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Picnic Proposal Suggestions at Sonoma wineries

The winery that first jumped to my mind is Ledson. It's a castle and is beautiful romantic, set in Kenwood. I don't know about appointments, but I'm sure there are plenty on places on the grounds to wonder off to for privacy.

Blu in Petaluma report

I also read the review that you referred to and thought it was a "must-try". Too bad your meal did not measure up. I will go within the next week or so and report back.

Near Railroad Sq in Santa Rosa?

What exactly are you looking for? Romantic dinner, quick lunch, three square meals, etc? How far are you willing to drive?

There are several great places within walking distance. On Fourth St. adjacent to RR square there is Lococo's- an itialian favorite of many locals. For breakfast, also on that side of Fourth, is the Omlette Express. Downtown S.R. there is Flavors- great lunch or dinner spot. Traverso's specialty deli for sandwich's or picnic items including wine.

You'll have no problem finding tasty spots.

Must Go places in SF?

I think you're referring to Cha Cha Cha's.....I have friends who really like it and have tried to get me to go a few times. Don't know about the food, but I hear the sangria IS really good.

ISO Picnic Foods - Marin/Sonoma Co.

I second MW's suggestion to skip the Ferry Bldg. this time and head directly north. I also second her suggestion for Traverso's market located at 3rd and B st. downtown Santa Rosa. They have a ton of specialty/gourmet goodies, a full deli, etc and they are conveniently located off the 101.

Retail venison? Preferably not from overseas?

I don't know where you're located, but you can buy Venison at Bud's Custom Meats in Penngrove (Sonoma County). I don't think they have a website, but you can reach them at:

7750 Petaluma Hill Rd.
Penngrove, Ca.94951
(707) 795-8402

Hikuni- New? Hibachi Rest. in Santa Rosa

I saw the billboard for this new(?) restaurant in Santa Rosa over on Montgomery Dr. It's a hibachi/sushi place called Hikuni.......anyone know anything about it? It looks like a Benihana- which can be fun.

best local birds for Thanksgiving?

Willie Bird's in Santa Rosa. Put your order in early. They're the best!!!

Northern California Mail Order Holiday Gifts

Kozlowski Farms does gorgeous gift baskets. They ship nationwide, and you can customize your gift baskets with Kozlowski Farms products and other local products that their store carries. Orders can be done on the internet or over the phone, but it also makes a nice day trip, as the farm is located right in the heart of the Russian River Valley.....good wine tasting and you can sample all of Kozlowski's products at the farm.

Tahini Grill in Santa Rosa Closed

Are you talking about Anatolia in Santa Rosa on 4th st?......because that closed down a couple months ago. I was distraught because it was one of my FAVORITE lunch spots. The had amazing gyros, salads, hummus....everything! And it was so reasonably priced. I would love to find another spot like that.

saturday night in st helena

Rutherford Grill in Rutherford- just outside of St. Helena. There may be a wait, but there is a decent sized bar that serves food, so you can get an appetizer and great cocktails.

2 Nights in Forestville

I've never been to Cyrus, and I'm sure it's great....but it is VERY expensive. If you're over in west county you may want to try Underwood in Graton. It's not a far drive from the Farmhouse. It's delicious food and is a local favorite- especially of the RRV grape grower/winery owners. It has a very cool vibe, great wine list/cocktails and yummy food!

Sparkling Wine Day in Wine Country

Schramsburg is a must see. You have to have reservations, so call ahead to verify availability. Have fun!

dinner in Russian River

In Forestville, I hear that Mosaic is really good, but I have not been myself. You should try doing a seach for other topic threads discussing the RRV.

I can reccommend Underwood in Graton (about 10-15 minutes from Guerneville). It is commented on in another post from a couple days ago. If you want to stay somewhere close you could look into the Holiday Inn Express in Sebastopol. It's right on Hwy 116 and about a 25 minute drive to Guerneville. If you stay there, you can eat at GTO's- right downtown Sebastopol. It has a delicious, cajun inspired menu and awesome cocktails. There is also the K & L bitro. It's been a few years since I've been there, but it was recently michelin rated.

If you can make it to Healdsburg there are plenty of delicious food options from casual to formal. Good Luck!

UNDERWOOD - Graton - What's the word?

Underwood is great. Warm, inviting interior. Cool bar with interesting cocktails. Yummy food, lively atmospohere. I loved pretty much everything about the place. The service was a bit off, but what they lacked in service, they made up for in their macaroni and cheese. It was to die for.

Organic Turkey Eggs from Willie Bird (Santa Rosa)

So how did they taste? I love Willie Birds.

Tomato Fest- Rest. Suggestions -Rohnert Park Area

You could also consider Italian Affair on 4th St (east of downtown). It is good, hearty Italian food, big portions, old world feel. Or I really like Lococo's, also on 4th St. but on the west side of downtown. There are other posts on Lococo's to review- great food, and you probably need reservations. It has a nice atmosphere and awesome specials. It would be a tasty dinner after the Tomato fest.

Lunch Recommendations in Downtown Santa Rosa

Hmmm overpriced? To be honest, I've never eaten dinner there, so can't comment on that- I've only been for lunches which is what the original poster asked about. But the lunch specials, whcih include miso soup and salad are $7.95 (for most) you get good portions, and it is tasty food. It's not authentic chinese (I agree it may be casual and safe), but it is good- especially for a business day lunch. And like I said, attentive service.

Lunch Recommendations in Downtown Santa Rosa

Arrigoini's deli on 4th St at D is tasty. Sandwichs, etc made to order, but also fresh homemade dishes too. In the winter get their tomato basil soup and quiche lorraine. Eat on the outdoor patio and people watch.

For a more formal lunch walk thru the Mailer Galleria (near Corricks) to 5th st. and eat at Gary Chu's chinese food. I know it's still hot out, but they also have yummy soups and great lunch specials accompanied by attentive service.

B&B with Great Breakfast in Sonoma?

The Birmingham Bed and Breakfast in Kenwood is FANTASTIC. Warm, accomadating owners, delicious breakfast, cozy rooms. I would highly reccommend. It'c conveniently located on Hwy 12 right in Kenwood, just a few minutes from downtown Sonoma. or call 800-819-1388.

Girls Night for Birthday Dinner in Santa Rosa

I've been to Monti's a couple times and only sat/ate at the bar. It's been a while, and everything I've ordered has been pretty good but forgettable. However....... a few stand outs. The raw oysters- amazing, plump, fresh- with mignonette/horseradish, etc. Their soups-always delicious, seasonal receipes, and perfect. Last time I was there DH got the flat iron grilled hangar steak and garlic fries with truffle oil. The steak was on the smaller side but HUGE on flavor. The garlic fries-outstanding! Steak and potatos- who knew?? Good wine list, if not a little pricey. It does have a full bar. I wish it was better on atmosphere for a fun girls night out, but no where in Santa Rosa really stands out in my mind for that. I think the suggesstions on this post are pretty accurate. Have fun!

Girls Night for Birthday Dinner in Santa Rosa

Hi, I just did a review on the S.R. Willi's last week, but I don't know how to link the post. Anyhow, I was really disappointed becasue it used to be a fave, but the food and service went down hill. Still love the Willi's up in Healdsburg. Syrah is really $$$$ and Flavor is tasty, but I think only serves beer and cocktails-I'm not positive on that so I would double check.

What about Barcode on 4th? Are there any posts?

One of my faves is Osake at Montgomery Village. Japanese food that you can order as much or little as you want. Pretty fun atmosphere on the weekends and close to downtown.

Willi's Wine Bar S.R.-Review

My DH and BFF went to Willi's last Saturday, and it had been about a year since we last ate there. It used to be one of my favorites restaurants. However, that all changed and I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. I've seen it reccommended on CH by several people, and I wonder if it's lost it's luster.

Called to make resos and hostess answered the phone, "Willi's!". That's all she said....I may have well just called the "Wagon Wheel" or "Giga's!" Needless to say it bugged me.

When we arrived we were greeted with a less than enthusiastic "do you have a reservation?" not even a hello. I'm no restaurant snob, but even at Applebees (one of our faves, we get a hello).

Seated promptly and greeted by our server. Now I don't know if it was an off night, but the server was even colder and more apathetic than the hostess. We asked about the Halibut and all she could say to describe it was: "it's good, if you like halibut. People seem to really like it" Hmmmmm OK!

Ordered raw oysters which were very good served with a perfect mignonette sauce.

Next ordered the pork potstickers and heirloom tomato salad: The potstickers were rubbery and bland. The pork inside was only pretty good. The dish overall was a dissapontment. The heirloom tomato salad never came.

The morrocan lamb chops were succulent and cooked perfectly, and the cous cous was delicious.

Also got a patheticly small order of the mac and cheese which tasted great, but was only enough to taste once. We agreed that we all could have eaten about 10 pounds each of the mac and cheese it was so good.

All the while we were mostly ignored by our server except when my husband had a question about the gnocchi; she did decide to roll her eyes and throw one knee up on the vacant chair on our table. He did order the gnocchi dish which was yummy but forgettable.

Their wine list is quite good with interesting selections, but grossly overpriced. I remember the wine list to be much more welcoming when they first opened.

Finally got the heirloom tomato salad after asking about it. At which point the server said "hmmm it never came?....I'll go grab another one" No polite apology, just the salad that had an under ripe heirloom tomato on it with a few globs of some kind of soft flavorless cheese. I dumped a bunch of salt on it and ate it, but wasn't worth the trip back to the kitchen.

I was quite disappointed with the exception of the lamb and the mac & cheese. At about $200 for the meal with wine, we decided to scrtach it off our list.

I will try the Willi's raw bar in Healdsburg again because they've always been great, but I will not be going back here.

Favorite Market Deli/Take Out in Sonoma County?

Arrigoni's is great!!! They have quiche lorraine that is excellent- it goes great with their tomato basil soup in the winter. Creative salads, freindly service, high quality meats, etc.

Peason's has some delicious items- the vegie quesadilla, noodle salad, BLT, etc. And the place is always clean and features beautiful desserts (although I've never had any) But the staff always seems annoyed-not rude exactly, just annoyed. It hasn't really deterred me from going there- I go to both locations for lunch frequently- but they could definately be more friendly/helpful.

St. Helena--Friday night dinner

One of my consistently favorite restaurants is Rutherford Grill. You have to order the cornbread- fresh, sweet, moist and made with just a tad of fresh jalepeno for a perfect but faint little kick. Also the pork ribs literally fall of the bone. They have a near perfect Caesar salad, great wine list, excellent service.

Sonoma in September

Check out It's the website for the Russian River Valley Winegrowers Association. It has a calander of events, maps, contact info on all Russian River Valley Wineries.

Also, I just had a lovely lunch at Stella's Cafe, the new location at the old Topolos Restaurant-located on Hwy 116 in the heart of RRV. It was wonderful. I had the ahi wraps, seared rare wrapped in a light flakey dough. 2 others in my group had a delicious looking thai orange shimp salad. They had a comprehensive wine list and delicious food. The service was a tad off, but not enough to detract from the meal. One note was that the background music was very strange. It was a series of "songs" that sounded like chanting, suffocating monks. We enjoyed our lunch nonetheless. I would reccommend.

Taqueria El Sombrero #2 (Piner Rd in Santa Rosa)

I love your posts Nopal. Great review....I'm in that area from time to time looking for something cheap and tasty, so I'll have to try it.

Chaya brasserie?

It's been a while since I last ate there. I remember a great wine list, tasty, well-presented food, good service and amazing views. It was definately worth it, and hopefully it still is. :)

Best Macaroni and Cheese

I don't know if it's too far away for you, but Underwood in Graton (Sonoma County) has a mouth watering, heavenly mac and cheese. mmmmmmmm

Need place to eat & watch NBA Finals

Adjacent to the Marriot is the 4th St. Bar and Deli. It's lively, full of sports fans and enough big screens to accomadate everyone. I've only had drinks there, so I can't comment about the quality of the food, but it is a perfectly good sports bar that will definately have the game on.