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best unique restaurant

Caffe Taci, the life opera singers cafe.
This is Italian cafe where you can eat and enjoy the opera singers performing every Friday and Saturday starting at 10 pm. I recommend you call and make reservation to get a better table that is closer to the stage. The prices for the meals and service are more than reasonable. I would even say, the price is even below the average considering the service and unforgettable experience you get. You should look to spend about $50-$70 per person including a bottle of wine and tips.

Feb 27, 2009
Sergey Flantus in Manhattan

Cafe Kashkar in Brighton Beach

The presentation might not be that great as you may se at the pictures but the authenticity of the food is guaranteed. The owner of the restaurant cook meals himself. You may even shake his hand when leaving. He will thank you for coming. That's traditional Asian hospitality.

Oct 25, 2007
Sergey Flantus in Outer Boroughs

Cafe Kashkar in Brighton Beach

I would recommend the shishkebab made of lamb liver. Saute jucy, tender, and not overdone. The meals are fatty and bit spicy in general making it a great chaser for vodka.

Oct 25, 2007
Sergey Flantus in Outer Boroughs

First time in San Francisco: please recommend a restautant that worth to remember & review

I'm for the first time in San Francisco, CA. I'm going to stay in the Bay Area from June 10 until June 17. Could anyone kindly recommend some good restaurants to go where I could try something that I would not anywhere else including NYC my home town. The restaurant I'm looking for does not have to be fancy or exotic. I'm rather looking for something authentic or a place that serves a "signature" meals that I could remember for long. Yes, the right place I'm looking for should be described as "memorable" after. My budget is open as for fine dining as for cheap treats (company pays the bill).

I would sincerely appreciate your recommendations and promise to follow up with the post review and pictures.

Barbeque in New York: RUB - Righteous Urban BBQ

I've visited the Righteous Urban Restaurant at June 10, 2006. At this time of the year they keep all the outer doors open, so you can eat, drink and enjoy the fresh summer air. We came at about 6 pm which is off-rush hour for this popular place. The waiting time took about 10 minutes to be seated. One hour later we would have to wait at least 30 minutes to get in. The waiter came almost instantaneously. Looking at other tables we were tempted to order the Taste of the Baron which is essentially a tasting combination of pork, beef, pastrami, turkey, and etc. However, thanks to my chowhound friend we are educated eaters: coming to BBQ place we ordered pork. So in about 15 minutes the Burnt End Dinner, Barbeque Pulled Pork with Super Fries, Onion Strings and Mayo Coleslaw arrived at our table.

Burnt End Dinner ($19.95)

As described in the menu the pork in the Burnt End Dinner was well cooked with a smoky taste. Because of the meet composition of 50% fat 50% meat the pieces were very juicy and chewy.

Barbeque Pulled Pork (1 lb $15.75)

This is typical Kansas style BBQ style pork. The Discovery channel had a program on how Kansas chiefs slowly cook the whole pig on real charcoals and by hand pull/chopped the meat into the ground-like mess. While the presentation (chopped meat) does not look so great, the taste outbid the Burnt End Dinner. The meat was juicy, smoky, and soft. Intentionally, I did not add any sauce in order not to spoil the natural flavor of the meat and smoke.

Onion Strings (small $3.50)

This is one of the best onion STRINGS I tried before. The major distinction of these fried onions from the traditional onion rings is that they slices thinner and have less of bread wrapping. Unfortunately this style suffers from the excess of oil left in fries after being pulled out of the fryer. If creative enough, you may leave the bottom fries aside because they soaked with oil while the top one are dry.

May 06, 2007
Sergey Flantus in Manhattan