But one bite in, and the problem was clear: drenching in too much butter. Like, way too soggy. Given the brickoven, I had high hopes. It was kind overcast and chilly this morning, so I might try again on a sunny day.

Ethiopian Injera Made Only with Teff in Oakland

the 100% teff injera is yummy, but beware:
the additional fee (as others have noted) is $1 per piece of injera.

What's up with the Public Market in Emeryville?

Employees from local businesses, and the hotel across the street.
Hollis St is filled with people who don't work 9-5.
Local families looking for affordable meals where kids can make noise and a mess.

Augie's Montreal smoked meat is fabulous [Oakland]

Thanks for the tip, mocster. I haven't enjoyed Montreal smoked meats in a long time.

What's up with the Public Market in Emeryville?

This post is kinda funny timing for me. I hadn't been to the E'ville Mkt in years, but happened to be passing by yesterday, and hungry. Got chicken tikka from the Afghani spot. It was excellent. Nicely spiced, generous serving, $8.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

ah yes. my bad. thanks for the correction.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

My recollection was that the burger at Hopscotch was a flop. The first one came out so rare it was still moo-ing. its replacement was meh. Off day? new chef? dunno. Haven't had much desire to go back and try again.

World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

rosamunde's would be fun.

La Pena also is open for the games, so for the day games, it's an opportunity to try the resto as well.

World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

Any Oakland spots to recommend?

Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

too bad about Jerusalem. I'm usually quite hesitant about sending the plate back. Did you consider that option?

Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

I suspect that means they'll use chickpea flour + spices to make a waffle.

Opah cheeks--preparation ideas?

I grilled opah cheeks last nite. A sustainable fish, with a meaty flavor, it was fabulous.

Jun 04, 2014
escargot3 in Home Cooking

Giin Thai Canteen - South Berkeley

Ordered some food to go yesterday and was quite pleased.
-Tom Yum had a clean flavor, and a bit of a chile kick.
-Yellow Curry with Chicken was also simple, clean flavor. they were quite accomodating to preferences for veggies included. Portion of chicken was on the smaller side, but price was as well.

Most important:
-They are refraining from using the ubiquitous sugar all too overwhelming in Thai food around here.
-Great option of brown rice (actually more like red thai rice)

It's a welcomed neighborhood resto addition to the South Berkeley/North Oakland corridor. I will be back soon.

BBQ Hut at 6400 Shattuck. [Oakland]

Thanks, tm, for the report. Too bad that they aren't reliable.

BBQ Hut at 6400 Shattuck. [Oakland]

bummer. I stopped by at 6:45 this evening, and it was closed, gate locked.

any news?

dinner near Ashby BART

A tad further but a nice addition to the neighb is the BBQ Hut on Shattuck at Alcatraz. Nice smokey flavor. Dry rub so not slathered in sauce.

Los Cilantros in Berkeley

Curious about the price. Website says $9 for a taco or tamale, which for La Pena raises eyebrows.

Any Good Coffee in Downtown Oakland?

New spot sounds fab (Sandbox croissants are my fave...):
COLOSO COFFEE Uptown Oakland has a new, emphasis on little, caffeine spot called Coloso that’s serving Sightglass coffee. 7 x 7 reports that the owners are Renzo Gianella, Jose Posadas, and Maggie Servais and the San Francisco publication raves about the “French with a Japanese bent” pastries from Bernal Heights’ Sandbox Bakery, made fresh daily by “pastry goddess” Matsumi Takhara. “Her scones, croissants, and muffins are worth waking up for,” they write. Coloso Coffee is at 1715 Webster St. (between 18th and 19th streets).

How does my eating itinerary look?

how was your trip?

May 09, 2014
escargot3 in Mountain States

Oakland/Berkeley restaurant recommendations for my 28th birthday dinner with my mom?

I think there's been a change at A Cote. eg last 2 times I went, they dropped the classic steak/frites from the menu.