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D Spot in East Metro

I was just at Glory days last week and had some D-spot wings and a burger. I don't know what that Twitter post is referring to, unless Glory Days was supposed to be completely owned by and called D-Spot?

Best Place to Buy Porterhouse or NY Strip Steak for the Grill

Jerry's Foods in either Edina or Eden Prairie carry prime beef. They do an excellent job and have great meat; the meat department will cut your meat for you too. They have great service.

Kowalski's has a special type of beef they carry too (like Kobe) called Wagyu. Spendy, but very good! Kowalski's also carries Thousand Hills grass fed beef.

I also prefer ribeyes on the grill compared to strip or porterhouse steak. I think the marbeling adds that extra flavor.

FYI, not all Costcos carry prime beef and it is frozen so you will need to plan ahead.

D Spot in East Metro

So, according to an article I read the St. Paul location had to close. The chef/owner had employees steal something like $11,000 fron the place. He has now partnered? with a restaurant in New Brighton, MN called Glory Days. This joint has had issues since they first opened and changed owners a few times, so hopefully the new menu wil help them out. I just went last week and had Buffalo wings, Honey BBQ wings, Puff the Magic Dragon wings, and a burger. Everything was really good. Well at least I heard the burger was good from my co-worker. Oh, and we all liked the fries too. I hope they do well and keep up with the good eats. NB definately needs more good food venues.

Right now they are doing a soft menu opening so only a few flavors are available and they will keep adding on more.

Pittsburgh Blue or Manny's?

I once heard that their steaks are not prime...not sure where (I must have read it somewhere?). So, when I was there for dinner one time I asked our server who informed me that their steaks are in fact not prime. I was surprised especially for the prices they charge. Again, their steaks are delicious.

It's interesting because a lot of places you think would sell prime cuts of steak do not e.g. Lunds/Byerlys for the most part do not sell prime steaks. I was surprised the Jerry's Foods in Edina and Eden Prairie sell prime beef though. Jerry's is kind of a hidden gem.

Pittsburgh Blue or Manny's?

Manny's steaks are not prime, but are delicious nontheless. I've been disappointed in Pittsburgh Blue. In fact, I think they are overpriced for what you get. Also, I've never heard anything good about their Edina venue.

I personally think Ruths Chris does a nice job in town.

soft shell crab

The Oceanaire has wonderful soft shell crab. They are doing a sandwich during lunch and have a salad and pan fried at dinner. make sure to check that they still have some before you go as they have run out in the past and change up their menu depending on what they get in fresh.

Korean food near Excalibur?

There really aren't a lot of good Korean restaurants in Vegas. As long as you have a car, I suggest you try Yum Yum BBQ south of the strip in a small strip mall. Their Korean food is pretty decent and priced better than the Korean BBQ places you will find near Chinatown. They have an all you can eat deal, but it's not a buffet and you don't cook your own food, they make it fresh for you.

Although it's not Korean, I am also going to suggest Island Favorites, which serves amazing Hawaiian food. Everything is homemade and the staff are super friendly. They have great BBQ beef, saimen, and loco moco. I highly recommend this place. It is my husband and my favorite place.

Sep 23, 2011
mnfoodie1 in Las Vegas

Roman Anthonys WBL

My husband and I gave this resaurant a try and we were pleasantly surprised. It seems like nothing has been able to make it in this location. The service was great and the food was very good too. They will definately give Acqua a run for their money. I do like that they have a wider variety of selectios than Acqua, but i do like Acqua's patio since we have such a short summer to enjoy.

custom design birthday cake in minneapolis/eden prairie

I would give Jerry's Foods in Eden Prairie a try. I believe they make all of their cakes either at Eden prairie or their Edina location and I'm sure they can put a frog on your daughter's cake at your request.

Awesome Fried Chicken MSP?

I'll have to check out those wings at MGM....sounds delicious.

I love the fried chicken at the Cub in Mpls on Broadway too. They have their own special breading that is only at the "Jerry's" owned Cub stores. I guess they own the Cub on Lake Street and in Brooklyn Center too as well as some other stores around town

MSP: "Best" Grocery Store

I think we have some pretty good grocery options inthe twin cities. The Byerly's in Golden Valley is lovely now that it was recently remodeled. I also love the St. Louis Park Byerly's and the Lunds on Central Ave in NE Mpls. (really nice deli and meat folks). The Kowalsi's in Eagan is only a year old and the one in Woodbury is their flagship store. The Eden Prarie Kowalski's is also very nice.

Lunds/Byerly's has some great deals with their web coupons.

Also, not all Cubs are equal. The Cub in Minnetonka and Coon Rapids Riverdale is owned by the Haug group and has great meat and seafood. The butchers are awsome. Ask for Tom at Minnetonka he's the best! Also the Jerry's Cubs were all open for a half day on Thanksgiving, They are located all over the metro area.

Fresh Seasons in Minnetonka and Victoria are great and you will always get wonderful customer service. Also, Mackenthuns in Waconia has a great smokhouse and wonderful brats!

MSP too late for CSA's?

I was wondering if I still have time to join a CSA for this coming summer. If so, are there any recommendations for particular farms? I live in the north metro area, but can pick up in Mpls during the week. Thanks.

Fried Chicken - Twin Cities

Sorry I should have explained the deli location a bit better. I just used Barley Johns as it is in New Brighton and only like 5 min away from the deli. Annie's is right by Hwy 96 and Old Hwy 8 by the hardware store Beiswenggers.

Heard they had awsome homade enciladas the other day from my co-worker.

Fried Chicken - Twin Cities

The chicken is great. It's right by my office so I go there a lot. It's located in an office building right by Hwy 96 and Old Hwy 8. I suggest calling before you go b/c they sometimes shut down for a day or two b/c they are testing food (they gave away free 8 pc. chicken the other week). Guess their main business has to do with selling equipment or something. Here's their number 651-288-1344. I hope you enjoy the food as much as me and my co-workers.

MSP CSA South of the River Delivery

I am interested in joining a CSA for the first time. Anything I should consider or any specific farms that you could recommend?

Fried Chicken - Twin Cities

I love the fried chicken at Cub. Which store location were you at? Different Cub stores have different breading coatings. I guess the corporate stores have their own special breading and the Jerry's Foods group has their own too. The chicken sales are great too...sopmething like $3.99 for an 8 piece chicken meal deal.

Also found a great hole in the wall deli for fried chicken in New Brighton close to Barly Johns. It's called Annie's Deli and they are only open for lunch from 11-1 p.m. takeout only. They bread their own jo jo potatoes too :) yum-o

MSP: Alternatives to Surdyk's

I have been taking the free wine classes at Haskells the past year and they always provide cheese from The Big Cheese Shop next to their downtown Mpls location. The Big Cheese is a very small shop, but they seeme to have a nice selection of cheese, you just have to tell them what you are looking for.

I believe thaey also sell cheeses and food at the St. Paul Haskells location too.

Business Dinner near Encino

I will be visiting a client in Encino and am looking for a nice upscale restaurant in the area for a business dinner. Any suggestions? My co-worker and I will have to back drive down to San Diego that same evening, so maybe nothing that will last all night long as we will also have to fly back to MN the following day. Thanks for your help.

Jan 02, 2008
mnfoodie1 in Los Angeles Area

What's the best thing you've eaten recently? [MSP]

I see that many people have been writing about Ngon. I was a bit excited and curious about this restaurant as I have been hearing so many good things about it. Well, I finally ate there last week because I was craving some Pho and I ended up disappointed.

The restaurant itself was very cute and surprisingly clean. I am normally used to eating at somewhere like Saigon (which has wonderful Pho but is nothing for ambiance). I must admit that I was a bit suspicious when I saw that all of the FOH servers etc. were Caucasian. Most of the Asian restaurants I go to are mom and pop places and it's usually family members who work there. Anyway, I decided to give the place a try, and was disappointed.

My Pho was good, but not great. The broth was tasty, but I had to ask my server to bring me both fish sauce and chili sauce. Normally these condiments are on every table at a place like Saigon. Also, I had to ask for extra basil three times as each time the server brought me something like three wilted leaves. I also had to ask for extra peppers because they gave me something like three when I had originally asked for both extra basil and peppers.

I also ordered the fresh spring rolls, which consisted mostly of lettuce and noodles. They were okay, but nothing special. I both like and expect more meat and herbs in my spring rolls.

My whole meal was something slightly over $13.00, which is chap, but not for Vietnamese food. I would much prefer to go to Saigon or even Pho Ca Dao, which I also just tried this past weekend.

Pho Ca Dao is nothing for ambiance, but serves a great bowl of Pho with a wide selection of meats. The broth was wonderful and there were plenty of veggies served along with the traditional condiments on the table.

MN foodie visiting Spokane and Coeur D'Alene

Wow, thanks for the suggestions and comments. Is River Thai in Spokane then? How far away is Post Falls from Spokane or Coeur D'Alene?

We live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota so we live in an urban area and love to eats all different types of food. Thanks for you replys.


Jun 29, 2007
mnfoodie1 in Pacific Northwest

MN foodie visiting Spokane and Coeur D'Alene

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Spokane and Coeur D'Alene over the Fourth of July week. Any restaurant recommendations in both/either city? We would like to go out for a fine dining dinner in each city and like a variety of different foods seafood, ethnic, steak, etc.

Also, we would welcome any other recommendations for breakfast and lunch. We will be arriving Sunday afternoon and will be leaving Saturday afternoon. Oh, and we love local family owned restaurants. Thanks :)

The hotel in Spokane gave us a list of the following restaurants:

The Davenport Hotel Palm Court Grill - -
Moxie - - 456-3594
Wild Sage Bistro - - 456-7575
Niko's Greek Restaurant and Wine Bar - - 624-7444
Luna - - 448-2383
Latah Bistro - - 838-8338

any thoughts?

Jun 28, 2007
mnfoodie1 in Pacific Northwest

MN foodie visiting DC for 1st time over Memorial wkend

Wow, thanks for all of the great recommendations. Citronelle and City Zen sound wonderful, but we couldn't get in. I think we might stick with Dino for Sunday night.

I'll report back on where we end up going. I'm really looking forwad to exploring DC and all of the wonderful food you have there. Thanks much.

MSP Cookies

There was a place on Snelling just noth of the SA by Hamline University that sold good cookies out of the Muddy Paws store. I'm not sure if it is still there though, but I always enjoyed them when I'd pick some up before class.

MN foodie visiting DC for 1st time over Memorial wkend

My boyfriend and I will be visitng DC over Memorial weekend. My boyfriend has been to DC before, but I have not. We were thinking about going to dinner at either Mendocino or Kinkead's on Saturday evening. Any thoughts/suggestions?

On Sunday evening we will be going to dinner with my boyfriend's brother, sister-in-law; nephew; and another guest (total 6 people). What are your thoughts about Dino?

I was thinking about going to Blue Duck Tavern on Monday night, but am having second thoughts due to a thread that I read with bad reviews. Any other suggestions?

We will be staying at the Ritz in Georgetown, but plan on visiting the Smithsonian one day and Arlington Cemetary on Memorial Day. I would welcome any suggestions for either lunch or dinner close to where we will be staying or visiting. Thanks for your help.