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Photo Cakes in Westchester

Carvel does it. The one on Quaker Ridge in NR did a nice job with my son's Wubbzy cake last year.

Great Fried Shrimp in Westchester

The cajun popcorn shrimp appetizer at the Bayou in Mt. Vernon is awesome.

Help! all our Chinese takeouts are closing!

Have been ordering happily from Hunan Ritz for 3 years. Their shrimp with broccoli consisted of jumbo shrimp in a delicate white wine sauce. Have eaten it almost every Friday for 3 years. Ordered same from East Bamboo today and got small shrimp in a sticky brown sauce with that yellow fried rice, the color of Mexican rice. They also don't have any of the Japanese items that Hunan had, like delicious gyozo and sushi rolls, edamame or avocado salad. The good days are over.

The Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar in Rye

Went here again last night for the Monday clambake. $27 for choice of chowder (manhattan, new england or lobster), a 1.5 lb lobster, a bunch of mussels and steamers, corn and potato.
Pros: Lobster chowder was tasty. Lobster was big, perfectly steamed, and the amount of clams and mussels were plentiful. The seafood was delicious. They substituted fries for a baked potato at no charge. Parking was free. I'm not sure if it was because it was a weekday or because it was stormy out and the playland rides were closed.
Cons: The service was awful. The servers are a bunch of kids socializing with one another and completely ignoring the customers, of which there were very few. A manager type man was sitting at a table doing paperwork and not paying attention to the incompetent staff. They did not take dishes away and they kept placing hot items in front of my baby. The food took quite awhile to arrive. The fries are not good and the bread was stale.
I will continue going here becuase I like the seafood and the view, but there is definitely room for inprovement in the other areas.

The Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar in Rye

I had a great experience here the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. We drove to Playland specifically to eat here, with a baby and a toddler in tow. Playland was jammed and we were worried we had made a mistake. The Pier Restaurant was an oasis in the middle of the chaos. I had an excellent margarita and a tasty lobster roll. The fries were not great. Hubby had fried ravioli and a burger, Mom the lobster salad, and Dad the fried clams which I kept stealing. They were large and juicy and between he and I we could barely finish them, there were so many. The waitress was totally tuned in to the fact that we had small kids with us. She catered to them and our food arrived quickly. The prices are not cheap and the food is not spectacular but this place is still a welcome addition to the horrific food options previously offered at Playland. I would definitely dine here again as well as go just for cocktails.

Suggestions for Birthday dinner - lower westchester

Wow, chowhound tagged Zitoune in my post.

1127 W Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Suggestions for Birthday dinner - lower westchester

Any suggestions for a birthday dinner for two best friends who love food? We're looking for something great with a nice atmosphere. We were considering Zitoune but they are only open until 10pm, and will probably not arrive until 9 on a weeknight. Also looked at 42 but it looks very pricey. If it is worth it, will consider. Also need a place where we can get a resevation for next week....

1127 W Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Casual Dinner - Need Recommendations

I always like City Limits. There's also LaManda's on 119 in White Plains. Been to both hundreds of times and they are always consistent.

help! foodie just moved to cold spring

A few fantastic destination restaurants in the area are Valley at the Garrison on Route 9 in Garrison, The Bird and Bottle also on route 9 in Garrison, and Plumbush on 9D in Cold Spring. I ate at Brasserie Le Bouchon but it was awhile ago and the food was very good. The Cold Spring Depot has standard burgers, onion soup, etc, and there's an asian place on 9 up near fishkill that's related to a restaurant in Croton I think? Umami Cafe. The one in Croton gets raves. Cold Spring is the very prettiest of Hudson Valley towns, good luck there.

Cheese, crackers & provisions near Scarsdale

I second the Hartsdale Cheesery. Their cream cheese with caviar is amazing. However if that is too far out of the way Balducci's has a nice cheese selection.

Mother's Day

I just posted on another thread about the Crabtree Kittle House brunch buffet in Chappaqua. It is excellent. I've been two years in a row on Father's Day and the setting is elegant, food is fantastic.

Where to brunch in Westchester-LoHud

Crabtree Kittle House in Chappaqua has an elegant brunch buffet. I've been several times and it is fantastic. There are breakfast items, homemade pastries, pastas, carved meat, shrimp, oysters and clams, berries and whipped cream, and a dessert selection from a menu. I took my parents for Father's Day two years in a row and it was delightful. The food is a cut above your average brunch buffet.

Lake George dining suggestions?

We ate at Mister Browns Pub at the Sagamore which was casual but had a nice vibe and an interesting menu with good food. A walk on the grounds of the Sagamore afterwards is very romantic.

Frozen custard

I don't know if it is still there, but there was a frozen custard place in Peekskill near the train station called Sweet Central. Was pregnant at the time and boy, did I love that place. The custard was fantastic and they also had a variety of homemade hot sauces like milk chocolate and caramel that were fantastic!

New Rochelle Deli corner of Weaver and Quaker Ridge

The prices are astronomical. Boars Head Ham is $15/lb, a gallon of milk is $6. That being said, the sandwiches are interesting and tasty, the smoothies are great, good muffins too, but you may break the bank. I had to make myself stop going there after I picked up just a few things in between food shoppings to the tune of $75.

Looking for a good Salad in Westchester

I love the Chicken Paillaird salad and the Shrimp and Scallop salad at City Limits. They are pricey but excellent. Each ingredient has fantastic flavor.

Any Reviews for Antipasti in WP?

Well there is valet parking there.

good seafood risotto in westchester county

I can vouch for the dish at Eastchester Fish - it is excellent. Chat 19 in Larchmont has a lobster risotto but there's not much lobster in it.

Any Reviews for Antipasti in WP?

I have eaten here twice recently and enjoyed it. The first time was with a friend and we stuck with antipasti, which I think is the way to go. We started with a scrumptious whole Burrata which came surrounded by delicate prosciutto. Also had nice soppresata and ricotta salata which was also very good. The bread was tasty and we asked for olive oil, salt and pepper for dipping. We then had eggplant rollantini (good), fried zucchini rounds (good) and the rice balls which weren't served crisp, and are supposed to be. However they crisped up nicely the next day in my toaster oven and the flavor was good. We then had a veggie pizzeta with olives, mushrooms, zucchini and artichoke hearts which was also good - the toppings were nice, the crust just ok.

This was on a Thursday night around 7 and although the bar area had some people in it, we were the only people in the dining room. It made me fear for the place. It's not cheap and I wondered if it would last in this economy. As a cheese lover, the antipasti idea is right up my alley. I love picking at appetizer type foods especially involving cheese and meats.

The second time was on a Friday night with my husband. It was a little earlier and the dining room had some people in it. Another couple was seated right next to us when there were so many other seats free. I find that so uncomfortable - you can't help but overhear each others conversations. Anyway, forgot to mention above how nice and spacious the place is inside (so not sure why we were seated so close!)

We had a mozzarella special which consisted of three types of the cheese - bocconcini, small burrata type balls that were creamy inside and smoked mozzarella - all delicious. The special was served with prosciutto as well and I ordered a special cheese of the day - forgot what it was called but it was kind of a mix between blue and goat cheese, served with honey and date nut bread - delicious. We had entrees this time - my husband the lasagna which he described as ok. The rudy part of annrudy is very picky and so an "ok" coming from him about a lasagna not made by his mother is actually quite good. I had an entree I don't see on the menu anymore - it was fish over a small pasta in a tomato based sauce - the fish was perfectly cooked, there was a filet of some sort and scallops and shrimp, with the exception of the calamari which was overcooked. The dish was nice but for some reason the flavors didn't meld together for me. I enjoyed the fish but the pasta wasn't appealing and the sauce was just ok.

For dessert we shared a trio of mousse which was also ok - they all tasted similar though, and I had an excellent decaf cappuccino.

I know my descriptions are mostly "good" and "ok" - I can't think of any other words to describe some of the food. I would stick to the Antipasti, especially the cheese and meats - they were scrumptious and everything else was "good".

Eating at Tarry Lodge

I can't believe I am still pursuing this, but since you keep mentioning my 20x comment, I don't feel I have a choice. Scroll down in this link for a picture of the Burrata at Antipasti.

I stand by my comment. The portion at Tarry Lodge that WE received would amount to a tiny corner of this. I too wish I had a bigger portion and a better experience as you did, but that was simply not the case, no lies, exaggerations, or dishonesty involved. Some parts of the meal were great, some weren't. I love food and restaurants and have no reason not to give a true description of each experience. That's what this board is for.

Eating at Tarry Lodge

Thanks much, jfood :)

Eating at Tarry Lodge

I highly recommended it. It was the best thing there and could have been a meal unto itself.

Eating at Tarry Lodge

I didn't hate it at all, if I had, I would have given it a 2. Expectations are much higher when well respected food industry types open a place. I am just giving an honest review of the place.

Note the word honest. Please don't question me on portion size of the mozzerella there vs. antipasti - I am not exaggerating. You may have gotten more when you were there. My mom did ask for a knife and got one - as I said, she wanted to me to mention that, I thought it was a but unreasonable to expect one of the waiters to notice on their own.

I expect a meal the quality of Babbo's, because, as a full blooded Italian, I know that most ingredients (potato gnocchi, for example) cost pennies. It's not how much you spend on ingredients, it's the preparation the goes into it.

dolores you seem a bit sensitive about this place - if it wasn't under the Bastianich name, I would consider it a nice trattoria and leave it at that. But with the hype involved, you can't help expecting something super special.

Eating at Tarry Lodge

My parents and I went to Tarry Lodge last night. Arrived at 5 without a reservation and were seated without an issue. We were presented with Foccacia Bread and a small bowl of olives. The Focaccia I've known is usually soft. This was hard as a rock, perhaps a day old. It came with no oil or butter so we tried dipping it in the olive juice - but that's all it was, olive juice without oil or seasoning. The olives were nice.

We started with the proscuitto San Danielle and the Insalate Burrata. The proscuitto, although appearing too thickly sliced, had great flavor and melted in your mouth. When the Burrata arrived, I was disappointed. Here is why. At Antipasti in White Plains, although the Burrata is twice as much as at Tarry Lodge, it arrives as a huge, plate sized mound of creaminess, surrounded by proscuitto and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. It is a delight and probably has 20 times the amount of mozzerella this had. At Tarry Lodge, it came in a salad that was way too sweet for all of us, containing roasted eggplant and maybe 3 bites of burrata. It could have been a nice salad had the sweet flavor of balsamic and honey perhaps? not permeated every bit of it.

We then each had a pasta - myself the Lobster pasta which was mentioned above. It was good, not great. It had a generous portion of Lobster, but was rather plain otherwise and had an overload of parsley in it which left an aftertaste on each bite.

My dad had the pillowy Gnocchi with Braised Oxtail which I thought were excellent but my Dad thought they were unseasoned and lacking sauce [I disagree], and my mom had Linguini with Clams which was also very good and had a kick to it.

For dessert we had Pannetone Pudding (a too dry warm bread pudding type dish that did come with a nice ice cream) and a very dense and flavorful Panna Cotta that came with a delicious Grapefruit Sorbet.

Forgot to mention the side of Artichokes with Mint - they were perfectly cooked but had no salt whatsoever - every bite left you wishing there was salt on the table.

Service was good, with tons of waiters and managers milling about and hovering (which made my mom nervious), and she also is making me mention that she did not have a knife even though there were 20 waiters in our area :).

By 6 the place was jumping but not packed. As we waited for our coats there was a lot of bargaining for tables going on with the hostess, whom I overhead saying "We of course would rather seat a large party than a small one".

Our rating - 7. I was expecting something exquiste because every meal I've had at Babbo has been absolutely exquisite. However, I did have a very disappointing meal at Del Posto last year, so I suppose you never know, no matter who the owners are. I would go back again though - would love to try the Gorgonzola salad, the pizza, and some of the other pastas and entrees. The prices are very reasonable and the place is pretty and casual.

PS - As I was writing this I was finishing off my lobster pasta from last night for lunch today, after I had doctored it up with cream, cheese, and lots of salt and pepper. Yum.

Favorite deli in NR/Eastchester/Scarsdale area?

Tuna, where is Michael's?

Favorite deli in NR/Eastchester/Scarsdale area?

Well, mainly I'm looking for good sandwiches to take out. Not just sliced meats but hot food, blts, egg sandwiches, wraps, etc. Fresh ingredients on the sandwiches like roasted peppers, fresh mozzerella, good egg salad, chicken salad, seafood salad. I also need to be able to get sliced meats, Boars Head, while I'm there. Forgot to mention that I've tried the new deli at the farm on the corner of Weaver and Quaker Ridge and it's very good but exPENsive! I don't mind paying more for convenience and quality but the prices there are insane.

Looking to go Apple Picking this weekend.

I had a great time at Fishkill Farms recently. It's a drive through orchard where you park and get out at different trees. It wasn't crouded at 10am and the donuts were great :) Apples were also delicious as the disappearance of my apple crisp showed!

Favorite deli in NR/Eastchester/Scarsdale area?

Hi, I need to find my "go to" deli in this area. Please let me know your favorites!

So far:
Italian Meateria on Quaker - good
Deli at Baducci's - not great
Deli at Whole Foods - excellent! but out of my way
Deli at Lizzies Supermarket in Country Club - not great

Does anyone know anything about the Deli at the 5 corners in Scarsdale across from Balducci's, or the Italian delis on Shore Road (parking looks tight there) or near Eastchester Fish Gourmet? What am I missing?

Sat Lunch in White Plains

Laguna on Post Rd is good for groups, family style. Eggplant Rolatini and fried zucchini are great.

Blue Hill Stone Barns [split from Manhattan board]

Any souffle on the menu. My best food experience ever was the basil souffle there. Going July 10 for the summer tasting, can't wait!