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Dim Sum & Seafood Search???

Staying in SOMA San Francisco and looking for a good, fun seafood restaraunt, in tow with two teenage gals so nothing too fancy. Also they are interested in a DIM SUM eatery perhaps in China Town. Any suggestions out there?

Tanya in Cowtown, Alberta

Indian and Greek in S.F.???

Any suggestions for either Indian or Greek restaraunts in San. Francisco? We are staying slightly south of SOMA near the Museum.

Tanya in Cowtown, Canada

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

Wow, lot's of replies! I am a fitness instructor wich helps a lot when you love food. I cook, my husband cooks and both my teens cook. Meat and potatoes what is that??? Give me Indian; Thai, vietnamese,vegetarian, mexican, lebanese, yum yum.

Tanya in Calgary

Jun 19, 2007
Tanya Murchie in Not About Food

Green In San Francisco

Thank you for the web-site, OM it's a perfect spot to start, looking forward to my visit.


Green In San Francisco

I am off to the beautiful city by the Bay beginning of July. Any suggestions on "Green" restaraunts, grocery stores (yes, I know Wholefoods and trader Joes"s) or great "green" shopping? I am trying hard to become more environmentally aware and do my part.
I appreciate any suggestions.

Tanya from Calgary Canada

San Francicso "Girl Week"

I am travelling to S.F. with 2 other gals for one week beginning of July. Staying South of Moma.
Any great suggestions where to eat????? We all love Indian, Thai, Seafood, vegetarian, basically anything. We also have a kitchen, where to shop for good healthy food items?
Cannot wait, S.F. here we come.