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Amarone by the glass?

Yes, I agree. The previous manager at George, Jim Bienenstock had a good idea, he priced all the expensive wines at reasonable prices, so people would buy them more often. It just seems bizarre to do it any other way except for resto's that cater to those who want to be seen and to impress. Bar Italia was $15 for the Amarone, maybe they are following suit? I like that Enoteca is selling the 'good' wines cheap on sun, mon and tues. If they kept that going...

Amarone by the glass?

Nice! Grazie! :-)

Midfield Wine Bar

I went a few weeks after it first opened and the owners were amazing, really comfortable at talking about the wines they had and what their ambitions were for the place. But very little food wise, cheese and charcuterie.
I went back about a month ago, sat on he patio and was a bit disappointed that there was still no 'food'. The wine selection still did not have a robust red so I was a bit annoyed with that. Wine needs food, and it needs a good selection. A spectrum. I liked how Billy's best bottles categorized things, 3 whites and 3 reds. etc. A wine bar 'should' have some options no?
It's really handy, and I would like to be there more often, so I will go again soon and see what I can report back, and if nothings changed I will talk to the owner and see what's going on with the place.

Amarone by the glass?

I discovered Amarone by the glass at Bar Italia for $15. It wasn't bad, I'll need to see which one they serve, seems ridiculously cheap, but its was more aromatic and supple then the Ripasso they had, so I was pretty happy! Grazie!

Amarone by the glass?

Thanks for everyones suggestions and tips, that really helps narrow things down.
Keep the suggestions coming, those evening dinners AND driving put the onus of low quantity and high quality.
Gracias amigos

Amarone by the glass?

I'm looking for some good places to find wine by the glass, and they must have amazon since my girl is all about the amarone. I can't blame her.

Not a fan of high end places where I need to wear a suit. So Crush is out.

I see Enoteca Sociale does, sometimes

Any recommends? It's a hard search!

Need suggestions for a good restaurant for 30 people for Wednesday night? Ideas?

Preferably downtown, could be as north as Eglinton.
Food must be good, it's a 21st and the young lady is at chef school and knows good chow, and likes everything I make, so she REALLY knows! ;-)
Suggestions for fewer people would be fine too.


They did not ask for credit card from me, but I am not doing the Summerlicious, so I guess they don't see me as a potential no-show! I know a couple of restaurant owners and its a big problem holding a table and no-one shows...


And I thought Boudin Noir was a strip club in Montreal...


Going on friday night, what do you all suggest I eat, what did you like?
I am not eating bunnies or froggies. :)
Everything else is fair game (pun intended!).

Best Chicken Marinade for the grill

Greek Chicken BBQ Mmmmm
Mix dried oregano, nice olive oil and lots of lemon together, and bag it with scalloped chicken breast for about 4 hours in the fridge. It can do something in an hour but the longer you leave it the more the lemon works on the chicken.

May 14, 2007
Shijuro in Home Cooking

Nice eats at Beaches or near lake for stroll...

Any place you can recommend for lunch or dinner near the lake? I can't think of anything tasty there....except the ice-cream place near Quigleys!