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East Africa Ethiopian Restaurant (NDG)

I went a couple of weeks ago.
The food was delicious and the service was very friendly. The portions were a bit smaller than what other Ethiopian places usually offer, but I think it might be for the best. ( I usually find myself stuffed after Ethiopian.) The space is tiny, (4-5 tables I think) and doesn't offer a lot in the way of ambiance. I'm hoping they'll put a couple of tables outside in the summer.

I Need a Christmas Dinner Miracle

I can't recommend anywhere specific, but most hotel restaurants offer a "traditional" meal on Christmas.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

It looks like a new African restaurant will be opening up next to Ma's place in NDG. The sign says "Restaurant East Africa, opening soon". No other info as of yet, but this can only be good news as there are no other African places in the neighbourhood since Messob D'or closed.

ISO Ethiopian Tef flour

Been awhile since I've posted....

Aliments Naturels Fleur Sauvage on Monkland has had tef flour in the past, but I don't know if they keep it in stock all the time. They are usually pretty good about taking special orders for things like that even if they don't carry them on the shelf.

P.S. I'm pretty sure the brand the flour is sold under is " Bob's red mill "

Riz En Folie Report

Do they use different types of rice for different puddings? Are there warm puddings or just cold?

The website isn't very helpful.

Outremont Organic Market?

Please read this thread:

Portuguese Festival

Reviving an old post here. Does anyone know the dates for this year?

Restaurant Closures - 2008

I haven't gone in to see what the deal is, but it looks like Tabaq has been replaced by a Sri Lankan resto. I'm not sure if I should look at this as a loss or a gain.

Ban Lao Thai report

Thanks for the review. It's one of those places I've wanted to try for ages, but somehow never got to.

How does one go about joining PAHGOHALHISOEFTASASFS? Do you have a clubhouse, a secrect handshake?

Montreal--for serious foodies/beerfans/travelers??

I would like to fourth Dieu du Ciel and second Vices & Versa. Both are great places that serve quality beer. Skip Brutopia, the beer is mediocre at best.

Balti! Need balti!

Sagimahe is Sri-Lankan as well, not Indian.

Montreal - A goldmine of resto variety?

I really think you should search the separate threads, but here's my reccomendations anyway:

Khyber Pass /Afghanistan
Afrodiziac (If they ever re-open) or Mekdala for ethiopian/African
Arabic is not a cuisine but a language, I reccomend you got to petit Alep for Syrian
/Asian? It's a big continent, this is pretty vague.
/Bakery: See the "great montreal bakery hunt" thead, this is where our city shines.
/Barbeque: Bofinger, though it's really not that special if you've had the real stuff.
/Belgian: Frites Alors!
Milsa /Brazilian
/Brewery-Pub: Dieu-Du-Ciel
/Cafe'- Please see "best coffe in Montreal" thread
/Cajun- La Louisianne
/Carribean- Blue Mountain or Ange & Ricky
/Chilean- La Chilenita
/Chinese- Village Mon Nan
/Diners- Search "best poutine"
/Ethiopian- see best african
/French- Not going to touch it with a ten foot poll, search the threads.
/German- L'Atlantique (grocery store with takout counter)
/Greek- Milos
/Health Food- chuch or chuchai
/Hungarian- Cafe Rococo
/India- Search the threads, everyone has an opinion on this one.
/Indonesian- Nonya
/Italian- Cafe Via Dante.
/Jamaican- Blue Mountain, Ma's Place
/Lebanese- please search
/Mexican- El Sombrero (don't let the name put you off)
/Pakistani- Halal 786
/Persian- The takout counter at Akhavan
/Peruvian- Melchorita
/Pizza- Please search
/Polish- Mazurka
/Portuguese- Please search
/Pub- Vices & Versa
/Russian- Caverne
/Sri Lankan - Momoi (Jolee is pretty good too if cleanliness is not essential.)
/Tea Rooms- Gryphon D'or
/Turkish- SU
I've run out of steam. Hopefully this helps you narrow your search.

Commensal vegetarian no! any recommendations

I think Lola Rosa ahes either relocated or opened up a second branch in Westmount, on the North side of Sherbrook. Can anyone confirm this?

Does anyone know what is going on with Restaurant Afrodiziac?

I'm so happy to hear that! The phone message said the restaurant would reopen in February, but obviously there have been delays. I had pretty much given up hope.

Exotic Brunch

If memory serves, yes. I think almost all the Caribbean places in montreal have Akee and saltfish on the menu.

Restaurant Closures - 2008

I hope I'm wrong about this, but Afrodiziac seems to have closed. The message on their answering machine says that they are renovating, but its been several months now.

Exotic Brunch

As far as I remember there are really only two breakfast options (I haven't been in a while though) and they are both meat centric.
I just remembered that the Caribbean place on Notre Dame near atwater offers up a really good Sunday brunch. Can't remember the name of the place though.

Exotic Brunch

Melchorita is great for breakfast as long as you like meat (which I do) but might be found lacking by those who prefer a lighter breakfast / brunch. It is very family friendly, and there are always a couple of kids running around.

Indian and Mediterranean Restaurants

I wouldn't skip Jean-Talon. Dehli Bombay is an example of an excellent resto on this strip that is definitely not a hole in the wall. While Halal 786 doesn't fall into this category either imho. I don't think you can paint all the restos in a neighbourhood with the same brush.

Plus, some of the best retaurants around are little hole in the wall places.

Best Thai Sticky Rice in a Lotus Leaf

Asean Garden on Sherbrooke west used to make a pretty tasty version, Their other fare has gone down hill a bit of late, but if you're in the area it's worth it.

Montreal to Vancouver (first time)

Thanks all for the great advice. I just got back from Vancouver, very impressed.

My short summary of the trip:

Salt: A really great place, if a tad bit overpriced. We liked it so much that we kept meaning to return, but never go around to it.

Rangoli / Vij's: Excellent food at both, but Vij's hardly seems worth the wait with the cheaper and almost as nice alternative right next door. If I lived in Vancouver I'd probably be at Rangoli all the time, though Vij's was a nice "tourist" experience.

Lin's Chinese cuisine: Very good, but not great. I was glad to be able to try XLB though.

T & T supermarket: You people are so lucky to have this, when will they open a branch in Montreal? ( I can dream, no?)

Gyoza King: Wow!

Hapa Izayaka: Double Wow! a bit more expensive than Gyoza King, and slightly more "formal". If I was a Van. resident I would probably reserve this place for special occasions.

Wild Rice: Everything was excellent. I don't know how they make their plain rice, but I could have eaten just that and been happy. It was the perfect consistency and had it's own subtle flavour.

The fish place in Stanley Park (Not sure of the name) : Excellent prawns, reasonable lunch menu. This place didn't blow me away, but it's a very solid resto.

Scoozies (Breakfast) : The other stuff seems quite ordinary, but they have really good homemade yogurt.

Those are the places I can think of right now, I'll post again if I remember more details.

Best Bets at Punjabi Market (Vancouver)

Hi I'll be Visiting Vancouver soon, and I'm just wondering if there are any good regional Indian places in this area, or in central Van. (I'm hoping for a Goan resto, but other suggestions are more than welcome.) Other South Asian places of interest would appeal to me as well.


Montreal to Vancouver (first time)


Montreal to Vancouver (first time)

Thanks to both of you for the help. I'm thinking I won't be able to get out to Richmond as I won't have a car or bike with me. Are there any really good dumpling places in Central Vancouver?

Montreal to Vancouver (first time)

I'm heading over to Vancouver with my girlfriend in a few days, and we'll be staying for about a week-
I have a few questions which I hope the community will be able to answer. (Ok maybe a lot of questions).

We will be staying in central Vancouver near Powell and Carall. ( is this an ok neighbourhood, or are we in the infamous downtown east side?)

1- We're planning on having one "special" meal, and I was thinking Vij's. Does it live up to the hype, or should I be thinking of other options?

2- Dumplings, where can I find the best? (I'm looking for variety as well as quality)

3- Dim sum in central Vancouver, what are the top places?

3- Are there any Indonesian restos worth checking out?

4- What places would you recommend near the anthropology museum / UBC campus?

5- Regional chinese, please point me to the relevant threads.

6- For the first night, we'll be arriving around 9pm. Are there any good places that are open late near our Hostel?

I'm also obviously looking for any places that are unique to Vancouver. I also wouldn't mind finding a restaurant that specializes in Native food, if such a place exists.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

I will continue to search for relevant threads, but I find the Western Canada board a little difficult to navigate. (Too many major cities on one board)

Worst Restaurant Ever

Are there restaurants of this type out there that actually have "sauce" on hand for clients who think their food is bland? Some places have hot sauce on the table, but I wouldn't expect it at a wine bar.

Just curious, what dishes did you have?

Another new cupcake shop to open up

I have to agree. The only reason you would go there is if you have a nut allergy. One of the few (if not the only) completely nut free bakeries in town.

Beef Wellington in Montreal?

I can't testify to the quality, but MM meat shop carries a frozen beef wellington.
Here's the link:

List of Unique/Fun places.

What, you want me to follow you from thread to thread, answering your questions?

Seriously though, if you're going to be there solo, bring a book, or some work. The place really is great, but you shouldn't expect to have food in front of you in less than 45 minutes.
A bit out of the way, but still on the metro system, Ange and Ricky is a great Haitian resto that I would recommend for lunch (I'm not sure they're open for supper.) you can read a review here:

You'll probably be able to buy your malt beverage there too!

Malta- Vitamalt

It migh be helpful if you told us what neighbourhood you plan on being in, as there are lots of places that sell this type of drink.