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Halifax: Saege

I've got to agree with the other posters here and give Saege two thumbs down as well.
Haughty, overpriced, and over-hyped.

It's really frustrating -- there are frankly no decent brunch places in Halifax.

Dec 22, 2011
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

German Foods shipped within Canada?

Hm... You could try contacting the German butcher in Tatamagouche. He's got a permanent stand at the new Farmer's Market in Halifax. He may or may not be willing to put together a package and ship to Newfoundland for you... He's listed on the following site:

Dec 04, 2011
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

Halifax: Bistro Le Coq?

I was recently at le Coq for brunch, and was extremely disappointed, following all the hype on Yelp and other sites. The ambiance and service were fantastic, the food however fell far short of expectations.

Some concrete examples:

A croque madame should not be made with marbled white/raisin bread, or with back bacon.

A salade with confit de canard should not be served with dried cranberries or a sickly-sweet dressing.

Pomme frites should be crispy (think Belgian frites) -- they should not be soggy, and they should not be dusted with parmesan. I asked to have my frites without parmesan -- something which the kitchen could not accommodate, which begs the question, are they even fresh? Or do they arrive frozen, pre-coated in parmesan?

A salade nicoise should not be served with raw ahi tuna.

le Coq doesn't respect the French classics. Instead, its little tweaks and twists devalue tried-and-true recipes, and deeply disappoint.

Nov 18, 2011
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

Seaport Farmers Market Rethinking Business Plan

I have stopped going to the new market, and now only shop at the original Brewery farmers market. The new market is not well-designed (crowd control and flow?), parking is a pain, and it is not especially friendly to vendors or to consumers.

From what I have heard, vendors are not allocated a permanent spot unless they guarantee to be there 3 days a week -- how can an independent farmer or producer manage that? Why should I struggle every time I go to locate the small producers whom I prefer?

In addition, I have heard that the new market doubles table prices whenever a cruise ship is in town. While that might make sense for vendors selling ready-to-eat items, what about those selling raw fish, meat or other items?

Nov 09, 2011
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

IL Mercato - Downtown Halifax location

Hear hear Emmyboo! Very well said!

Nov 03, 2011
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

Halifax -- glucose syrup and agar agar?

Hi, me one again. Does anyone know where to buy glucose syrup and agar agar in Halifax? Thanks!

Jan 02, 2010
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

Fresh yeast in Halifax?

Thanks all. I never found it, and gave up a long time ago. I've just been using dry yeast for everything, which is OK, but I do miss the fresh yeast...

Jan 02, 2010
amfcz in Atlantic Canada


I buy at Sambro Fisheries in Sambro. They supply a lot of the restaurants in Halifax, and from what I've heard, Mike's also sources some of their fish from Sambro. Prices are extremely reasonable, you are strongly recommended to call in advance as a lot of their stock is sold before it's gutted, filleted and packed.

Oct 18, 2009
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

Fresh yeast in Halifax?

Hi, I'm still looking for fresh yeast for home baking in Halifax -- this is compressed or cake yeast that keeps for about 2 weeks when refrigerated, and is sold in cubes or blocks. It's not active dry yeast. Does anyone know where I can find this in or around Halifax? I've tried nearly all the stores and supermarkets without any luck. Thanks!

Aug 20, 2009
amfcz in Atlantic Canada

Fresh yeast in Halifax?

Hello, can anyone recommend a place to buy fresh (not dry) yeast in Halifax, for home bread making? Thank you!

Jun 06, 2009
amfcz in Atlantic Canada