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Why are the Shake Shack burgers so salty this year?

You know, after hearing the most amazing things about these burgers...I finally went tonight at 10:30 line. I wen to the one on 77th. I was very excited. I got the Shake Shack double. I also got a chocolate shake. I took my first bite all ready to be blown away by this brisket infused burger. It was VERY salty. I thought maybe it was because I was drinking the shake with it. So I cleansed my pallet with some water. Nope. I could not believe how salty and average the burger tasted. VERY DISAPPOINTED! I then thought maybe G-d was punishing me for mixing milk and meat. Who knows! I wanted to love it, but really did not even like it at all! Way too salty and not that flavorful. Very strange considering how everyone loves this place. In Manhattan I much prefer 5 Guys. And for the best burger I have ever had in my life... I go to the Piper's Kilt in Eastchester (westchester county).

Mar 11, 2009
magicrat in Manhattan