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Radio City Lunch with Group--Recs?

I am taking a mixed group of about 20 people (about half are 10 year old children and the other half their parents) to see a Wednesday 11am show of the Christmas Spectacular. We are then looking to do lunch afterwards.

Between the size of the group, and the ages, as long as there are some plainer options- I will entertain most cuisines.

Looking for either around Radio City through Times Square district (children have begged me to go to Toys~R~Us, M&M World, Hershey, etc for months).

Price... trickiest part of this is that I will have a few children that are in my direct care (no parent joining) and therefore they come with a fixed amount to spend (who would send a 10y/o with an in case credit card?). Usually the parents are fine with price points, but if I can keep some less expensive options for the unaccompanied kids that would be great (thinking, for the kids, with bevvie, maybe little over $10ish... as I know Bubba Gump does a decent priced childrens menu, esp for NYC so that is my backup).

Also- if anyone knows a nice place to hit for a sweet treat or hot chocolate near AMNH as we are then heading up to watch some balloons inflate, would appreciate the input.

Thank you for all your help and suggestions!

Oct 29, 2011
tertzel in Manhattan

Decent Eats Near Central Park & 60's

I am taking a school group (children age 10-11 and parents... generally group around 20-25ppl). We are spending the day meandering Central Park, ending with the zoo.

Looking for a place for early dinner (as we need to get a train back home from Grand Central @5:15... and that generally gets us home about 7:30ish... food is a must before leaving the city). We will do brown bag-picnic-esque lunch in the park.

Any recommendations that don't break the bank ($10-$15 a child... but the upper end definetly expecting money's worth). I don't want to go tooo ethnic, as then child needs to buy another meal at some point. Previous trip we played it safe, ate at GC... so kinda hoping to not do that.

Looked into Alice's Tea Cup II (cause the Wee Tee was sounding like a decent deal for the children, and offering enough to keep the adults happy)- but they're booked for an event.

So... not expensive... children & adults... kinda quick-ish... within perhap 10 min walk of Central Park Zoo.

Thanks for any help!

Alice's Tea Cup
220 E 81st St, New York, NY 10028

May 12, 2011
tertzel in Manhattan

Jacques Torres Brooklyn

Taking a group of families downtown to Stat. Is Ferry, walk through downtown-- culminating with a walk across Brooklyn Bridge. Was thinking of popping into Jacques Torres, if time permits, for a special treat stop. I hear they do ice cream as well as the chocolate shop? Reviews? How far of a walk off the bridge? How busy does it get (looking at a weekend day)?

Jacques Torres
66 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Apr 02, 2011
tertzel in Outer Boroughs

Great Hudson Valley Caterer?

my whole family has used Pamela's (mentioned above) for probably at least the last 15 years for all sorts of events. Can't recommend them enough.

Looking for a good, sort of cheap restaurant for a friends birthday get together in Westchester(White Plains)

if your up for a little bit of a drive, there is Barcelona in Greenwich. Its this great tapas bar, and I think your volume would be fine.

King Cole Bar @ St Regis worth it?

Im going to a midtown performance with some girl friends later in the month- after was thinking of grabbing a drink and a bite. The location of the King Cole Bar @ St Regis was perfect, but the prices (at least for bevvies) is kinda high, even for NYC. I like the Old New York vibe, is St Regis worth the $, or is there anywhere else nearby there that offers comparable atmosphere and service for more recession friendly prices?

Dec 07, 2009
tertzel in Manhattan

Looking for Brunch/Lunch option walking distance 55th &6th

I am looking for some good options for brunch/lunch before we go to the ballet at the City Center on 55th btw 6th & 7th. Three of us, not too concerned price wise- but always want a good meal for what we pay. My mother can't handle any places too exotic- so please leave suggestions for nearby curry houses, etc out.


Dec 15, 2008
tertzel in Manhattan

Poughkeepsie Area- Good Food/ Drinks for Young Crowd (serving late if possible)

the group is some musicians from out of town.... while I am sure they will be happy with wherever we may end up- I would prefer to go a step beyond just run of the mill food and actually treat them to something of quality if possible. I mean... every other time I've met up with them they've had greasy takeout (and were incredibly thankful for simply the ride to the McDonald's... for example)

Poughkeepsie Area- Good Food/ Drinks for Young Crowd (serving late if possible)

So I am looking for some places that can meet some or all of these points (the more a place covers- the better)....

-Poughkeepsie Area (hopefully not too far out of the city- unless its really amazing then I will figure out how to get everyone there)
-Good for a young crowd (like hip, artsy type of mid-20 year olds)
-Dinner and Drinks: take suggestions for any appetite right now
-Price... the lower the price the better always... but primarily just want good food/drinks at a good value
-Not sure what time we would be eating... so if there are any good late night spots they would be welcome!

I don't go out to a whole lot of places, nor do I consider myself to always have great taste... but I don't want to take these people out to somewhere with bad food and have that stick in their minds.

Any help is welcome... and the sooner I have suggestions the sooner I can check places out.

Thanks everyone *^*Tertzel*^*

Restaurant for Sat/Sun Brunch..Hudson Valley

some friends and I love getting together at La Puerta Azul in Millbrook. A very nice prix fixe brunch menu ($18) that is a bit different from the traditional brunch fare. I don't claim to have discerning taste, not in the least, just know I really enjoy what I've had there. Brunch is from opening until 2 or 3pm and I've never been there for brunch when it was crowded.

Decor is really very nice as well-

S/SE CT - Where is there a Big Selection of Beers - Esp Belgian

alright... not positive where you are in CT or what sort of travel limitations you have but if up for a nice ride through the New York countryside, may I recommend Ommegang Brewery outside of Cooperstown NY (they have a website too). I know that next weekend is their October festival (Belgian beer AND waffles--- yum!). So if your up for a weekend trip perhaps and want to enjoy the fall foliage, I recommend it.

Quick bite for dinner near Hudson/Houston

I am meeting up with a friend for just a casual bite for dinner... depending on time either downtown near Hudson Street (Hudson near Houston Street)- otherwise probably a super quick bite in Times Square (comedy show). Pretty open to any types of food, but the main critieria is spending as little money as possible- but would rather not jump into some fast food chain if possible. Not going till Sept 4th so all help is appreciated. Thanx

Aug 23, 2007
tertzel in Manhattan

Nice Midweek Dinner Spots White Plains or Mamaroneck Area

I'm looking to meet up with some girlfriends and have a nice bite and perhaps a drink somewhere in either White Plains or the Mamaroneck area. Like to keep entree prices under $20 and a place where we can sit and chat/laugh. Looking for Wednesday, so any suggestions appreciated. Thx

Shake Shack - hardly a wait!

Went there today (gorgeous day) around 1PM for my first visit to the shack. On line for about a half hour, then maybe another 15 minutes for my food. I will say that the burger was actually pretty delicious and not bad price (Im not from NYC, so even going to a local chain place is like sticker shock). Had the shack burger, fries (stock like- nothing special) and a frozen custard lavendar honey which sounded interesting. The custard flavor was actually surprisingly yummy, but other than the flavor- it was just standard soft serve to me. If I came across it with less of a line, I would go back. Didnt mind the line toay as it was so beautiful so I took pictures while I waited.

May 10, 2007
tertzel in Manhattan

Adams Fairacre Farms

and price comparison?

Adams Fairacre Farms

I know I went as a little kid once or twice, but havent been back in years. Is this place just like an alternative/old time market or is it more organic and local fare? Thnx

Bang for the buck lunch spots

Okay- apparently I should have inferred less pricey. Along the lines of Turkish Kitchen is sounding nice. Or somewhere around the park that does a good to-go lunch that I could eat in the park while people watching.

May 07, 2007
tertzel in Manhattan

Bang for the buck lunch spots

Alright, in my day out in Manhattan, I am still looking for some good lunch spots. Price is not as important as it just being a good value really-- but Im not looking to blow the bank. I'll be at the Museum of Modern Art in the late morning, but then just random roaming around the city so I'm not restricted to location. Any help?!?!

May 06, 2007
tertzel in Manhattan