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Visiting Manhattan-- how do these places sound?

I've been to Striphouse a few times now and have become quite a big fan of it. My first time, the service was quite poor, but the food made up for it. I recently ate there on Saturday night and both food and service were great. I would strongly recommend the chateaubriand for two, rare. Delicious!

May 15, 2007
Nikifern in Manhattan

Best Cupcakes in NYC?

Will do...I think it'll be a very good time. And I'm really interested in the end result of the voting- not like it would really prove anything, it'll just be fun to see who likes which bakery best.

May 11, 2007
Nikifern in Manhattan

Best Cupcakes in NYC?

I'm thinking of using
-Magnolia (so I can prove some of the ladies wrong, that they're not the best)
-Crumbs (thanks to your suggestions)
-Sugar Sweet Sunshine
-Cup Cake Cafe
-Oh, and I'm gonna throw in my own, too- just for fun!

May 09, 2007
Nikifern in Manhattan

Best Cupcakes in NYC?

I'm hosting a cup cake party for my girlfriends and am wondering what some favorite cup- cake bakeries in NYC are. Since NY and cupcakes can become a hot topic, and obviously everyone has their own favorite, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this.
See, at the party, I'm going to buy cupcakes from about 8-10 of the 'best' places in the city. Then, I'm going to place them on numbered plates (and only I'll know what number corresponds to which bakery). Everyone will taste them, fill out a sheet, vote, and we'll see who comes out victorious!

May 09, 2007
Nikifern in Manhattan

Casual weekend lunch in Park Slope

I'm always happy with Bar Toto- 475 6th Ave (and it sounds like what is your Tempo Presto is my Bar Toto- maybe we should switch and both try something new). They make the best bloody marys that I've ever had and their prices are great! Also they offer sidewalk seating...not exactly a garden, but still nice to be outside.

May 08, 2007
Nikifern in Outer Boroughs