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Which brands are you loyal to?

Ah.. Honey crisp = apple nirvana!

Jul 07, 2011
Languid Lass in General Topics

What's The Oldest Thing You Cook In/With?

Yes! I have an old knife set like that, also with the serving fork and sharpening iron - all with those gnarly handles. Can't say I use them, though. You've inspired me to drag them out and give them a try.

Jul 07, 2011
Languid Lass in Cookware

Which cuisine is the most frugal in which to cook/eat by?

Cajun. Refugees from Canada, forced to live in the swamps and the wilderness in Louisiana. Not only adapted the available ingredients, but, using French country techniques, developed an unmatched FABULOUS cuisine in its own right.

(Sort of a dumbed down explanation, but you get my drift.)

Jul 07, 2011
Languid Lass in General Topics

Who eats using sterling silver flatware at home each and every day?

My grandparents entertained quite a bit, and when they became elderly and downsized their household, my grandmother got rid of all her daily use china and stainless and only used the good china and sterling. She inherited a few sets which have since been passed down to us. I use the sterling and old china every Sunday when the family comes over for dinner. I didn't realize the dishwasher could ruin the patina of the silver. I'll certainly hand wash from now on out.

Mar 29, 2011
Languid Lass in Not About Food

Orange Creamsicle cookies?

Sounds heavenly! I think I would do a crisp vanilla cookie with a Grand Marnier or Cointreau buttercream filling. Maybe even a bit of orange zest in the buttercream. Then, perhaps, dip the assembled cookie in white chocolate...

Nov 20, 2008
Languid Lass in Home Cooking