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Madison: Both foodies, one veg & GF - any recs?

Thanks! Forequarter was one I was looking at... Looks delicious. You'd recommend it?

Aug 11, 2015
lindsaybrice in Great Lakes

Madison: Both foodies, one veg & GF - any recs?


Aug 11, 2015
lindsaybrice in Great Lakes

Madison: Both foodies, one veg & GF - any recs?

I'm vegetarian and (mostly) gluten free. My partner has no dietary restrictions. We're both foodies who love farm to market and local concepts. We adore the Farmer's Market. We've been to L'Etoile (and love it), but looking for some other recs - places we haven't been... $ and $$$$ options are fine - I'm more interested in really good food than staying within a specific dollar range.

Aug 10, 2015
lindsaybrice in Great Lakes

Non-alcoholic fondue - need recipe!

I usually substitute a little apple juice/cider - the less processed the better. It turns out just fine, especially if you're using a fairly strong cheese.

Mar 19, 2008
lindsaybrice in Home Cooking

Rochester, MN update

Thank you so much for your post. I moved to Rochester last October and am slowly discovering the restaurant scene in Rochester. Your comment about Rochester not being a food town is right, but I am finding a few little gems...all of which you listed.

Thank you for suggesting El Gallo Taqueria. My partner and I tried it after work today and it is wonderful! We'll definitely go back. I would also like to second your comments about Dos Amigos... I was there for a meeting last week and made the mistake of ordering lunch. I won't be doing that again!

Finally, I'd like to make a plug for the south Hy Vee grocery store -- it's closer to Apache Plaza. I had lost all hope of finding a few things that I usually get at the Mpls co-ops...until I found the south Hy Vee!! (...and the Good Food Store.)

Feb 21, 2008
lindsaybrice in Great Lakes

Cooking Club (Rochester MN)

I'm moving to Rochester soon (from Mpls) and would be interested.

Looking for beer, food, and cheese in Madison

If you're looking for a nice dinner including cheese I'd definitely recommend L'Etoile. We were there last weekend had a cheese course as our appetizer. They have an overwhelming choice of 25-30 locally produced cheeses. Our waiter made recommendations and the result was incredibly good! A great combination of cow, goat, and sheep's milk cheeses.

MSP Cookies

The cookies at the Wedge are incredible -- there's a triple chocolate chip cookie that's very good, and I even like the pistachio sugar cookies -- a shock since I'm a traditionalist when it comes to sugar cookies -- no one makes them like my great grandma did!