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I'm looking for good NY Style Knishes here in Boston

They sell them in the bakery case at City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain! I'm not sure how authentic they are since I'm not a knish connoisseur, but they look like the real thing!

Jul 15, 2009
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Food Spots Broadcasting the Tour de France

Now that's what I'd call a place that cares about the Tour!

Jul 09, 2009
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Food Spots Broadcasting the Tour de France

Awesome, thanks! So sad, but not surprising, that so few places actually care about the Tour.

I think I remember running into the broadcast a few times at Cambridge 1 (Harvard Sq) last year, too. And Jeanie Johnston in JP has "Tour de France Party Night" on July 21st--including Tour trivia!

Jul 08, 2009
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Food Spots Broadcasting the Tour de France

My husband and I recently moved from Jamaica Plain to Malden, and in the process decided to sell our television and get rid of our cable TV. Now, of course, we both wish we'd kept our TV for another few months so we could watch the Tour de France.

Rather than re-investing in TV and cable, we're on the hunt for places that are broadcasting the bike race! Bars and pubs are ideal, since we'll want to loiter and drink beers for at least a few hours during the nighttime coverage.

So tell me: Have you seen any local dining spots in and around Boston dedicated to broadcasting the Tour? Obviously we're partial to places in or around Malden or the surrounding towns, but we'll make our way to other parts of the city for clutch stages. Or, god forbid, my parents' house in the 'burbs.

Thanks in advance for helpin' a girl out!

Jul 07, 2009
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Gossip: Ten Tables in Cambridge

According to their website, Ten Tables (Jamaica Plain) is opening a restaurant in Cambridge "soon." Anyone have any gossip to share? Location, timeline, etc.?

Jan 20, 2009
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Where to buy sweetbreads

Awesome, thanks! My husband reminded me that we bought them once at the Alewife WF's, in case anyone else is looking.

I just spoke with Savenor's and they're selling them for $10/lb. And of course! The Butcher Shop!

I'm intrigued by this Market Basket reference... which Market Basket?

Nov 25, 2008
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Where to buy sweetbreads

I'm sort of turning into the offal girl.

Has anyone seen sweetbreads around Boston recently? In the past, I've found them at Whole Foods. But I've asked a handful of WF's meat departments about availability only to receive the answer of, "Let me transfer you to the bakery."


Holler back if you know of a place that has them in stock now! I think it's a little too late to special-order them, and, with any luck, my Thanksgiving paté is going into production tomorrow. Grazie!

Nov 24, 2008
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Pork Belly Search

This isn't such a hot topic, huh? But now that the weather's turned colder, I'm on the hunt. It's braisin' season, afterall!

I've seen some beautiful specimens at BaZA on Highland Ave. in Newton, but they haven't had it recently. Also recall seeing scrawnier versions at the Hi-Lo in Hyde Square. But Whole Foods said they can't order it and it's nowhere to be seen in Roche Brothers.

Has anyone seen pork belly lying around at any grocery store or butchers in the JP/Newton vicinity? Does it make a regular appearance in the Dorchester Super88 coolers?

Help a hungry girl out!

Oct 03, 2008
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Greenery Restaurant, Rockport, MA


Greenery Restaurant, Rockport, MA

I wouldn't normally eat at a sandwich bar in the center of a tourist town, but my sister and I were taking my Nana on a tour of Cape Ann and my Nana was hungry. Someone recommended this place to us and, even though I'd done research and had my heart set on The Causeway, we probably wouldn't have made it down to Gloucester without starving to death. So we did it. We ate at the Greenery.

I get it: the combination of a warm, sunny day, a screen door that is opening and closing fairly frequently, and food all mean one thing: flies. But, yuck. Come on! We were swarmed.

There was a 20 minute wait for the back dining room, so we decided to get our sandwiches in the front. Tables were sticky and obviously hadn't been washed well in a long time. I asked the server to wipe them down, but that really only made things worse, since the warm water she used re-tackified the build-up. Yuck again.

In writing, the sandwiches looked promising, and I'm a sucker for chalkboards and bright paint in restaurants, but in the end we were all disappointed. I had a turkey sandwich and chowder, my Nana had the lobster roll, and my sister had the "Mediterranean" sandwich and a salad. The chowder had promise, but there was more sand than was forgivable at the bottom of my bowl. The lobster roll was overcooked and chewy, although there was a generous amount of meat on the bun. My sister's "Mediterranean" consisted of a pita smothered in plain hummus and topped with sliced tomato, lettuce, and red onion. Her salad was fine enough, or at least she didn't complain about it because she's a dollface. The turkey sandwich consisted of the boiled-ham equivalent of turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and nothing else. I had to ask for mayonnaise and mustard (French's) on the side, after my sandwich was delivered.

The service was atrocious. I'm not sure whether they were short-staffed or were training new waiters or what, but our food came out in piecemeal. At one point my sister had her entire lunch, my Nana had her lobster roll, and I had nothing. Eventually the soup and my sandwich (read: turkey on dry white bread) was brought out, but I had to ask twice for our drinks, which arrived last. Plus there were still flies everywhere, and a sticky table, and waitresses bringing the wrong dishes to our table, and chaos everywhere! Ugh.

$53 bill, too, was sort of difficult to choke up--even considering one of our three sandwiches was a lobster thing.

I hate posting such a negative review about a restaurant, but am certain the person who recommended this place to us is spreading the rumor like a virus. What I want to know is, was our experience a unique one? Did we do something wrong, or order the wrong sandwiches, or what? If you eat here regularly and enjoy the food, service, and atmosphere, please share your hints and experiences so that others in the future can hopefully avoid a similarly painful experience. Alternatively, if this is just a gross restaurant, spread the word. Or is The Greenery so far off of the Hounds' radar that no one has even heard of this place?

How could sandwiches be so bad? I'm so sad and bitter. :(

Roadhouse BBQ Brookline

I also ate at the Roadhouse last night. The waitstaff is still working out the system, but our food was delivered fairly quickly and accurately, and our waitress was appropriately attentive throughout the rest of our meal.

To satiate my husband’s curiosity, we ordered the fried baby back ribs as a starter. The SIX ribs that came as an appetizer were huge (6”), and decently smoky. Note that this dish could definitely serve as an entrée for those of us who have smaller appetites. The batter was pretty bland, but thin and crunchy. Meat was smoky and moist. I don’t think I’ll ever eat fried ribs again, but it was an interesting experience.

We split the pulled pork plate with sides of mac and cheese and collards. The servings were gargantuan, which was generous, but sort of overwhelming. I don’t think they warmed the plates before serving, and because the AC was on in the building our food got cold fairly quickly.

Pulled pork was good, sweet and saucy, and shredded into large chunks. My husband thinks it’s the best he’s had at a restaurant in Boston, but I think W. Newton Blue Ribbon’s is equally yummy.

I’ve never had Texas collards, so I can’t comment on the authenticity of the dish we had at the Roadhouse, but they were underwhelming and… dare I say it… possibly vegetarian? I found them sort of tasteless and boring. I don’t normally complain about having to slice up my own food, but the cooks might consider cutting the greens into ribbons before serving. It would at least make the plate look more appetizing. But again, this may be the Texas way. And god forbid we mess with the Texas way.

Mac and cheese was yummy. The color was a little reminiscent of Velveeta, but the cheese was obviously real and decent. I can’t really complain about mac and cheese. It’s one of my great weaknesses, even in Velveeta form.

The dishes we ordered weren't served with any extra sauce on the side, and I didn't see options on the menu (but I may have overlooked them), so make sure you ask your waitress if you want to try different sauces.

All in all, a pleasant night. We had two beers each and all of the food above, and left with a $55 bill, tip included. And a doggy bag with enough food for two lunches. Take home message: drink beer and steer clear of the collards.

Sep 10, 2008
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Baker's Outlet, Malden

The Baker's Outlet in Malden is turning out to be a little bit of a mystery. Scant information online, a somewhat busted website ( but when I sent them an e-mail I received a quick response from the "special requests" dude!

Does anyone have anything to share about this place? What sort of wholesale, non-prepared foodstuffs do they sell? Who is their primary audience? Any hidden treasures in the aisles? Is this place a dive??

We may order some bulk flour through them and will hopefully be able to visit sometime next week. Just want to know what to expect! Please--share the gossip!


Jan 29, 2008
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

Cooking with Hops

We have 10-year old aged hops and aromatic hops, which allegedly don't impart as much of the bitter flavors. And I don't think bitter is a bad thing, if it can be well-managed. Just wanted to see if anyone had tried cooking with these before!

Aug 25, 2007
ecdopfel in Home Cooking

Cooking with Hops

Homebrewing is fun, and there's nothing like the smell of wort in the morning. But we have a freezer full of hop flowers and they're taking over! Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking with hops? It seems they would go well with chicken or white fish, white wine and lemon juice, maybe capers. Or as a substitute for any recipes that call for hoppy beers. I might try to make an iced "tea" with them and mix it with lemonade. If you have any recipes please share!

(PS: We have leftover Magnum, Centennial, and Northern Brewer hops to cook with right now, if that means anything to anyone.)

Aug 25, 2007
ecdopfel in Home Cooking

Chestnut Farms CSA

Sam, the son of the farm directors, sells eggs (sometimes including Araucana eggs!) through the Chestnut Farms CSA. $3/dozen.

Jul 17, 2007
ecdopfel in Greater Boston Area

San Jose: Underground Eats

We didn't go to the La Victoria in San Pedros Sq, but one down on First street next to a Jack in the Box and McDonalds. I didn't get the orange sauce the first night, when we had a pollo super burrito and carnitas super quesadillas. But today I went to the San Pedros Sq one for a taco and they were nice enough to toss it [the orange sauce] into the paper take-out bag without my knowing it. So, of course, I tossed the paper take-out bag into my handbag and, what wouldja know--a mess ensues! I deserved it. No one else tosses hot tacos into handbags but me. Regardless, I actually think the food we got at the LV down on First Street was superior, but my preference may be due to a number of different factors, including the orange sauce spilled all over my book!

Thanks for the suggestions, Margo!

San Jose: Underground Eats


We flew into San Jose last night. We're staying next to the convention center. After checking in and shrugging off some of the grouchiness from a long, boring flight, we decided that we needed dinner. Bad. We didn't have a chance to hook up to the internet, and it was midnight our time, so we asked the guy at the front desk for a "hole in the wall mexican place to get takeout burritos," so we could bring 'em back to the room. OF COURSE he sent us to the Blue Monkey something or other, which was a bar with a line and a giant bouncer outside. So, I asked the giant bouncer for the best "hole in the wall mexican place..." and he sent us to La Victoria! It took us a while to find it, but it turns out it's five minutes down the road from the Marriot, and the burritos were divine! We will definitely return there for lunch or something, although being there at 10pm was fun because of all of the people watching and drunk college kids. Thank you all so much for your suggestions; we will toast you and your most excellent chowhoundiness at least once this week!

San Jose: Underground Eats

We're coming out from Boston and will be spending a week in San Jose for a conference. We're looking for some good restaurant suggestions from locals or California's gastronomically informed. Do you live in San Jose and love to eat, cook, and think about food? Do you hate the tourist industry and the crappy, overpriced, trendy restaurants they tend to promote? Please help us out! We don't want to have to rely on Zagat's if we don't have to!

All types of restaurant suggestions are welcome. Price isn't a determining factor, but as you know, when the food is good, it's easy to enjoy a $30 dinner as much as a $150. We're also willing to drive around the city to find the best food. Some of the things we think we'd like to consume while in San Jose include:

*Mexican (esp. a good corn tortilla)
*Japanese (sushi, the freshest)
*Local foods and meats (probably not so hard to come across in CA)
*"Authentic ethnic"
*Fine wine, whisky, and beer

Any suggestions? Thanks!