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Cincinnati - Open Christmas Day

Anything else you can think of for brunch?

Need Rec: Cinncinnati Restaurant - New Year's Eve

Based upon your "casual" description, I would go with Trios.

Cheese of the Month!!!

I just recently got an email from Artisanal with an offer for a free month added to a three month cheese club. A rather large savings!

Dec 14, 2007
redjen in Cheese

Charleston Follies

I never had any luck finding it. I was only able to find it listed as an ingredent in cocktails. Do you have a link to any hits from your search?

Oct 25, 2007
redjen in Spirits

Dancing Wasabi in Cincinnati

I still haven't made it there but I hope to soon. Have you tried the Green Papaya yet? I love their sushi...

Best bottled salsa?

I have always liked the Paul Newman brand. The hot has alot of nice scipy flavors.

Oct 04, 2007
redjen in General Topics


Thanks for all your help. I am not sure what my bar will be stocked with, but I appreciate all you suggestions. I just want to see what options are out there and what is considered a "true" martini. Keep your martini recipes coming!

Sep 27, 2007
redjen in Spirits


Give me you best martini recipes please! I am bar tending at an event where I will be working the martini bar. Give me your best, your worst, and something unique.

Sep 25, 2007
redjen in Spirits

Dancing Wasabi in Cincinnati

If you go, let me know. I was curious too.

"Great" Restaurant Names

Cincinnati has Porkopolis. The specialty is pork. Who would have known?

Sep 07, 2007
redjen in Not About Food

What is the best dip you ever had and the recipe?

Thanks for posting the Beau Monde dip. It's an old favorite of mine and I lost the recipe. I always served it with King's Hawaiian bread. I never had any leftover.

Sep 06, 2007
redjen in Home Cooking

Mayo-Free Tuna?

I have added artichokes and olive oil. I keeps it rather moist, then throw in some Italian spices.

Sep 06, 2007
redjen in Home Cooking

Good Drunk Food in the Quarter.

Verdee mart!! Best late night food and lots of colorful people too.

Aug 14, 2007
redjen in New Orleans

TItle: need best cheap eats in cincinatti

Take a cab or walk to Covington KY and check out Riverside Korean! Great food and fairly cheap. Also the McCormick & Schmicks has some great cheap deals for happy hour at the bar. Have a great time!

Tabasco or will another hot sauce so?

Frank's/ butter combo is also great over frozen meatballs, thrown in the crockpot. Addicting!

Jul 13, 2007
redjen in General Topics

Charleston Follies

Has anyone ever heard of this liquor? I am trying to find where I can purchase it. It is a passion fruit flavor.

May 15, 2007
redjen in Spirits