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Sit Down Lunch Spots; Financial District

Looking for a new spot, been to the usual suspects (Ivy, Max & Dylan's, Kingston Station, Elephant & Castle). Trying for within walking distance of Downtown Crossing, a casual place, nothing high-brow like Ruth's Chris. Any suggestions?

Quail eggs?

Kotobukiya (sp?) in Porter Square has them.

scones, where do you buy the most delicious ones?

Definitely not much of a scone connehoweveryouspellitseur, but I occassionally stop in at the boulangerie at Sel de la Terre and pick some up there for my coworkers, and I found them to be very good.

Dessert in Back Bay?

Oddly enough, try Mooo on Beacon. Both the mousse and the chocolate cake there are unbelievable.

Drink in the North End

I live on the waterfront, a block from Hanover, and I must say that the bar at Lucca is my personal favorite North End bar. Cafe Francesca (sp?) has a pretty good espresso martini, though.

Christmas Brunch in/around Boston

Does anyone know of some good Christmas brunch options in or around Boston? I know that Cafe Fleuri at the Langham has one, but I couldn't get a reservation for anything later than 10:30.

Carmen, North End - Recommendations

Have a work dinner at Carmen tonight. Never been. I didn't see much by way of recommendations posted. Does anyone have any they'd like to share?

Petsi's Pies

Chocolate pecan pie, very good. I, too, have been dying to try the mississippi mud pie. I've heard good things about the lemon meringue. The sweet potato pie is pretty good.

Wasn't overly impressed with the apple pie, though.

Last Minute Downtown Pre-Movie Dinner

Going to a movie tonight, and looking for a place to grab dinner beforehand. Was going to grab dinner in Harvard Square, then head into the city to go to the Loews Boston Common, but instead will be eating right in the city. Since this is so last minute, my head just can't grab on to a place to go.

Looking for something laid back where reservations will not be necessary, but it will actually be possible to walk in and have a wait no longer than, say, 1 hour. Also something fun. I was thinking of something in Chinatown, as well as maybe an American option, and maybe something Italian (that is not in the North End, I live there and the crowds of people that insist on standing around to see a movie star are driving me nuts).

Any ideas?

Downtown tonight w/ no reservations?

Sorellina near the library is a good choice, as well. Big enough that you will likely be able to get in on a Wednesday night; No. 9, not such a sure thing due to its size. Nice bar area at Sorellina as well.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston?

Had Thanksgiving dinner at Spire at Hotel Nine-Zero. It was a decent traditional dinner with a modern spin. That is gone now, replaced by K-O Prime. Who knows though, they may also offer.