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Portugese restaurants in Broward County

Any recs for a Portugese restaurant in Broward County?

New restaurant in Boca raton

yup. Had dinner there 3 nights ago. I thought it was excellent. Very unpretentious "comfort" food. Great extensive menu, great service.

Super Dave's Diner - Boca Raton BBQ and Soul Food

had takeout from there a few weeks ago. Excellent ribs and pulled pork. They could not have been nicer. What a breath of fresh air they are in an area infested with chain BBQ joints.

The Hog / Pompano

On the upside, you were walking distance to Cafe La Buca and Calypso

dinners in Weston, FL

La Rural in the Waterway Shoppes is a hidden gem. Authentic Argentinian steak. Front is an Argentinian market/butcher shop. Walk through the back for outdoor seating. Unbelievable steak and some pasta dishes as well.

lunch near aquarium

In Atlanta for a few hours on airport stopover. Planning on visiting the Aquarium with family.
Any fun/interesting places unique to the area for lunch nearby? We eat all types of food.

May 18, 2011
larfied in Atlanta

3 days in Philadephia in August with family

I'm headed to Philly for 3 days in August with wife and two kids (9,12). I have reviewed several threads but most seem to involve the extremes (i.e. either Bec Fin or cheesesteak places) Interested in finding interesting authentic Philly fare. Kids have broad tastes and are definitely not "kids menu" types. Particularly interested in South Philly Italian and perhaps Chinatown for dinners unless something else comes to mind that should not be missed. We can do cheesesteaks for lunch. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

May 11, 2011
larfied in Philadelphia

Palm Beach County closings

Has Surf Sliders in Delray (Atlantic and A1A) closed? Dark on Friday night when I drove past. They always seemed so busy.

Delray Beach - Coming Soon, New Openings This Fall!

another steak house. Just what we need. Why not another red-sauce Italian place?

Anyone been to Gabose for Korean? Looking for good eats in Fort Lauderdale...

Love Gabose! Just got written up in Sun Sentinel last week so the review might be helpful. Very good Vietnamese in Margate (Saigon Cuisine) if you're looking for another adventure.

Martorano's in Ft Lauderdale now accepting reservations?

I came across Cafe Martorano on Open Table. They are obviously accepting reservations now. At first I thought it was for the Hard Rock location but not the case. Has anyone had any experience with making a reservation here? I can't believe it.

Hard Rock Cafe
401 Biscayne Blvd Ste R200, Miami, FL 33132

Baba's Shrimp Shack

Went last night for dinner with my family. As expected, Andy did not dissapoint. DELICIOUS rock shrimp and calamari in a kind of sweet/spicy chili Thai broth. The snapper and mahi wraps were delicious and huge! Delicious clam chowder and steamers in a garlic broth over linguine.
VERY reasonably priced, especially when quality is considered.

Baba's Shrimp Shack

Opening next weekend! Andrew Bennardo, owner of the famed "old school" Italian deli and restaurant "Talias Tuscan Table" has built "Baba's Shrimp Shack".

If you know Andrew, you know he is a no nonsense "food first" kind of guy. Talia's is known for unbelievable sandwiches and prepared food with "regular guy" prices complimented by his "boy from the Bronx" attitude.

I had a chance to look at the menu and check the place out. It should fill a void that South Palm Beach County is missing. Baba's looks to be a casual "joint" to get some fresh fish, fish sandwiches, pasta, and a cold beer similar to the Whale's Rib in Deerfield. There are even rumors of Ipswich steamers.

I have no affiliation with either place but when I see a guy like Andrew swim upstream against the chain restaurant mentality plaguing South Florida, I cross my fingers.

The restaurant is located in Boca Raton on the corner of Dixie Highway and Spanish River Blvd, right next to Talia's. Skip the flippin Cheesecake Factory and give it a try.

Birthday dinner with my familty in Miami

Want to take my wife and 3 boys (ages 14, 11, and 8) to a nice dinner in Miami to celebrate my birthday. The boys are all very adventurous eaters and really have no interest in kids menus.

We did Barton G's last year and they loved it. Looking for something a bit different this year but I do want it to be fun for them.

Any suggestions?

Barton G Restaurant
1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Banh Mi - PBC

Stir Crazy in Boca Town Center does serve them. Not entirely authentic but pretty good.

Stir Crazy
12425 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156

Delray beach- waterfront pub with live music happy hour

Good or not, it's really your only choice. I can't think of another beachfront place with live music. The food is OK-- "bar" food. Keep it simple.

El Taco Loco

Had a quick bite there this weekend. I'm no expert but had two very good tacos with rice/beans for a very small sum. Also the usual tex/mex favorites--burritos, enchiladas, nachos, etc. It seems it is a franchise (Southern cal?). The owner was extremely nice and eager to please. A bit off of the beaten path, cannot see from the street.

El Taco Loco
499 NE Spanish River Blvd Ste 7, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Dec 21, 2009
larfied in Florida

"Chow" restaurant in Boca Raton

Anyone been to Chow Restaurant in Boca (Royal Palm Plaza)?

Staying in Marathon for 6 nights, January 2-8, 2010

You'll have to forgive my memory with names, but I'll do my best. There is a great BBQ place right by the 7 mile bridge. Also, as you mentioned GREAT very casual seafood at Keys Fisheries"--not visible from the main road. You order at a counter and they serve everything in baskets. Right on the water.

Dec 14, 2009
larfied in Florida

Cafe La Buca in Pompano

After reading the Sun Sentinel review we thought we'd give it a try. What an experience. If you are looking for ambience, just don't go. Tables don't match, chairs don't match, no ambience lighting. That being said, the food is unbelievable. They have a menu but I never saw it. They just kept bringing us food until we begged for mercy.

We started with a small portion of what I would call a braised veal stew, complete with fresh bread for dipping. Next came homeade lasagna and gnocchi, followed by a salt baked branzino. All superb. I think they bake all different kinds of bread throughout the evening. Your bread may differ from your neighbor's.

The family interactions in the open kitchen (I think 2 brothers, a wife, and of course, "mama") are all of the entertainment you will need.

Dessert was a "calzone" filled with Nutella and ricotta cheese. I devoured it.

No liquor license. Bring your own wine (no corking fee)

Very reasonably priced, especially when you consider both volume and quality.

The address printed in the Sun Sentinel is wrong. It's Cypress Rd, not Cypress Creek. Call for reservations. You will need them. Ask for "Marco"

Morikami Gardens

I think Henry's, although certainly far from inexpensive, is excellent. An ocean view is shockingly hard to come by in this area. Closest would be Boston's on A1A and Atlantic in Delray, about 15 minutes drive from Morikami. Very upretentious and pretty good bar type food. Cucina Mia across from Morikami is supposed to be pretty good and reasonably priced but I have no personal experience there.

Boca Italian Restaurant on Palmetto east of Federal???

Trattoria Romana is also there. Sapporissimo is closed for vacation through August.

Korean Food in Boca

You have 3 choices. Your best choice is about a 35 minute drive into Tamarac for Gabose. There is another Korean restaurant in Lake Worth (about 35 minutes also) -- name escapes me.

The closest is a Japanese restaurant in Coconut Creek (SR 7) called Sushi Yoshi. It is a Japanese restaurant but they have a sizable Korean menu. Not bad.

bahn mi in palm beach

Also try out Blu Bambu in Boca Raton (Royal Palm Plaza)

Lobster Roll in Delray

Walked by this past Saturday. Still an empty storefront with a "coming soon" sign

Blu Bambu in Boca Raton

Has anyone tried Blu Bambu Vietnamese Restaurant in Boca Raton (located in Royal Palm Plaza)? It's a tiny little restaurant tucked away behind the Sushi place. I am no expert on Vietnamese cuisine but my experience was outstanding. Went there for dinner--all of the dishes were very nicely prepared and nicely spiced. Service was excellent. I noticed that they serve Banh Mi for lunch but have not yet had the pleasure.

Would love to hear some other feedback.

bamboo fire--delray

Went there for the first time this past Saturday with another couple. Suffice to say one of the most pleasant eating experiences of my life! Incredibly well prepared dishes with unbelievable personalized service. I felt like I was invited to someone's home for authentic carribean food. There is truly something for everyone here. We loved it so much that we took our 3 boys (ages 12, 10 and 7, plus a friend) the next night. All of them loved it as much as we did. I cannot stop talking about this place to anyone who will listen. If you folks don't try this place at least once (even if you've never had carribean food before or had a less than great experience in the past) you are truly missing out. RUN! Places like are very rare around these parts.

Eating in the Keys

Unfortunately, Squid Roe "sleeps with the fishes"... so to speak. Closed more than a year ago.

May 15, 2009
larfied in Florida

Disappointment in WPB for Dim Sum

Take I-95 North, go about 1500 miles and follow the signs to Mott Street!

Looking for Personal chef or meal prep service in Trinity/New Port Richey area

I have tried "Let's Eat Dinner" as well as "Mr. Food's No Fuss Meals". Don't know if there is a franchise near you but the food is surprisingly good quality, lots of choices and easy to prepare. They can even deliver. I think "Lets Eat Dinner" is somewhat better than "Mr. Food's No Fuss Meals". I'll also bet you can find a starving culinary student at a nearby culinary school make some prepared meals.

Mar 16, 2009
larfied in Florida