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Bacon-wrapped Banana Tempura! How can I do it?

Perhaps the chef used plantains, but if my memory is correct, the menu actually said bananas. I'm hoping to hear from the Chef who prepared the dish. Maybe he used plantains or even those miniature bananas?

Jan 08, 2008
Skittle in Home Cooking

Bacon-wrapped Banana Tempura! How can I do it?

So, I went to a bacon dinner (yes, 6 courses all made with bacon!!!) recently and the standout item for me was a passed canape we had before sitting down for the meal. They were little skewers which each had a slice of banana, wrapped in bacon, with a crunchy golden coating of tempura batter. They were offered with a dipping sauce which I can best compare to a sweet-chili Thai-style sauce. They were phenomenal!!!!
So I've decided to try this recipe at home and am looking for maybe some pointers on how to best prepare this dish as a couple factors come to mind.
1) The bacon: should it be raw? cooked in a pan until soft, but not crispy? perhaps boiled or blanched to help it cook a little more?
2) The bananas: should I go for some pretty firm, green-skinned ones? Opt for riper ones and hope they don't get too mushy during frying?
Anybody have any advice?
I'm also planning on contacting the group who hosted the dinner to see about coaxing a recipe out of the chef.

Jan 08, 2008
Skittle in Home Cooking

Cake that improves over a few days but doesn't require refrigeration?

I must agree with other posters who mentioned Rum Cake. My mom makes a killer one and once shipped one to me in CA from VA, in April, with no problems whatsoever!

Jan 08, 2008
Skittle in Home Cooking

Ideas for catering a birthday for a Jewish friend?

Well, I'd definitely recommend against making bacon-wrapped scallops for this one!

Essential eats in DC

Dukem, or any other good Ethiopian restaurant in the city. Where will you be visiting from?

Need a place to impress.

Sorry hfwu, but for the dazzle you seem to be talking about, you're going to pay upwards of $100/ per person, if not more in DC. Classy makes me think Bombay Club and Butterfield 9, also Charlie Palmer or Bistro Bis on the hill. All restaurants downtown so if you're driving you'll likely see the Capitol, White House, etc.

Where to Find High Tea in DC

The Mandarin Oriental used to do an afternoon tea, but not sure if it's been discontinued. I also remember seeing an article about Blue Duck Tavern has an in-house tea master, so maybe they do a tea as well?

Eggnog anywhere?

Equinox is doing an eggnog happy hour on Tuesday nights from 5 to 7 with eggnog-based cocktails and free bar snacks from the kitchen.

Lost in the <insert decade here>

Oh my gosh! Makes me think of Tom Sarris' Orleans House in Rosslyn, VA. I thought I heard they were closing soon. Does anybody know? Last time I ate there, with extended family after a funeral, I saw Madeline Albright at a table next to the big salad bar shaped like a riverboat.

Inexpensive but nice wedding dinner near White House

Inexpensive? Near the White House? Maybe you should have a half-smoke party?
Sorry, that was rude, but honestly my first thought when I saw your post. You could probably try Bistro D'Oc, love that place and it's not too far away, probably in your price range but may be a bit of a walk if it's particularly frigid on your wedding day. I would recommend you consider upping the budget if possible, though. You can have a pretty memorable meal at many places which are much closer to the Willard. Butterfield 9 has had some problems with service in the past, but the food is fantastic. Maybe the events managers at some of these places can help you out a bit (finding bargain wines, etc.). January is a slow time for these places, unless it's restaurant week, in which case you're screwed, so I'm sure they'll be happy to work out a deal for your business.

Chix--The New U St Eco Restaurant

I went on Monday afternoon to check it out. Ordered a half chicken with 2 sides for about $12 to go. I was a bit surprised at the price but figured if I was disappointed I could just never go back. When I opened the bag later to eat it, was pleasantly surprised to find a quite large half-chicken (way better looking than say, El Pollo Rico's wan looking birds) and generous sides of the black beans and roasted sweet potatoes I had ordered. I had decided to try the Colombian-style chicken which had some coffee in the rub or marinade or whatever. Overall, the portions are generous, and the prices are a little high, but not for the plump, big birds they're serving. I was unimpressed with the flavor of the chicken, though. I may think El Pollo Rico's birds look emaciated, frozen, and occasionally over-cooked, but that's NOT to say that it's the tastiest damn chicken I've ever had, ever! I just live in DC and seem to find fewer and fewer reasons to venture out to VA these days. Anyway, I'll go back to Chix to try their other chicken recipes and other sides (they also have a chicken soup and several vegetarian friendly items, as well as wraps and stuff), mostly because it's easy to get to, the chicken was good (not fantastic, but whatever) and the people working there were pretty nice.

Restaurant choices close to Marriott Metro Center

Is the Caucus Room still open? Haven't heard about it in quite a while, but it's a steakhouse and located nearby. Honestly, I've only ever been there for drinks.

Christmas Eve Dining

No special menu, but then again it was only Xmas Eve. As I stated earlier, EVERY restaurant is open Xmas Eve. Almost every restaurant is closed on Xmas Day, except most chinese joints and hotel restaurants and the few places who's owners would rather be open and make a buck rather than let their staff have the day off.

Christmas Eve Dining

Almost all restaurants are open Christmas Eve. Last year we went to Bistro D'Oc that night and had a great dinner at a table by the upstairs fireplace. We were meeting family who had just been to see A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theater across the street. The Cassoulet rocks!

Need dinner rec. near 9:30Club (815 V St. NW)

Bummer about the "no ethnic food" restriction because you really will be in ground zero for some of the best Ethiopian food in the states. I'd recommend Viridian on 14th for dinner before your show and then Komi for Friday night. But if you want to eat at Komi, I'd make the reservation now.

The Bicycle Bistro, still great?

Well, certainly sounds like good feedback! Ko1's reference to Nasu Blanca threw me, though. It's even closer to the reception and the wacky paella/sushi/sake/spanish wines menu looks fantastic! Two of my favorite cuisines rolled into one! But, I've been wanting to try Bicycle for a while. Wish I had time to do both!

The Bicycle Bistro, still great?

We'll be in Baltimore this weekend for an evening wedding reception on Fort Ave. and are considering having dinner first at the Bicycle (there will only be canapes at the reception). A chef I know recommended the place but hasn't been since the new chef-owner took over. Has anybody been recently and any recommendations on what's good or what to look for? Thanks!

Any restaurants in DC have Matsutake mushrooms on the menu?

Equinox had them last week, but I'd call to make sure.

Italian dinner in Northern Virginia

The Alpine Restaurant in Arlington has been a family favorite of ours for years. It's very old school, not trendy or fashionable at all, but it's got buckets of charm and the food is fantastic and plentiful.

Good Cuban Sandwich in DC?

So, one of my co-workers asked me tonight where to find a good cuban sandwich in DC. I found myself stumped by this question as I've had excellent versions in Miami but never really sought them out here in DC. We prefer suggestions in the district rather than in VA or MD, as we live and work in DC and don't have cars. Thanks in adavance!

Italian in NOVA

I heartily recommend the Alpine restaurant on Lee Highway in Arlington. I think people often overlook it because it's been there forever, but the food is great and the staff is old-school smooth and there are several rooms and large spaces to accomodate parties of your size. It's my mom's fave place and I eat there with her at least once a month.

In DC for 3 days, what are the can't misses?...

I would go for some Ethiopian while you're here. Dukem is my fave, but there are many different places to choose from. If you've never had good Ethiopian you owe it to yourself to try one of the good places we have in abundance in DC.

Has anyone gone to Mio?

I went in for a few drinks one afternoon, and the menu looked pretty good, especially the dessert menu. But sometime in the first month the opening chef quit, so I'm not planning on going in until things settle and I hear some good reports.

authentic belgian chocolate near capitol

It's better than Leonidas chocolate??? I must try it. Let us know when you get the address!

MN foodie visiting DC for 1st time over Memorial wkend

Perhaps you'd like to try Central or Brasserie Beck when you're downtown? I've been to the former and had a great, fun meal. The latter I'm excited about checking out.


The Lasagna at the Alpine Restaurant in Arlington. Also their Eggplant Parmesan and the Calamari Picasso rocks.

Boston Hound in Washington

I think Dukem ethiopian on U street is pretty fine. That's where all the cab drivers eat. Seems like it'd be fairly kid friendly on a weeknight also.

Authentic Mexican Taquerias

There is nothing like Taqueria El Cumbre (best burrito in the Mission, if not California, in my opinion) in DC. It just doesn't happen on the East Coast. But the best place I've found is Taqueria Distrito Federal on 14th St above Tivoli (at Otis St, I think) and I've also heard of a place across the street from the Giant on Park Road (between 13th and 14th) that's supposed to be pretty fabulous as well. I should note as a disclaimer that I almost always order burritos with Carnitas. Good luck with your search and hope you keep us posted!

Looking for nice restaurant for 1 yr...

Also downtown try Equinox Restaurant. Great food and service. If it's a nice evening you can sit out on the patio or if it's chilly you could sit in the glass enclosed atrium. Or, for privacy, ask for one of the 2 booths they have available.