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Spruce Beer! Can't find it anywhere?

Marco has gone bankrupt a number of times, but the brand is now owned by a new owner, and not being made using the traditional yeast fermented method. It is now a shelf stable product in a plastic bottle, and is flavoured using spruce and yeast flavours.

The only traditional style spruce beer (carbonated with yeast) in production for commercial sale in Quebec is the Emile brand made at Paul Patates on Cherlevoix. The product sold at la Binerie is the Emile brand.

Frozen artichoke hearts

Akavan on Sherbrooke near Cavendish.

Schwartz's Smoked Meat now packaged and selling in grocery store!

Thank you... I never thought that the comment would be published. Bill fought hard for it to be left in.

Schwartz's Smoked Meat now packaged and selling in grocery store!

Really!?!? We tasted it too and the documented reaction around the table was not as positive.

Schwartz's Smoked Meat now packaged and selling in grocery store!

This is an odd comment about Lester's as the Lester's deli product and the packaged product come from different companies. Same family, but different companies.

Schwartz's Smoked Meat now packaged and selling in grocery store!

Don't bother, after having tasted it, I can tell you it is no different. I do not care what other posters have stated, but it is the same stuff. Pink, gelatinous, and void of any similarities to the actual Schwartz's product.

I had mentioned that this can work to the detriment of Schwartz's as anyone who has not been and has tried the grocery store variety will not go to the deli. Ever.

Schwartz's Smoked Meat now packaged and selling in grocery store!

The establishment number is 501 which is registered to DelStar the company which also makes Dunn's

Fried Chicken

Can't really say. The last Time I tried one of the KFC (Karachi Fried Chicken) joints was back when there was What i believe was called Papa's Fried Chicken in the old Logan's Bread Joint on Jean Talon, and l'Acadie.

That was good chicken, but the Dominican chicken is really special.

Fried Chicken

Good fried chicken in Montreal... You just have to know where to go, and what to ask for. It is as simple as that...

Of all the chain chicken joints, Popeye's is clearly the hands down winner... But before you go heading towards the Mason-Dixon line you might wish to try a different angle on feeding that urge.... and you need go no further than little Italy. Yep, on boulevard St. Laurent on the west side of the street, just south of Jean Talon is a tiny hole in the wall restaurant with a sign outside that says Cuisine Dominicaine.

Yep, we are going for the Chicharrones de pollo. This has to be some of the best fried chicken I have ever had. The chicken is marinated, and it really makes a huge difference. When you bite into the perfectly fried chicken the marinade adds a delicious herb flavour to the meat, and it is super moist. Pair this with some Tostones (fried green plantain) and rice and beans, and I assure you you will be back..

It is as simple as that/ Good fried chicken can be found by simply seeking out Chicharrones de pollo.

Vinegar Mother

Anyone have any idea where to find an active vinegar mother in Montreal.

Aubut used to sell highly over priced ($30+) jar of mother; and Arthur Quentin on St. Denis will on occasion offer a piece of their mother with the purchase of a Digeon Vinegaron. Unfortunately, they were unable to provide us with a chunk when we bought ours.

So, if anyone has some mother to spare, or knows where I can buy some healthy active mother, I would be interested.


Sri Lankian Resturants in Montreal?

Jolee has good string hoppers, Dosa, and Khottu Roti. However, a must try is their Chili Chicken. If you like spicy food, the chili chicken is worth a go.

Also their starters are all freshly made and pretty tasty. Don't ask me the names, but you can't really go wrong. Be aware that not all appetizer items may be available when you go, they seem to rotate the preparation, with a few core items always available, and others making guest appearances.

The Saag (Palak) Paneer is a good contender as well.

One thing about Jolee, the prices are very low, so often first time visitors will suspect this means small portions and order a number of items. I guess worse things could happen than heading home with a fully belly and bags full of leftovers.

Peace, Pastry and a cup of Tea

No lunch, just tea..

They have no intention of competing with the just opened Fino, next door.

Likewise, Fino does not have a tea room...

Peace, Pastry and a cup of Tea

I have yet to see any mention of the Tea Room at Le Maitre Chocolatier on the SW Corner of Shebrooke at Guy, but if you have not been there, this could very well be the next coming of what was (the now defunct grand dame of all tea houses) La Chartreuse.

I have been meaning to drop by the tea room since Christmas and am now kicking myself for not going sooner. Located just next to the newly opened (and I have yet to go in) Fino, this second floor tea room magically spirits you away from downtown into a very quiet, well appointed and calm environment...

The owner Nada Fares and her husband have taken their time and done a beautiful job in building this urban hide out. It is clear that their perfectionism manifests itself in their chocolates, home made pastries, teas, and the environment.

Well worth the visit.

Where to find brunost/gjetost?

The SnowQueen brand is the most popular, and it is always at Fromagerie Atwater.

Our resident office Norwegian brought (smuggled) back some from Norway that was much better. It actually really shines when served atop a Raisin Bagel. Don't ask, just try it.

However, although passable, the best is home made.... Yes, home made... It is very easy to make, it just takes time. Gjetost is whey cheese... So, if you make your own Mozzarella it is not much more complicated than slowly reducing the whey to a thick slurry. It is then put in a cheese cloth and left to set for a few days... Absolutely amazing.


Confirmed... The staple of most Jewish kitchens called 'Sour Salt' is in fact pure unadulterated Citric Acid.

Where to find Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) in Mtl

The closest I have found so far is at the Korean joint on Sherbrooke near Claremont.. Yes, it is the Korean version, and not exactly the same, but as I stated, it is a close contender.

Macintosh Toffee

As I recollect, it is a standard item on the candy shelf at Wilensky's ... along with the 'Eat more' bar and the 'big turk'...

Good news for Montreal chiliheads! Cuisine Szechuan

Sorry, but this place hardly deserves the praise being lauded upon it.. The food is good, but not exceptional. Perhaps I hit an off night, but undercooked eggplant, limp cumin beef, and chili chicken that was more bone than meat, just does not float my boat.... The pickled vegetables were good, and nice to finally see on a menu in Montreal... and what's with their peppers, despite the quantity there is little heat.

What is interesting is that the Szechuan peppercorns that they use seem to be pickled or rehydrated, but are not the usual dried red berries...

Even the current owners of Nui Kee do a better job than Cuisine Szechuan. Actually, my last visit to Nui Kee a month ago was better than I had since the original owners sold it over a year ago.

Good bet for downtown near the Guy Sherbrooke area, but not worth driving 15 minutes for.

Caviar -- is it spoiled?

The lumpfish caviar is preserved with salt, and can sit on a shelf for a couple years...However, I do follow the rule of 'when in doubt throw it out'. Chances are that it is fine as long as it has never been opened, and the jar does not look like it has a bulging top....(i can't believe opening a suspect jar of trout caviar in a confined space)...

Dec 21, 2008
fedelst1 in General Topics

Caviar -- is it spoiled?

Chances are that coming from Iceland, that this is a lumpfish caviar; a heavily salted, and colored caviar. The tell tale sign would be that the eggs are black or very red (sometimes gold or orange) and as it came in a gift basket, it is pretty certainly lumpfish.... If it was a fine Caspian sea caviar, the label would be typically red, yellow or blue, and the words Osietra, Beluga or Servuga would be prominent, and often malosal (lightly salted), as well.

The fine Caspian caviars should be kept refrigerated, and they would look quite disgusting by now if left in a pantry. From what I recollect the lumpfish variety does not have a best before date, and may have a half life date that extends beyond most of our natural life spans... kidding. These are good for quite some time..

Truthfully, although my wife of Bulgarian origin will groan every time she sees lumpfish caviar, it is great on a bagel with cream cheese. But what ever you do, don't put fine caviar on your bagel, it would just smother the fine taste... Not that anyone would dump a hundred $$ + of caviar on a bagel...

(oh... you might want to correct your typo... I smirked, but understood that you probably did not put the caviar in your 'PANTY'.)

Dec 21, 2008
fedelst1 in General Topics

middle eastern breakfast/brunch place

When living in Israel, we would typically have breakfast that was described as 'Hara b'leben' (a crass term for 'Yogurt with stuff in it'). With the exception of Saturday the norm was yogurt, fruit, salad, bread, and cheese.

I got hooked on dipping my pita in to a plate of thick yogurt with olive oil and zaatar. if you want to bring home some good thick Yogurt (leben), it can be purchased at Arkhavan and Andonis). Good Zaatar, can be found an Cananut on Mazurette, perpendicular to l'acadie, in front of Marche Centrale.

If you want to eat out, I recommend Byblos.

Hot Wings in Montreal

When Buffalo Bills first opened on Cote de Nieges the wings were meaty, and hte sauce explosive( if you like ti that way). The price was fair too, and included the required veggies and BlueCheese dip.

As they went tot he franchise model, the wings got skimpier, and the veggies became an option. The sauce is not as spicy as it used to be...

Now I find Buffalo Bills wings to be little more than skin and bones. I really miss the original Buffalo Bills, they really had the market, as they were the only place that was primarily wings....

Olde Orchard claims to serve Capon wings.. However, I suspect that they have substituted the capon wings with chicken wings, as they are no where near as big as what I see on the capons I buy. The wings are good though.

I know Buffalo is closer but If you are ever in the Virgin Islands, Pusser's at the Soper's hole Marina on the island of Tortola has the meatiest and tastiest wings I have ever come across.

The joy that is potato knish...

All this banter about knishes, and no one has mentioned Kosher Quality on Victoria??

i have not been by in some time, but their Mushroom Knishes were awesome. The rest were pretty good too.

La Capannina

I have eaten there a number of times over the many years of their existence, for both dinner and lunch. I find that the food is good, fresh, and the real deal. The menu has a good selection of well known items, but they are willing to accommodate requests for special orders, and do a good job on these as well. This, I know from experience, as I occasionally get a craving for Linguine Puttanesca, which is served darn close to perfect. IMO.

This place is not trendy, but focuses on quality, reputation, and tends to cater to a regular clientele.

Certainly worth a try.

Best Chinese dumplings?

I recently surveyed a number of places in Chinatown and found that the Har Gao (and most of the other dumplings) at Tong Por served during the week were excellent. Oddly enough, the dumplings served on the weekend were over cooked and mushy on 2 occasions.

These are my criteria for a good dumpling:

- a firm springy dough, that is not mushy, and does not show signs of being over steamed or re-steamed (after around or two on the cart)..

- The appearance should have a bit of a shine, and not look flat and flaccid.

- The filling should not be soggy

- Har Gao should be composed mostly of shrimp chunks bound by a modest binding of smooth ground shrimp paste (like what would be in Shu mai, or Shrimp toast). The chunks should standout. The filling should have a bit of a crunch and not be rubbery or mushy).

BTW, The Chao Yao Yu (deep fried Squid tentacles) during the week were hot, fresh, tender and not greasy. The best I have had in a Dim Sum joint in Montreal in the 30+ years I have been eating DS in this city.



If you get a chance, try Nui Kee again. Yes, the place went severely downhill after the new owners took over. However, I believe you will find that they have greatly improved.

Actually, I would have to say, in some cases the food is even better in the way it is not as oily as some of the original dishes used to be, and the taste is spot on.

Some of the more popular items on the menu such as the eggplant, the Kung Pao Chicken, and the Cumin Beef are as good as it gets.

I would say that compared with meals at Tapioca The, Nui Kee is now slightly ahead (as my preference). If I were to eat at either, I would have to say that my decision would probably be based on geography.

Alep: Report

Also not to be missed are the Syrian Salad and their vine leaves. The stuffed vine leaves are home made, and not those oily canned horrors. These are a thing of beauty.

If you were to ask me the question from he movie 'stand by me' of 'if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be'? I would say Alep's Vine leaves. Those kids got it wrong, Alep's vine leaves are truly so much better than cherry Pez.

Tomatoes for canning at JTM

You have to ask. They presell a lot of their tomatoes, so, they store them in the fenced in storage rooms next to the store. True, they usually have them in the stall, but this year they are not out in the open.

Bruno says he should have stock through to the end of the month.

Bought a bushel last week at $20 (up $2 from last year). They were good, but suggest getting them later in the season, if you can wait.

They should be good this week, or the week following.

Still amazed at how much product Mont Rouge pushes. I still do not understand why anyone will go back. And what is with the wilting basil in the bushels?

any update on the fish situation in Montreal?

The fishmonger on St. Laurent east side just below de la Gauchetiere, is in fact a traditional Chinese fishmonger. This place is not for the faint of heart, as they split live fish, and you will notice the iced split fish will still have a pumping heart.

Once the organs stop, the gut the fish and sell it as cleaned, then if not sold, becomes a fillet.

I can assure you that if you do but the fish with the pumping organs, that it is truly fresh. .... or robotic....

Any exceptional Montreal South shore restaurants?

You might wish to reconsider the recommendation of Jing Hua...

Filthy place with truly awful food. I will not go into too many details but trust me on this one. I have dined in a lot of Dim Sum places over different parts of our planet, and have yet to experience anything quite as scary as Jing Hua.