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Espresso, brunch, seafood and dinner - this weekend with 14 month old!?

TeeZeeTwo has great suggestions but, here are a few more
1. Coffee: You could try L'Aroma on Newbury St (
2. Stephanie's on Newbury has large portions of upscale comfort food , is kid friendly and within walking distance of your hotel. It gets busy on the weekends so you might want to call to try to get a reservation. They should have high chairs.
3. Eastern Standard ( has a bistro atmosphere, great cocktails and fits your price range. Its next to the Kenmore Sq. t-stop
4. The seafood is great here but, after my last visit to Sydney I miss morton bay bugs ! Legal's is always reliable but, you may also want to head to the waterfront and check out the Barking Crab ( or check out Summer Shack which has high chairs and kids activities I believe on Sunday nights

The Barking Crab
88 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Summer Shack
310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

one fantastic dinner in Madrid, please help me!

Your response is much appreciated. Thank you, estufarian!!

Aug 13, 2010
sailorblue in Spain/Portugal

one fantastic dinner in Madrid, please help me!

We will be ending a week long vacation (our first in 3 years!) with one night in Madrid and have saved up for a "last supper". I have looked through previous postings and have found many amazing options. Please help me decide from the following:

Ramon Freixa
Sacha Restaurant

Thank you!!

Aug 12, 2010
sailorblue in Spain/Portugal

Toscanini's Awesome Customer Service

In 2004, I tasted and promptly fell in love with Toscanini's Double Burnt Caramel Fudge Swirl ice cream only to never see it appear on the menu again. I was in Toscanini's on Saturday night and one of the guys behind the counter overheard me talking about my search for my favorite elusive flavor. He suggested that I leave my e-mail and said that Toscanini's would e-mail if it ever appeared again. Well, today, I received an e-mail from the owner, Gus Rancatore, telling me that he had made two pints of just for me!! Its absolutely delicious and just like I remembered. Thanks Toscanini's!!

Toscanini's Ice Cream
899 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Inexpensive wedding cake or wedding cupcakes

I got married 2 years ago and was shocked to discover how expensive wedding cakes could be. We were very happy with Icing On the Cake in Newton ( and found them to be the most affordable in the Boston area at about $2 a slice. Our cake was so delicious (unfortunately for us) that people had seconds and there wasn't any left over after the reception.

Anyone know when Dorado will be opening?

Today's Daily Candy ( says that Dorado is opening Wednesday but, there is nothing on about being open

Pizza Republic

I went to Pizzeria Dante yesterday for their open house. They had free pizza, calzones and gelato. I had a veggie slice and enjoyed that it wasn't greasy and they were very generous with the toppings (lots of black olives, mushrooms, artichokes, etc).

Sensing at Fairmont Battery Wharf?

We ate at Sensing last night. I was a little concerned having read some negative reviews that we were going to be disappointed but thankfully, our night out ended up being very enjoyable. After handing over the keys to the valet ($15), we were met in the lobby by the host who seemed to be expecting us (likely because their were only 3 other reservations and we were first arrive-- surprising for a Saturday night). We were then seated and greeted immediately by our waiter who addressed us as Mr and Mrs "last name" and seeing that we were wearing dark clothing, exchanged our white napkins for black ones (a nice touch) and then asked if we wanted drinks. We ordered wine by the glass which we enjoyed. Bread came in the form of individually served french baguette rolls which tasted like Iggys. For dinner we ordered a snacking plate, the cauliflower soup with bagel chip (made with soy which I note for any lactose intolerant chowhounds), steak and peanut encrusted lamb. Not interested in the cheese and sage maki on the snacking plate, our waiter was happy to swap it for an extra foie gras. I agree with Jody's review of the plate and soup.The plate was interesting but items such as the foie were lighter and closer to foam than expected. The bagel chip in the soup was an interesting touch, although we wondered if it was just a way to use up stale bagels. Dinner was great and both the lamb and steak were cooked perfectly. As for sides, the steak came with eggplant fries that were amazing!! and the lamb came with gnocci that were okay. We did enjoy that both plates came with extra sides of sauce. In addition, our the kitchen sent out 2 complementary sides of mashed potatoes. For dessert, we split the caramel pie with peanut butter ice cream (a small single pie crust filled with caramel and topped with a light brittle) which was a nice balance of sweet and salty. At the end of the meal we were given what looked like a mint but turned into a mini-hot towel after our waiter poured water on it. The check came with 2 chocolate truffles and gellees.

Service was very attentive (possible because we were the only customers for most of our dinner), friendly and professional. Not at the refined level as L'Espalier as others have said but it is clear that they are trying very hard and we had no complaints. As for the atmosphere, its definitely a hotel restaurant and we were surprised that the architects didn't take advantage of the waterfront location in their design. That being said, the lighting, sound level of background music, seating, etc made for a comfortable experience.

Four Couples Dinner Help

I second La Morra. If you go on a Sunday night, they have a great special- 4 courses served family style for $25 a person. The menu changes weekly and is usually posted on their website. Also, wanted to suggest Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. As long as there isn't a game at Fenway, there is always plenty of parking nearby on Beacon St. From my experience, Eastern Standard has been great when I have organized dinners with lots of friends. Handling groups isn't always easy but Eastern Standard always provides consistent service and a menu with something for everyone.

Dante disappointment

We dined at Dante last night and after hearing such good things we were surprised that it ended up being such a disappointing meal. Their reservation policy is strange. When I called earlier in the week, I was told that the only spots lefter were at 6:15pm or 9:30pm. I went for the earlier time and was surprised that the restaurant was practically empty from when we arrived until when we left around 8pm. As for the food, we started with a mixed green salad which was just greens and minute cucumber and radish slivers that was heavy on the vinegar and the lamb antipasti which reminded us of shawarma. For our entrees, we had the steak which was served with spinach and mushrooms and the sole scaloppine. The steak was fine but the sole was under seasoned and bland. The check came to $90 (after subtracting a $25 gift certificate!!!) for 2 starters, 2 entrees, a glass of wine and tip. Was it an off night or did we not order well?

Ten Tables: new location or moving?

According to the Zagat website's fall preview, Ten Tables is taking over the old Craigie Street Bistro spot after they move to Central Sq. Will this be a second location or is Ten Tables leaving JP?

Three Thieves "juice" boxes

I think that you can buy them online at

wedding locations and caterers

Congratulations! We were married last year in an outdoor wedding and while planning was a lot of work, it was totally worth it. We used Tiger Lily Caterers( and our guests were impressed with not only the food (which was amazing!) but also the service. While we didn't have a vegitarian dinner, our guests who don't eat meat were very happy with the vegetarian option. I would also recommend which was our second choice and has experience with vegetarian events. Good luck with everything.

afternoon tea at hotel - suggestions?

While not in a hotel, Upstairs on the Square has tea in a very fun setting. Check out the menu at

Gu Puddings and Desserts

Just double checked and works. Not sure what has to do with things. Thanks for suggesting that I write to Trader Joe's.

Super 88 foodcourt for dummies

Just ate there last night and enjoyed steamed dumplings and shrimp noodles from the dim sum stand. Also, the frozen yogurt with fresh fruit at Yo Berry was delicious and very refreshing!

Gu Puddings and Desserts

Does anyone know where to find GU puddings? Just heard about them from a friend. However, GU is a UK based company and I'm not sure if they are selling their products in the U.S. yet. Their site, , looks delicious.

Where can I buy Argentine Dulce de Leche

If you are still looking, I was at Russo's today and they Dulce de Leche from Argentina near the registers on a shelf below the peaches. Having not seen it at Russo's before I'm not sure if its just a temporary item but hopefully it will be stocked year round.

Suggestions for 21 yr olds first cocktail?

Okay so probably not her first drink ever but I did think that it was kind of cute that she wanted a Jackie O. Thanks for your suggestions!

Suggestions for 21 yr olds first cocktail?

Tonight is my youngest sister's birthday. She is turning 21 and has been looking forward to having a "Jackie O" at the bar Upstairs on the Square to celebrate. Just learned that they are closed this evening for a private event. Any other suggestions for someplace similar to celebrate?

Pastry Outrage in Brookline (apologies to cupcake outrage thread)

Good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that $8 for one slice (and not even a big one at that) is insane! How do these places stay in business?

Pastry Outrage in Brookline (apologies to cupcake outrage thread)

I just stopped in to Tatte Cookies & Cakes on Beacon St. in Brookline. Its a lovely shop and everything delicious but I was shocked by their prices. $8 for a slice of cheesecake?! $4 for a biscotti? Are there any affordable bakeries/ pastry shops left?

Best fun restaurant for $50

What about the Helmand in Cambridge?

Where can I buy Argentine Dulce de Leche

I used to see it at Whole Foods but haven't lately. Might be worth a call to see if it will be re-stocked. Also, its only takes a can of sweetened condenced milk and about an hour to make it at home. Check out or for recipes.

30th birthday restaraunt/ maybe room rental for ~15? (Bos)

Both Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. and The Met in Chestnut Hill have private rooms and seperate bar areas. I've attended parties at both and had a great time and a good meal.

Gran Gusto..first trip

I was just about to start a new thread but you beat me to it. We dined at Gran Gusto tonight and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. We shared the grilled calamari (excellent!!), arugala salad, eggplant lasagne (fresh and not to heavy) and the ricotta pie. Also loved that it was easy to park.

How to spend Williams Sonoma Gift Card?

stove top grill pan sounds great! Also, a friend suggested that we get a pressure cooker or a slow cooker, neither of which we have. Does anyone have an experience with either? Would it be useful for us to have?

May 12, 2008
sailorblue in Cookware

How to spend Williams Sonoma Gift Card?

Nice idea but we live in an apt in a city so grilling is out of the question

May 12, 2008
sailorblue in Cookware

How to spend Williams Sonoma Gift Card?

We were fortunate enought to receive gift cards to Williams Sonoma totaling $200 as wedding presents. In addition, because our friends and family know how much we love to cook, we were also given a blender, food processer, stand mixer, panini press and a hand-held immersion blender.... all of which we love! Any suggestions on how to best use the gift cards? Any appliance/equipment that you have that you can't live without that we should get? Thanks in advance for your help.

May 12, 2008
sailorblue in Cookware

Where to Dine w/ $150 OpenTable Certificate

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to a great meal.

May 10, 2008
sailorblue in Manhattan