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Got to love the Thai House in Indy

Have you tried Thai Spice in Greenwood? Well worth the drive. Out of the 4 Thai places I've tried in Indy, I like this one the best. :-)

mid-Indiana restaurant suggestions for $125

Recently, I've been offered by my work a $125 reimbursement for restaurant dining. Dinner would be for 2 people. My fiance and I tend to be picky with the places we eat. We do not like to go to the local/touristy destinations, but prefer to find food at hole-in-the-wall diners or authentic ethnic restaurants. Needless to say, we are not a big fan of chains. Since we are food cheapies, we are having a hard time deciding where to go. ;-)

Would someone have a suggestion of places to go with our budget in mind? We would prefer not going to someplace such as St. Elmo's or the Melting Pot. (I've heard of a restaurant someplace close to the Lapel area that is known for their fine dining. They do not take reservations, and the locals know to line up outside before the restaurant opens. No idea the name of the place, or the town it is located....)

Thanks. :-)